Cris1962 - some advice please ?

  • Cris 1962,

    I noticed some of your postings and was hoping you could help me with my situation. As background info, I met someone, K (08/22/1972) in April. There was an instant camaderie, a rightness about the relationship, which was starting off as friendship, only to find out later he was involved with someone else, so I shied away. Since then two things continue to occur that make me stay up late at night wondering.

    One, since we met K has continued to help me very discretely with my career, we are in the same profession, working at different institutions, but involved in the same professional organizations. Two, I pine away for him as though i lost my soulmate, which I sometimes find hard to believe considering we have only had brief contact with each other.

    I did a horseshoe spread, asking for some insight into our future, the cards were the following:

    1. past influence - two of wands

    2. present - six of wands

    3. hopes and fears - strength

    4. obstacles - king of cups

    5. other's attitudes- queen of pentacles

    6. influence around you - eight of pentacles

    7. outcome - two of swords

    Can you give me your interpretation or a new reading please? I don't want to continue to go around in circles the rest of my life.

    Thank you,

    PD. DOB 09/15/1971


  • Hi there Miss V.Piggy (!!??)

    I'm not much of a Tarot reader my friend, so I'll simply go with what impressions I get if that's okay with you:

    Always we will pine for a soulmate encounter, however brief. They bring so much light and intensity into our lives that it's like losing a limb when it has left us. This fellow came into your life as there will be a partnership coming up with him in the future. Remember that you were the one who shied away, not him, so it was your choice to back off here.

    Is he actually married or just "involved" with someone? I honestly don't feel that he has much of a connection with who he's with, and that she is someone who is a bit shallow for him. He is tiring of her already, and I think he's been wondering why on earth you suddenly went cold on him as well when all he'd shown you thus far was friendship and an interest in your work.

    So my advice to you would be to pick up contact with him right this minute. Be there in his space and light, as he will be in yours, enjoy it for what it is and let it go from there. Nothing is ever carved in stone in this life, and while I'm not encouraging you to play the role of "the other woman", I also believe that in the world of true love and soul mates, all is fair. So always try to play fair, keep it clean and you will come out winning. It's only when things become deceptive that betrayal results and bitterness prevails.

    And don't worry; he felt and still feels the same connection to you. It's not there for no reason and the final message I get here is that the ball is in your court.

    Good luck. Hope all works out for you! xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxox

  • Thank you cris1962 !!!!! For some reason I thought you were more of a tarot reader and not an empath; my mistake.

    To shed some light on the situation, when I met him I was told he was involved (had bought a house and was living with N.). So I still had hopes, but 3 months later I found out he had gotten a common law marriage with N 2 months after I met him; I was devastated. To makes things worse, 2 weeks after finding out he had gotten "married", I was told that N. was 6-7 months pregnant and the baby was due at the end of summer. Words cannot express the darkness I felt inside; everything was bleak and dark for a long time. A friend of mine who is friends with one of his close friends, told me that she had been told that the baby was a surprise to him. That he and N had not agreed to have children yet, that N did this to "keep" him. The only one with answers here is obviously K, but I have not seen or talked to him since April.

    What holds me back, cris, is the baby. Babies are gifts from God, what right do i have to take this baby's father away from him? Is it fair? Do I wait for him to leave N of his own volition?

    Any advice?



    PD. The nickname was given to me by one of my teenage patients and is a combo of chinese and traditional astrology. I am a pediatric clinical pharmacist and though people ask me how can I bear to work with very sick children, they are my light and love. They have taught me not to be so serious, hence the fun name. 😃

  • Hi again,

    I am getting that this child is not his and that he'll find out he's been deceived sooner rather than later. I honestly don't see him raising this child for very long with N once he finds out he's been tricked. But he'll remain interested in the child's welfare and upbringing as he's that sort of man.

    This N woman sends out an energy of deception and betrayal; like she sneaks around behind K's back and has done it more than once. The actual father of the baby won't want to be with her either, so I feel she'll be left alone in the end. And that'll be her piece of karma revisited.

    So yes, he will leave her of his own volition due to this duplicity. Not sure of timeline though, but I don't think you'll have to wait as long as you might've originally thought.

    Hope this helps :))

  • Thank you, cris !!!!!!!!! What can I say? At first I was shocked, then sadden that this should happen to him. Like most Leo men, it's all about pride, so I can only imagine what he is/will be going through. And last but not least, happy to know that there may be a future !!!!!

    Thank you so much, and I will keep you posted !!!!!! 😃


  • No worries :))

  • What is going on here?

    I cannot believe Chris that you encourage such outrageous behavior. This is Wrong! The woman has a child and property together with this man. This makes it very clear to me that she is supposed to be part of this man's future.

    Why in the World can't you find someone else?

    A soulmate is NOT committed to someone else. Trust me this man is NOT meant for you. I am sure if you pursue this further you will get hurt in the end.

  • Waiting is not bad behaviour to encourage. So long as Ms Virgo does nothing to place herself in the position of the "other woman", there is no "behaviour" being encouraged or displayed.

    Can I suggest that you read posts properly before levelling such comments as you have here?

    And I'll stress (again) that I am not encouraging this lady to try and break up a family or relationship, but merely wait it out if that's what she chooses to do. The man in question will find out eventually how he's been duped, and be glad to know that he has someone to come to after the dust has settled.

    I see nothing wrong with this suggestion, but am sorry that you seem to 🙂

  • This post is deleted!

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