Capri female with Scorpio ex

  • I dont understand the scorp, went out with him a year ago for 3 months, he was never initmate let alone affectionate. Broke up after i suspected he cheated on me and i then made him insecure, we fought over this and had a massive blow up and broke up. After i still missed him and asked him once if we could give it another go, but he never called me when he said he would, 6 weeks later he called me, but i would ignore his calls, when i did answer we got into another argument, it was me, shouting at him asking him why is he getting in touch now, it was left a while again and then he called i didnt answer, so he left romantic songs on my voice mail, we even met once and kissed and said we would try again, but then he made excuses to meet me after, he even stood me up once, then he called and called again continuously and even called me at work annoymously to get hold of me, came to see me at work asked me out and i said no, he tried to call again after and i kept ignoring him then he left songs again on voicemail. On our one year anniversary i called him got his answer phone telling him that it is our anniversary, he then called later and we agreed to meet the next day, but he said he would call later that day which he didnt, i got furious, so i texted him saying that this whole thing is a mistake, that i shouldnt have contacted him and that i didnt trust him or respect him, and that he the whole situation was making me feel uncomfortable, and that although he might be trying im sorry i dont want to know, and i changed my mobile numner straight away. I couldnt handle this anymore, it was too painful for me and at the same time i didnt appreicate him trying to play games with me if that is what he was doing. I still miss him dearly, i have got my old number back after changing it for 5 weeks, but he hasnt called, i guess he must have tried when it was disconnected. I dont know what to do, i still miss him, should i contact him or not? help me scorps, do i have a chance with him or not? he is playing me or is he actually trying but then he does not stick to what he says.?????

  • sorry one thing i wanted to correct above the part before i mention about him standing me up, is that he kept making excuses NOT to meet me.

  • Wow I was in a simular situation except Im the scorp and hes a cap.He turned out to be a total fraud.It broke my heart....that was a year ago and Im still healing.1 thing about all men:if their interested they'll be there...if hes making exscuses hes just playing games.Find someone who wants to be w/you as much as you do him.Its not easy and will take time;but its better than being caught up n his drama.Its toxic.

  • And remember actions speak louder than words.It shows where their heart and heads Really at.

  • Hey Butterfly,

    I'm not sure how you made him feel insecure, but that's a turn-off. At least for us scorpios 😃

    Sounds pretty turbulent, and if I were you I'd probably forget about him unless you're willing to live by his rules and not get hurt or paranoid (which may very well be well-founded). But yeah, that's not an easy thing to do. So there...

    Good luck

  • HI I am new to this- but when I saw your heading I felt I just had to reply- I have had several really "tumultuous" long term relationships- one with a Leo, one with a Gemini-but have been married to a Scorpio for almost 20 years- have definitely been up and down- but we learned together to get over our own insecurities and to learn to take a breath before we get angry- my biggest problem is my temper!-sometimes I even take a walk or go exercise or something and table our discussions until I am more calm-has helped - we also try to look at the positive things about each other and not jump to conclusions without proof- Over the years I have learned to give my Scorpio enough room to breathe-and he has become one of the most loyal and loving men i have ever met- but also I try to remember to show him how much I love about him when we are together- and to trust - the worst thing for my Scorpio is when I don't trust his integrity- as he has said many times- "If you give me the name, that is what I will become"

  • well hemingway. as i am most confident that he cheated at there were other signs prior to that, i found a condom missing from his condom box and he claimed his friend used it whilist using his flat, he didnt tell me this when i asked him if anyone else uses his flat other then him before i confronted him about the missing condom. I also noticed him texting a girl late at night whilst me he was so concerned in texing her constantly, but told me he was texting a male friend who he didnt meet up with earlier, does it really take tons of texts to send to a mate 1am in the morning regarding not having arranged to meet up with each other? i thought scorps were loyal? But i then made him think that i had someone else as well but then made out it was a mate, like he was trying to make out to me, i felt he made a fool out of me and i wanted to give him a taste of his own medicine.

  • what was your story BGodess?

  • do you guys think that i have embarrased myself by changing my cell number the day after? have i showed him that i was hurt or did it show that i didnt want to know him anymore?

  • Perseverance furthers, ignorance is bliss. x

  • I am with a scorpio man, Im a capri woman I think the less intrest you show in a scorpio man the more they want to have you in their life. I guess they find you mysterious. Also, it may be just like a sport to them to see if they can conquer you as a challenge in their life?

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