• Well , well, this date has the whole world spinning.

    Mayans are right, this is indeed a special date....the cycle has come an end... of course the world is not going to destoyed, ... but we are sure to witness many new scenes in this world drama.... yes a lot of things are happening and will happen ...to bring about a great change ....... there is going to be a beautiful transformation ....the earth healing itself from old to new.....from a jungle of thorns to a beautiful garden of flowers....... history is going to repeat itself..... all these natural calamities....cyclones, hurricanes , earthquakes, famine are due to us - human beings breaking natural laws and going against nature. It is this that will help in cleansing our beautiful planet of all its negative energies..... just wait and see ...

  • Hear! Hear! Good on you for posting this. We need to hear the positive event this will be rather than the so-called Armageddon a lot of people are fearing from it 🙂

  • In our human awareness it often happens, that we even may have 'romantic' and spiritual illusions of our behaviour thus far. And God seeing that all things were 'good'.

    Would it be our common 'Chiron' woundedness that there is 'me' and 'them', and the childish believe to be the 'exception' of all things happening as they happen and there always being 'people' or 'someone' who sets things right for the moment and after this?

    A common experience may be, that we only really are becoming aware of any real and lasting damage when there is not any escape of this reality any more - maybe even not yet be willing to take responsibility for our part in this process - when we reach the awareness of thinking that we never in a lifetime want this to be happening again ...

    A 'good' thing may be, that there is always another way of seeing things and act accordingly. Responibly. As long as we may.

    Maybe some of this breaks loose from our akasha to our awareness, gathering good will? Maybe we are given a masterclass to master our emotions and renew our thinking?

    I don't know and just gather, comparing small stuff to greater stuff and back again. And vice versa.

    I guess we need one another and each other to share and listen to some of ourselves, with a calm and open mind.

    Willing to see and carefully do what is being needed.

    Well, some two cents.

  • i think that the mayans just stop the calendar because, they just thought they wouldn't live that long, we all have these things in our heads just like i remember in 2000 everyone thought the world was going to end, and i didn't. I believe that the earth with continue to spin till god stops it.

  • Each individual has been responsible in some way to charge this whole world and earth with negative energy , either through negative thoughts or negative attitudes , It is high time that each of us create positive energy, through our positive thoughts and attitudes to bring about this wonderful transformation. Spirituality is the only way whereby we can bring about a transformation in ourselves first. When we go beyond the limitations of bodily religion, race, caste, color i.e shift our consciousness from material , gross to subtle and spiritual then only we can bring about the desired change in us. When we change , the world will change.

    Millions have to perish no doubt. Death does come to all. Nothing to fear. Only our bodies die. We souls or spirits are eternal and imperishable.

  • or a solar flare, shoots out of the sun, causing complete electrical failure, sending us back in the dark ages, with all electrical technology ceases to be available until new power grids and stations get rebuilt! ya no internet, then people will have to go out to talk, rather then behind a screen in a house,but join together for we the people rather than i the hypocritical society of a revolving dictatorship of a Fake Democracy, to comfort us as sense of control to every individual. for everything i have seen and gone through in life military and marriage.... there is no God, just people who like to play gods and goddess!

  • The greast lie ever told is that there is no GOD! God is real/he lives..THe miracles are there- you just have to open your eyes, be humble enough to see them. He must be so disappointed in his creations. There are times when I would like to wipe out humanity myself for what we do/or lack of it to one another. The soul lives only are dwelling place dies..We will see a change. Only God knows when/where and how..I suggest everyone make peace w/humanity and God.

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