More than a little confused...

  • Over the years I have had the opportunity to access many great resources for charting and interpreting the results (I live in Edmonton AB and had the great good fortune to meet Chris McRae - she wrote a great book on understanding interceptions). The issue/concern for me is that {and due to various complications the exact time of my birth is in doubt (my original BC was replaced when I was adopted and the time is not on it). In the last 10 years I had the opportunity to meet my birth mother and her recollection was given to me (although I am not 100% confident in her recollection)}, the best time reference I have has my birth somewhere between 13:10 and 13:50 on August 30, 1962. In Peterborough Ontario. This 40 minute variance is an issue because from the earlier time to the later time over 80% of "my" planets change houses. This drives my virgo self off my rocker... the resulting interpretations of each result are very very accurate in some areas and way off base in others. Neither captures; or fits, the real me perfectly but some of each get pretty darn close... and I am brutally honest with myself; so it isn't a matter of me wanting or needing a particular description. My question is: If my chart changes so dramatically in a span of 40 minutes how valid is the interpretation of each; and what good is a reading to someone who has no clue what time they were born?

    Thank you for your time

  • ive been lead to believe that its all in the manner of which you portray the time you were born.

  • Have you considered having your birth time rectified? I think house placements are very important to interpretation and it's frustrating when you're not sure whether you have it right. Your ascendant and moon might even change, if not by sign then by degrees.

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