Feeling grateful

  • about the person

    protect yourself, with the visualization at all times. be cautious and prepared for the worst.

    if you can, when you meet, take someone with you. if he has violent tendency. or meet in a public place where he can't harm you in any way.

    keep positive thoughts, don't worry or fear about anything not even him. trust that you will be protected and you have taken precautions, and if he is meant for you, he will be yours.

  • Thank you so much! May it do the same for you as well! What you've shared is very valuable to me, I can't wait to begin this part!

  • well, the person I meant is an exhusband, he's had his fair share of grief in life, but he also has a lot of pride. When things are going his way or even when there not, his pride kicks in and I seem to be one of his favorite sources of blame. He isn't violent at all,and has always been responsible with my kids, but he knows how to get to me, insult me, mostly through my kids. Since I have had to deal with anxiety, and what I described earlier, it does effect my schedule, and life in general, that of course effects my kids which are the nearest and dearest closest to my heart, he's used that as an insult, even threat in the past. Today was different in the sense that he approached me in a helpful manner, wanting to take a more active role with kids, the years have built distrust there though, so we'll see. H'es not exactly my friend, but I don't hate him at all. I can see how he made me stronger in some ways, I do thank him for that. By the way, I am already on top of the sage and rosemary, couldn't find the incense yet, but I did get a candle, figured it might be a start.Enough about me though, I have a question, did you feel called to do what you do, sharing your insight I mean? choose it? or it choose you? I wonder about that, people who have such a gift seem so secure in such an insecure world, I keep seeing the word "ego" on here, or specifically lack there of, that does sound rather peacful, and less complicated by all means.

  • I see Bluecat. So he is not violent, then I suppose just mere visualization will do.

    even the nicest people can exude negative energy, not because they want to, they just happen to remember some things in the past during a conversation and can cause them sadness or despair. it's impossible to not exude negativity at all, we all make mistakes, but we should try our best for our own sake. I hope the best for you two.

    About the sage, yes candle is good start. It's just that you would need to have one in each room. with incense, you can just lit one and go around the house with it.

    About sharing. We are all here for a purpose. We are born into the physical world, with physical and spiritual atttributes, only it differs from one to another. Physical attributes differ from DNA to DNA for example; spiritual attributes differ such as some people are empaths, some are paranormal, some are healers etc. I have been through hardships like everyone else. Physical and spiritual attacks are common to me, the first spiritual attack was done when I was 5 and the spirits lifted it from me only this year I am 34. so I have had first hand experience with negative energies that linger for years, on top of continuous negative energies sent out by others and myself unknowingly. I grew up in a violent home life, was malnourished and sickly as a child up to my 20s. Friends and lovers were woes in the end, most of the time. Money and employment were like one hole after another I kept falling and herder each time to climb back up. I was probably depressed all my life, not knowing that it is depression since I never checked it out. I could go on and on about my life here but it is not necessary for it is in the past. The universe sent me a mentor 3 years ago and since then have blessed me with more mentors, a guide and more power animals. It is a sign that I am meant to walk in the spiritual path and share what I learned. Maybe it's safe to say I am chosen, but then again I would leave that to the universe. Since we are all here for a purpose, we all have our calling. I might share insights about some things, other people share about other things, even if it is material/physical matter. So we all have shared insights about some things, at a certain place and time. I don't know yet what the universe wants me to do in the future, when the time comes I will know. I want to be a healer, but if I am meant to be a protector, then that's what I will be. You will find your calling someday, when the time comes. take care.

  • we could all have benefited from one of those in life I think, but then what would the healers do I guess? I like the idea of protector, that makes sense to me about you from what you have shared with me thus far. I have noticed a few positives today already with the help I've recieved from you and another here, it was like things tried to automatically go wrong, but then it didn't, not all wrong anyway, it was like good interfernce today. I hardly ever meet other cancers for instance, especially ones I click with, but I did today, energy, focus a little better. I too understand what its like to have a rough childhood, I am happy to hear you recieved a healing. How one reconize a spirtual attack in this world?

  • healers are to heal or cleanse negative energy off you

    if you are in tune to your psyche, you will know if someone attacks you spiritually

    sometimes these attacks come together with verbal and physical attacks

    sometimes they are sent alone and the sender acts as if they are kind and helpful

    there are those who practice this daily, for they know the importance of psyche health

    so by attacking the psyche, they meant to harm your spiritual health first which then will affect physical health. so you will be going to physical doctors, not knowing that your psyche also needs healing. by the time you realize it, you would have been suffering for years in all areas in life. if you do not find help soon, the physical will suffer more damage and you will die.

