Envisoning vs. Visions

  • Hello Everyone!

    I hope everyone is having a good, safe and prosperous week. I was thinking about this on the way back to work from lunch. I was thinking about something that's been on my mind and suddenly an image appeared and it was much more detailed than my other imaginings.

    I was wondering how one can tell the difference from envisoning something and having a vision? I looked up envisoning in the dictionary and it said: to picture to oneself. It just seemed like something that came TO me as opposed to my brain visually assembling something I'd been thinking about.

    Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated.


  • Your answer is easier than you realize! In fact if you read your own words you will see you already described the difference accurately. The image "coming to you" is a surprise gift--gifts come TO YOU-- and in your words "to picture oneself" is an act of effort on your part. To envision takes work--it is a consciouse descision to create or manifest with focused energy. It's more like work!

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