Can someone do a reading on me??plzzz?

  • Hi my name is Brittany, i'll be turning 20 next saturday. I'm trying to find someone to help me or answer my questions. My boyfriend and I have been going out for almost a month, But before he had left me like twice for his ex. I just wanted to know if i did the right thing in going back with him? If he is actually worth my time? i just want to know how my relationship will be like in the future. So if anyone wants to help me in doing a reading plz do. I'll really appreciate it! 😃



  • I don't get it??? How can he go off and be with his ex and then goes back again with you? I think he's very comfuse about himself. Give him time to think about it and you'll eventually know what is up, Peace out. Hope that helped...

  • Brit, You deserve better, why do you go back to him? Build yourself up strong and powerful, love yourself. You deserve a man who will desire YOU and RESPECt you and help you to become more of who you are. Both are still young both of you need to grow and obtain more wisdom and see what your strengths are not just worry about who you are going to date my dear. There is a miuch bigger picture here. What do you love to do what are your talents what makes you strong and happy and fulfilled, find that out first then the right man wil be there with you.

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