Empath, empath feelings, SIIIGGHHH

  • I have just started learning about these things and, in my reading/research, I was astounded to find that I likely am an empath. In the past, I have warned people about other people they knew which I had never even SEEN, but just knew what they were feeling, what was motivating them and I was never wrong.

    I always thought it was "just a feeling" or maybe God was using me warn or speak to people...or a defense mechanism I had been given to protect me, since I seem to be God's own idiot.

    I never listen, though. I just feel the need or see the situation so clearly that I can't help myself and I get mired in despite promising (people who love me)over and over again that THIS time, I won't get involved. AND I never want to believe the "bad" that I feel is really what people are like.

    Also, I can feel people immediately, the minute I meet them. I just know what they are feeling, what they are like.

    I am always surrounded by people in dire circumstances or in need of some kind of help and, in an emergency, out of all the people available, someone will always randomly pick me to call on for help. For example, when I had just moved into a building and new NO one, a woman was attacked by her husband. She ran straight down the stairs, across the courtyard, through two gates, headed to my front door. She still has no idea what compelled her to come to me as opposed to any one of the neighbors she knew and were right there. There are countless instances like this. People I don't even know.

    Friends and family always ask about my "flock" since I always seem to have someone around me that needs help.

    I mist up for NO reason at all sometimes. I can go from being very happy and light, to feeling a sudden weight settle on me.

    I thought I was bi-polar. Or just crazy. I still can't really even wrap my head around the being an empath thing.

    Today, I am feeling something very strong and I need help figuring this out. If any of you wonderful people out there care to pitch in, I would really appreciate.

    Blessings and Love:)

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  • Coffegem, you wonderful light you! I thought no one answer me...Oh my GOODNESS! THANK YOU!! I am trying to wrap my head around it, maybe not really believing it because I'm just plain old me...? what do I do now?

    Can you tell me how to know when something is mine and when I'm feeling someone else? Specifically, today I am feeling light, but I keep getting confused and said, like there is some sort of inner struggle going on in me and I'm going back and forth. I think its my Scorpio man, but since we haven't spoken in 3 weeks, I don't know.

    Are you sure I might be an empath? Goodness!! I'm at a loss.

    Thank you again, with my whole heart!

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  • My man is actually a Taurus, I didn't realize I had I typed Scorpio until I read your reply and,oddly enough, I had two Scorpios in my life contact me right after that post with problems that were making them so sad all morning and they were waiting for the chance to call me for help. I must have been drowning in them:)

    I feel overtaken. I want to help, with all my heart I do, but its hard to be overpowered and flounder around trying to figure out where this is coming from.

    I have had many of those experiences you mentioned-meeting someone and feeling as though, in a flash, I've zipped through their past or have "gotten to the bottom of things" with them and they haven't told me anything.

    Sometimes, I have a hard time focusing on what they, or anyone else, is saying because so much is buzzing through me. Honestly, I just thought I was spacey:) or I spent so much effort trying to at least LOOK like I was paying attention and struggling to focus on what was in "the real world", I'd start to get a headache or really tense. I've had to walk out of a room just to get a grip

    My Taurus is the only man I've had this intense connection to though. I can tell before he notices it that he's hungry, thirsty, even needs the men's room. LOL. When he's having a bad day, before he even calls me, I am down or cranky and don't know why. When he's working on something, I feel rigid or excited, depending on the situation, before I even know he's doing anything. I have shared his back aches, bronchitis, and tension headaches for years. My wrist started to ache horribly recently, he had injured himself at the gym..I really get it. I hope your husband gets well quick and neither of you have to deal with the flu.LOL

    I really am at loss now now because, not only am I trying to calm down and accept this, I am overwhelmed with this inner turmoil I think might be from my Taurus man.

    We are not in a good place and I am hoping and praying for the best, but I, like you, have always felt him and today it feels like there is a war waging inside that I am pretty sure is his inner struggle because when I can shift away from it, I feel just fine.

    Its SO hard to be hoping and praying for him to make the right decisions and FEEL him struggling while I deal with my own fears and feelings.

    Thanks again. You have been so kind and generous.

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  • Thats what is driving me crazy. I can't tell if what I'm feeling is mine or someone else's energy. Today has been REALLY bad. I can barely breathe and I start to cry every few minutes. I haven't seen or spoken to anyone today...Before knowing what this is, I would have thought I was having a panic attack or going hysterical just because I didn't know why I was feeling this way.

    How do you turn it off when its NOT you and you have no idea where its coming from?

