Wondering about healers?

  • Wondering if a healer could help me, also I'm wondering about the saftey of someone I haven't heard from recently being that they are in a dangerous sort of environment at the moment, wondering if my prayers for them are reaching, and if they know somehow

  • If you are praying for someone's safety it most definetly matters. Wether it changes something or not--all prayers founded in unconditional love emitt a divine energy that benifits the world. Unconditional means putting ourselves out there (with no expectations) when the spirit asks and sometimes we play the fools card and may never know why or if another felt something. People everyday everywhere hear an Angel's perfect message come out of the mouth of a stranger. You will probably go to bed that night thinking holy cow why did I say that! You may never know what that meant to that stranger. For Healers it's about faith-- the act of being of service. It means a lot of letting go. It means the ego no longer yerns and squirms to KNOW. There is a mighty faith required when it comes to Healing. If you are sending prayers to someone who is not easy to get through to or if its someone who is not in a good place and in the dark at the moment you can pray to your Guardian Angel to relay your message to that person's Angel ,or if you are feeling like you have the perfect words you can pray directly to that person's Angel to speak for you. This really works for hard to reach people and strained relationships.

  • Thats...beautiful and very valuable for me to know, thank you again blmoon. I am in awe of the giving nature here, hopefully soon I'll come out of this fog and be able to see more clearly for myself again, be helpful again, in the meantime thanks to all here who have answered me, I'm feeling a lot of love right now!

  • Blmoon, funny you say that, I did feel the strangest urge to "check"on them one day, as if it had just been too long,or I just "knew" they were exactly where they were. I didn't know what the powerful urgency was about since they hadn't been a part of my life for years, but there was indeed a message from them, and I felt reileved somehow, just knowing they were okay. That happend several times, I would get the " I'm okay" message is in feeling", check, and it was. I have been working on the "unconditional" part of my process with this person, I had to let go of some of the past, and present to do that I think, as I am in a committed relationship, my boyfriend and I seem to be on different paths right now, but I know I wouldn't, couldn't hurt or disrespect him in any way, not even for this person I have this connection with, I don't want to supress feelings, if there this strong, but the timing does feel off, and there does appear to be someone in his life too, I think I'm trying to be okay with loving this person with all my heart, accepting that, yet letting go somehow too. We had this reading done when we were very young just for fun, not so funny anymore when we were told we were soulmates, throughout the Civil war time but that he kept leaving me for war, not so suprising that he did that in this life too, if we had made it together in this one it was suppose to be with a lot of kids, and happy, we did almost have one together but lost when were so young, wonder if thats part of the connection somehow? I did ask that angels watch over him not too long ago, and also hoped we could learn to trust as real friends.

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