This is for Hanswolfgang

  • Hello Hans,

    Your reading has allowed me to see things in an different perspective, It made me relize I am blocking any type of happiness , because all I worry about is Lance and his girlfriend, It does hurt and I am going to try really hard not to waste my time and energy thinking about them.

    this is hard for me however you were right i can't blame anyone...It is I who chooses to do this and i wish there was a way that when I get in that mode...... to be able to stop it and think about my self.

    I think my ego is hurt more, .

    Thanks for helping me out, i will be back to talk to you for sure...

  • Do not renounce the world, renounce the mind.

  • Hi Hans

    how are you?

    I'm doing better and meeting new people every week, It feels good to be me. Do you see anything major heading my way?

    Thanks For your Responce,


  • Hello Hanswolfgang,

    I haven't talked to you in awhile , getting ready for a trip for the holidays, can you tell me what's to come from this trip

    Thanks 228

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