Hans Decoz: New Numerology Ritual

  • This is a re-posting of Hans Decoz's blog posting from September 28, 2008

    My New Numerology Reflection Reading and How It Works

    I am looking out my window. I see the house across the street, I hear a car go by, and I am aware that it rains.

    I am conscious of this information. What I am not knowingly absorbing – but is nonetheless entering my mind – is everything else that fills my field of vision down to the very edges of my peripheral eyesight. I am not really aware that the fan is humming, that my wife is in the other room talking on the phone, that a number of smells are drifting in from the garden, and so much more. In fact, the amount of data flooding into me is enormous but I am consciously aware of only a tiny fraction of that. The rest goes to a place we call the subconscious. And there is much, much more that enters my subconscious while barely making a dent in my conscious mind. Such as feelings both obvious and subtle and everything in between, or the incredibly complex mass of hopes and expectations and fears of every kind, or the many, many small realizations that form the basis of my spiritual awareness, and on and on. If my conscious intellect is the size of an apple, my subconscious is the size of an orchard.

    And this buildup of subconscious data has been going on for as long as I have had the great fortune of drawing breath. Now imagine being able to access this huge knowledge base of the subliminal. And not only access it, but to reach in with a focus at enriching your understanding of yourself. After all, nothing supports your ability to enjoy your life, to be happy, to be content with who you are, as much as self-knowledge.

    And this is where the Numerology Reflection Reading comes in. This method of “forcing” an individual’s subconscious to select a set of numbers, although mostly unknown among Western numerologists, is not new, nor is it unique to the age-old science of numerology. It is, in fact, similar to tossing animal bones, reading tea leaves, or throwing sticks, in that it uses an action of apparent randomness to gain entry into a person’s subconscious. I have used this system thousands of times since I first discovered it in the early 80’s. Over the years, I have perfected this technique to the point that it’s accuracy is truly astounding, even to me.

    Here, at Tarot.com, we have worked for a long time to create a program that would maintain the simplicity needed to create a free and unobstructed path between the user and his or her subconscious (i.e. similar to throwing sticks), while at the same time keeping randomness truly random. I believe we have succeeded above and beyond our expectations in the new Numerology Reflection Reading. The software program we developed does a great job of bringing you into an animation where you select your numbers by throwing nine stones in a lake. The stones are guided by you (your wrist, your fingers), and connected to complete unpredictability; a truly random number generator. It really doesn’t matter whether you are focused on a question or trying to empty your mind or have your thoughts running all over the map.

    The access gained into your subconscious is in fact far from random, because it is controlled by the deepest, most genuine part of you. No matter what neurons happen to be firing in your brain at that time, the nine stones you throw into the lake are controlled by the full totality of who you are, not by a select number of nerve cells or thoughts or expectations.

    I hope you will try it. It is an amazing tool to self-discovery.

    A bit of advice: don’t use it more than once a day – as with I Ching, overuse only brings confusion.

    Read the report carefully, preferably more than once. There is a lot of insight to be gained, some of it not immediately obvious.

    And if you can spare a minute or two, I would love to get your thoughts on this exceptional method.

    By the way, the new Numerology Reflection Reading is the only one of its kind and unique to Tarot.com.

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