  • That sounds like the big anxiety attacks that I had suffered from, exactly like that, stress can be a slow killer, I've heard of animals dying from a broken heart too, especially cats, mabe they don't know any better then to just love up to that point. I have always tried to counteract that kind of mental warfare with prayer, forgivness, but like you said some do pretend to be kind, I always thought I could spot a phony, but I have walked right into bs, trying to be a decent human being, just to end up resentful. I've tried to be more careful of who I spend my time and energy on now, but still be of help somehow. I can't imagine why anyone would waste their energy on hatred, so sensless isn't it? I wish I could just trust people like my ex, without any problems, I pray for him a lot, that he'll be okay, so he won't feel hateful towards me. I've dealt with this recently with a former friend too, I wish she wasn't so unhappy with me, I don't hate her at all, but I do hope she's not sending the negative vibes my way! When you say there are those that attack the mental wellbeing, do you mean they know they are doing it? is it the same as those who are just mad at the world because they suffered? do you think they need to be prayed for or? I guess I wonder where the line is between the good, the bad, and the hopefully just confused people. My heart always seems to feel for the grumpy, sad, mean people, that I know have a story behind it all, and I have a terribly hard time having an elevated point of view for those that take lives, or hurt kids, like criminals. Did you have a difficult time forgiving those that made life hard for you, like in childhood?

  • yes, those that attack the psyche, know what they are doing and how

    they choose to attack the psyche because they know many of us do not realize the importance of psyche health and emphasizes on physical health only therefore the damage will be untreated until it's too late. I imagine the numbers are few, but these people do exist and yet you can't distinguish them from regular people unless someone can see them for who they really are.

    on top of that, there are those who unintentionally send attacks, in their anger/jealousy/sadness/suffering, they probably make a wish or think about hurting you permanently or temporarily. so they may do this intentionally and regret it, because they are jealous to those who they perceive are luckier than they are. or they send this unintentionally, because they see that you are stronger and happier, and they need your strength, so unconsciously they make a wish that they can have your strength. There is a big difference between wishing 'I need to be strong' and "I need Bluecat's strength'. the latter, is meant to take yours for their advantage. People need to be careful with words/actions/thoughts for they will manifest. They might regret what they have done, but once the energy is sent out, it is sent. you are attacked, and the universe will send them back the negativity.

    This is why if you nurture your self, psyche and physic, you will be able to find out soon what happens and get help. the universe will help, but since many of us emphasize only the physical, our psyche is abandoned and our psyche is our link to the universe. but because it is abandoned, any warning and guidance the universe sends us, we can not receive it. do your best to nurture yourself. if you take care of your physical health with exercises, attend to your psyche the same way. Spiritual exercises can be just like what you do, continuous praying based on your belief and being active in spiritual or religious activity. in my case I do yoga and meditation. yoga may not suit your belief, but meditation should be. there are free online courses for meditation, try youtube or google. you will find one that suits you.

    Bluecat, the first spiritual attack on me was done when I was 5. It was lifted off me just this year I am 34. It was a family member (was not shown who exactly) who was jealous of me. I was the only daughter my parents have, they have always wanted a daughter. so when I came, I was showered with attention and spoiled to a certain degree. It is hard for me to forgive but we have to learn to see it from the attacker's point of view. A child is physically weak and ned protection, this is the physical way of seeing them. But spiritually, on the contrary. A child can see the spiritual world, their link to the spirits is fresh and strong. How do you feel if you always have friends to play with, the ones adults can see and the ones adults can't? You will always play and laugh, constantly 24 hrs a day. Sleeping is boring, for there is always fun to be had. Compare this to an adult. Physically, sure they are stronger and bigger. But spiritually, are they all like that? No. Work pressure, competition, arguments, love betrayal, injuries, traumas - you name it. The person that attacked me was weary of life, seeing me in the happiest time of my life she/he launched the attack. This person forgot, that I will too grow to be adult and experience life. If you see the attacker in this point of view, you can understand why and it will help the process of forgiveness, although forgetting will still be difficult. Intentional or not, it doesn't matter for the universe. What matters is they send out the energy and they will get it back. If you do not forgive, you will send out remorse and anger, and you will get those back. Do your best to stay positive and in the truth, for we all make mistakes sometimes we have to admit we do at times have our share of hurting someone intentionally or not. Say This too shall pass, when it's getting hard to stay positive. The rest, such as revenge, karma as others call it, the universe will take care of that.

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