Shannon Day: Momentum and Monsters!

  • This is a re-posting of Shannon Day's blog post from October 16, 2008

    Momentum and Monsters!

    Woo! It’s nearing Halloween. Personally, it’s one of my favorite times of year in that alter-egos, creativity, and sassy fun come out to play! Much has happened since my last blog~ Balinese dreams will be transported to next calendar year…. Secretly, I’ve quite happy, in that the pre-production would have been a slight nightmare, and now my inner perfectionist gets a chance to line it all up, and make it happen seamlessly in 2009.

    I’ve received great e-mails from Paul O’Brien, speaking of the beauty of the island, the depth of the astrological conference, and how much fun we’ll have next year! I believe they went on a field trip the past few days visiting Hindu Temples in India! Soon my friends, soon, we will be there~

    Anyhow, back to Momentum and Monsters.. Monsters - you ask? Ah yes… It’s that time of year and it’s appropriate to face a few - yes? As we move into Scorpio AND we get a New Moon in Scorpio, All Hallows takes on new meaning! There is momentum on a transformational level, there is nothing we can do to stop it! With the economy, with the election, with all the monstrous offerings that scare the daylights out of us, its brings us to questions ourselves, the world, and our integrity. Thus, the Monsters…. The Scorpio energy asks us to look our fears in the face, put our arms around them one at a time, and ask,”What do you have to offer me my lovely? Clearly you have a gift for me, or I wouldn’t be experiencing such depth. Let’s have a conversation…” It is time to move THROUGH not around our fears. Those big scary monsters may just turn into gentle little cute bunnies once we truly regard their meanings, take a risk, and look at them square in the eye… There is great beauty in transformation, and the planets are gracing us with opportunity.

    Another FABULOUS aspect of this time, is that of the GREAT creativity around Halloween week! Having Freaky Friday for Samhain celebrations, the ghouls and ghosts will be in high gear for merry pranks and rollicking laughter! Perhaps your costume this year can be an ode to your greatest Fear or Accomplishment. The alter-ego you wish you never had or the beautiful person you know yourself to be…. More to come! Keep vibing and roll into your personal realities with much joy and aplomb~ It’s all in the mix in the Sky! Mmmm …

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