  • coffeegem, im a gem as well. the emotional vampires hit a chord with me. my wife seems to be one,i dont know why but she has been draining the life out of me for years. i still have problems with her when we are at home in the evenings ect. i feel her pulling at me if im in another room from her.

    she is introverted but wants someone with her all the time. i think its getting better now that i am learning to deal with this empth thing..i didnt know until recently and its starting to all fall into place.. hisbablove, i too am trying to wrap my head around it so dont feel alone....i am extreemly fatigued on a daily basis so do watch the vampires.

  • Earthwindfire-thanks for posting. It does seem like too much,doesn't it? how long have you "known" you were an Empath?

  • hisbablove, i've known there was a connection there for a while but after about a 2 yr journey its all come together in the last 2 months. figuring this out has taken lots of input from others and lots of soul searching to come to the realization. its almost as if things have happened over the last 2 years to bring this to my attention.... its like life came to a stand still for me to see this .......

    lots to process and lots to learn!

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  • I think we don't know what to call what we do until we hear it from someone else. But when you have done it all of your life you just accept it as it's who I am. Now that someone told me I am so glad that I can understand it even more. Each one of us does somewhat the same thing but in a little different manner. My problem got to be on a much more personal level that to me was intruding. And I thought it was way too much information. We have to find a way to block and my way after asking for help to do this is to visualize being surrounded by the love of the white light and not to let it come in so I didn't know what was going on. I have hurt where loved ones hurt, been craving what they were hungry for, knew that something was going to happen and didn't know what, did what others were doing when I never met them. And cried for people who couldn't show their own emotions. It is so draining. I found my way to stop the drain and I hope you all find your way also.

  • Soapmaker and Libraslair-

    thank you for sharing and being so open to your gifts. I've read and enjoyed so many of your postings. You both give so much to so many many. I don't remember the last time someone in need called for help and I didn't find one or both of you there. I know you will be blessed always for the many ways you are a blessing to others.

    Soapmaker, at the risk of sounding like an ignorant jerk, I don't know how you do it! If I felt or saw spirits, I would join them right there on the spot from sheer fright! You are one strong woman!

    Would either of you be able to help me figure out what on earth is going on with me, if its me, my situation, or someone else that's making me insane these days?

    I have had an internal and now physical explosion that has me running all over the place emotionally,today being the worst day as I can't stop crying. I'm exhausted from it. A week ago(before I ever heard the word empath) I would have thought I was going through one of my "fits." Now....well, if you can help me, I would really appreciate it.

    Thank you both for all the love and wisdom you give and teaching others by. Its a great example to everyone.


  • I will make some suggestions and maybe something will help. Try a bath with about 1/2 cup sea salt, epson or just table salt it will help to ground you. Try the light thing that I do. Someone else on here does something else and I am sorry I can't remember what they did. But try to meditate and be very quiet. And just try to keep your mind clear. Om and the sound of it will keep you from thinking of anything else and breath. Just try being quiet and listen you yourself. Can you find stones where you live? Black tourmaline and green aventurine are both good for that. But really try the light and do it many times during the day and eventually you can hold it. If someone calls you and it starts to feel like your getting tired and you have worked with them before and you just can't get them to drop the negative thinking tell them that this is not healthy for you and that if they want to change the subject fine but if not that you have to hang up because it's not healthy for you. I have had to do it on a couple of occasions. Hope it helps. Love and light

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  • Thank you both AGAIN for being so generous with your time and knowledge. I will try doing everything you said and not let you or your efforts on my behalf go to waste. Also, I have to since I'm half out of my mind and so incredibly sad its left me incapable of functioning.

    I think the problem is I don't know if the unbearable grief I'm feeling is mine(I'm in a very sad and scared place in my relationship right now) or my BF's who I have the strongest connection I've ever had to anyone in my life to.

    Whatever it is, its now making me physically ill.

    Soapmaker, your story made me smile despite my inner turmoil. You really are one courageous girl! I swear, in your place, they'd need be digging my grave in that cemetery in 2 seconds flat! My hat is WAY off to you!

    Libraslair, you have an incredible and admirable will. I need to follow your example and learn to say "no" which is something I have never been able to do. I feel SO guilty!

    You both, along with a very few others, inspire me and give me hope that this will all be ok.

    Stumbling I this sight, looking for answers, I have found angels!

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  • I added it to my shopping list for tomorrow:) and will definitely let you know how things go. I was thinking that, if my BF is in this much pain(if it IS him) i should contact him just to give him some peace...it might be the empath in me wanting to help though...

    Its very hard when the gift you are given to help others can't be used to help those you love. I have SO much work to do! Like separating the ego from the truth, the will from what is destined, the heart from the head(both of which hate me right now:):)

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