Help me with this scorpio!!!!

  • dont understand the scorp, went out with him a year ago for 3 months, he was never initmate let alone affectionate. Broke up after i suspected he cheated on me and i then made him insecure, we fought over this and had a massive blow up and broke up. After i still missed him and asked him once if we could give it another go, but he never called me when he said he would, 6 weeks later he called me, but i would ignore his calls, when i did answer we got into another argument, it was me, shouting at him asking him why is he getting in touch now, it was left a while again and then he called i didnt answer, so he left romantic songs on my voice mail, we even met once and kissed and said we would try again, but then he made excuses not to meet me after, he even stood me up once, then he called and called again continuously and even called me at work annoymously to get hold of me, came to see me at work asked me out and i said no, he tried to call again after and i kept ignoring him then he left songs again on voicemail. On our one year anniversary i called him got his answer phone telling him that it is our anniversary, he then called later and we agreed to meet the next day, but he said he would call later that day which he didnt, i got furious, so i texted him saying that this whole thing is a mistake, that i shouldnt have contacted him and that i didnt trust him or respect him, and that he the whole situation was making me feel uncomfortable, and that although he might be trying im sorry i dont want to know, and i changed my mobile numner straight away. I couldnt handle this anymore, it was too painful for me and at the same time i didnt appreicate him trying to play games with me if that is what he was doing. I still miss him dearly, i have got my old number back after changing it for 5 weeks, but he hasnt called, i guess he must have tried when it was disconnected. I dont know what to do, i still miss him, should i contact him or not? help me scorps, do i have a chance with him or not? he is playing me or is he actually trying but then he does not stick to what he says.?????

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  • im a capricorn

  • that little time i was with him, i was very happy though!

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  • Sounds like hes playing you....Id move on.No ones worth the headache.

  • why would he play such games still a year later?

  • I'm a Sagittarian woman and I've been playing this SAME exact cat-and-mouse game with my Scorpio guy for around 3 years now... Let me tell ya. Reading up on other Scorpio posts has only proven my every assumption of their sign. CONFUSING. haha Me and him are as different as night and day. I'm positive, he's negative. I'm the light, he's the dark. Sun and Moon. I swear. It seemed to make the most cosmic attraction. So different, but so passionate about the same causes. Where we do meet up, is in the most epic of ways. We confessed our mutual attraction and tried to see how it would go. He seemed to be the epitome of my "perfect man" the more we talked... he just needed to let go of all his pain, and give it over to me, confess it, so I could relinquish it once and for all and fill his pain-body back-up with love and the light of life. We got super close one night and it almost seemed surreal. But he ran away the next day and left me in the dark. When I finally brought it up to him he told me that he wanted to be with me, he just didn't deserve it... He wanted to change, and it melted my heart that he saw that in himself... but I never really saw him try. I tried to move on and, of course, he guilted me into "giving up on him like everyone else". Then when I promised to stay and care for him, it was back to being lost in the dark. Every attempt to help after that just seemed to push him further away...even though he admitted to wanting to change before I saw the need for any. We'd make plans, and he'd bail... more than once. At first he had all these excuses for why he did that to me.. past pain, ect. he'd try to convince me it was him, not me. But after a while, he just stopped apologizing. He stopped caring. I tried to play his game, seem disconnected. I tried to back off and give him space to "figure his shit out" but when he left me in the dark for sooo long, and was jealous of my relationships (JUST friends) with his friends, he found an ex-girlfriend to bang. I lost it. I could no longer hold in my pain and I exploded on him for feeding me such pretty lies while being so careless, selfish, immature and insensitive. But that's their game. All talk, no action. Haha at least in my experience. Sting you once, kick you out. Then they pull you back in to feed on your pain. It's sad, but true. They like the chase. He wants me when I'm done fighting for him. He tried to guilt me into "ruining his already bad day" by finally speaking out and saying what he already knew about himself and what all his friend's wouldn't dare say. I read this on a post earlier, and I have to agree.. "Scorpios are more ruthless than vulnerable".. but, again, the need for power or to inflict pain on others is just weakness in disguise. So many they inflict thier own suffering. Strangely enough, he never seems more attracted to me than when I "piss him off" or call him out...I think he recognizes it and see's the strength and power in truth. They love independent women. That's probably why he always wanted you when you wanted to give up and move on, and why he ran away when you chased after him. I still feel like my honest heart, adventurous spirit, positive energy and light would do him wonders. He has SO much potential. I know him too well to just walk away. But if there's one thing I know... you can't MAKE someone change. You can want it everyday of your life, but never see it. You have to BE the change you want to see in the world and in others. Only then will it start to spread. Just let your light shine, be an example of true, selfless love. The flame will catch on. And when you shine so bright, you attract what really, truly, loves you. Not something that wants to steal and feed off the warmth and love of your soul.

  • I was married to a Scorpio for too long. I've still a bitter taste in my mouth, even though he's pretty much out of my life now. He brought a lot of negativity, dark, drama drama drama, guilt and his gigantic ego to the table. I'm trying to steer clear of the Scorpio threads because I'm worried I'm not enough healed to bring any thing other than my personal emotions into the discussion.

  • Butterfly & Amandababa. I am sorry to admit that’s how they are when they haven't gone through their mess and hook up with someone new.

    Butterfly read the other topic on Scorpio men is it common practice ...... see if it helps.

  • Flowsco are they still dogging my Scorpio friends? I have so many Scorpio friends and I haven't seen very much bad behavior from any of them. Other than they don't open up their personal thoughts which most of us are afraid it might be viewed as something that could be used against us to hurt our feelings. I guess I have been lucky.

  • LibrasLair ..I missed you. No they aren't dogging it just they don't understand us. Can't blame them somehow. They ran into the ones that are very messed up. Look at the other thread I have been honest where I could.

  • Ok those having trouble with Scorpio's I want to tell you something and please take heed. You draw to you what you put out to the universe. If you believe your aren't worthy of someone honest, caring, kind and sweet. Who doesn't cheat you have to use positive thoughts so you will attract those characteristics in your man. It's the truth but until you change you don't draw different people to you. Believe and it will happen. If you don't change your destined to the same no good S O B's that you fall for.

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