Who you can count on??

  • Ok so my boyfriend is A Sagitarrius and I'm an Aquarian recently I went into a Chinese place and founf that I'm a pig and he's a horse, then I went home and look them both up the internet and it says that Horses and Pigs don't mix well at all!! I've been with my boyfriend now for 2 years and we couldn't be happier together!! We're even thinking of marrage in the next two years!!! Can someone please tell me if I found out wrong or what?? Thanks Bronwyn:):):)

  • My first impression is if you are so happy together why are you so ready to believe it's a mistake?! That said, first you need to understand that horoscopes are tools that go way beyond the generalized versions the public gets fed. Think about it--all Sagitarrius's are not carbon copys of each other! All pigs are not copies of each other, etc. There are so many variables it is overwhelming to the layman and the people who study and know their craft spend many years doing it. There are planets involved at time of birth that tie two people together in ways you are unaware of. There is karma, there is nurture and childhood expierience--and on and on--it is a much much bigger picture and the equation depends on more info than pig and horse. If it ain't broke don't fix it.

  • well I am leo and hubby is Cap

    everything astrology said was not in favor of our union, and yet I have a great marriage for almost 9 years. I am 34 so I am a bunny and he is a rat. chinese astrology also says this is not compatible especially in bed. but we are not marrying each other for s ex so really if anything ever causes a fight it's money. because I tend to buy what I need and sell what I don't. and he tends to hoard. also he gets jealous over nothing, for I am more outspoken than flirty, so there is no reason to be jealous. that's about it. I wouldn't trade him for anything.

    get a full birth chart analysis for compatibility, it might help you understand. plus upbringing also shapes personality, so some things you can only know in person, not by chart. you said it's going great, so it's great, keep at it.

  • my parents were also the same pairing. My dad was a horse/aries and my mom a pig/cancer on gemini cusp. They fought a lot and got divorced after 12 years i think... my dad was stubborn but passionate and my mom is standoffish and sometimes superficial.

    who know though, you could get along everyone's different. plus it depends on what other influences you have in your birth chart, especially your venus signs? congrats and best of luck!

  • Hey, I can only tell you I'm a Sag and I always got along well with Aquarians. In the regular horoscope I think it says they get along well too! I think that's great that you get along so good together, so you need to listen to your heart! You sound very happy underneath your questioning, so don't let that horoscope put doubt into your mind. You both probably understand each other's need for independence at times so that good. too. You will probably have lots of laughs and fun times together being Sag and Aquarian which is a great recipe for a wonderful life together. I wish you both lots of happiness!

  • i would forget that and just go on with the way things are going with the both of you, enjoy the moments together and just be happy, dont let that spoil your love and happiness, much love and happiness to you

  • I'm a Capricorn and b/c my horoscope has Aquarius in my Ascendant, Mercury and Venus the astrology reading said that I would get along best with an Aquarian male. NOT!! After dealing with them I decided to give my life a break and leave men alone period for awhile and then came along a Leo who stole my heart! Horoscopes do not tell you the whole picture of what your life will be or who is right for you. You have to go with your gut instincts, your 'mother wit' as my mother would say (God rest her sweet soul) and do not worry about if it works out or not b/c if you do then your relationship is doomed from the start. Just have fun...,life is too short to waste your time on worrying if your sign is compatible with another one. Forgive me for saying this but God already has your life planned out and who you will be with, horoscopes are just for fun and should not be taken that seriously. I learned that lesson!!

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