Can you really feel someone

  • @ leonadams... I am glad to see other people believe this. He has told me he can feel it also, but by nature I tend to doubt a lot of things... I really don't like this about myself and am trying to work on it. There is a strong love connection there, the connection has been there from day one and it took him about 3 weeks and he said he loved me, but I already knew because I did him. I think you should tell your friend, it may make her blush, but surely put a smile on her face.

  • @ Indigodance... your story sounds very simular to mine. Except he is in the UK and I am US... the emotional connection is unreal. The physical happens, not all the time but I do feel his warmth and presence with me. Sometimes stronger than others. His moods etc can definitely be felt and he agrees. We have talked about deep desires and feelings and he knew I was scared of being hurt but I finally opened up to him and he has promised me he will hold my heart safely in his hands. He wants me to come there to visit as soon as I can, I have been wanting to go out of the US anyway since it is something I have never done. He asked me if I would consider moving there and said he'd make me very happy. His job is very demanding and he travels a bit but said if I moved he could easily get work where he didn't have to travel. We don't get the chance to talk often but there isn't a day missed that if nothing else he is sure to at least leave me a email saying he loves me and usually responds to almost everything I have written about. I don't know a thing about numerolgy, do they do that here???

    Thanks so much for the reply it's nice to know others are out there... I in my heart know I can trust him it is a have a strong feeling about that but I have been lied to before and it does leave me with some doubts, but he promises he is very sure about everything he says... thanks again.

  • @ Sandran712 Wow... that is a long time to talk with a person and then to just not hear from them anymore, that would drive me nuts and crush my heart. We do plan to meet, hopefully in March. And as I said in another post I would consider moving there, provided all goes as I suspect it will when we meet. I'm glad to hear you do believe in long distance realationships tho and that it worked out good for your mom and dad. Thanks for your incite, I surely hope this doesn't just end, I have to say I would love to talk to him more but we did a lot of talking a couple of months ago, hours upon hours day after day but he was on vacation then and is now back to work and I know he has a lot of things going on right now with charity also and he did ask me to be patient and positive and just know he loves me and has the same feelings I do.

  • @ autumnspirit... O I am glad to know there are others out here like me 🙂 It is something I have never experienced with anyone, the emotions are strong. I do sometimes tho get a little tense when I haven't heard from him at the time I want to.. that is a bad habit of mine, but he assures me all the time that he emails as much as he can, he can't use the computer at work for personal business but has on occasion gone to the internet cafe and sent a quick email during the day, and he always makes sure he emails to say he loves me... that is one thing that helps me believe that he is sincere because he doesn't have to do that. I agree we can be entertained with our imaginations and wishful thinking... I hope our wishes come true! ! ! I believe you can sit and meditate and make him feel you, I had told my guy that one day I had sat while it was quite and thought about his touch and I swear I could feel him, he then told me he sat the next day and thought about it too and could feel me, he believes it is something out of this world that has connected us. Thanks again... this really helps as I have 100's of questions about things, I need to learn some about his sign, I don't even know alot about mine, I think I know more about Aqua's than anyone..

  • @ simplyj... Thanks for replying, sorry for being slow getting back.. work got busy. I firstly would like to say I am sorry for your loss. I can relate to this at the beginning of this week I was having a not so good feeling in my gut, I want to call it an anxious feeling.. I had blamed it on the fact that I didn't get a email till very very late and I was starting to doubt this whole thing. In the email he explained that his good friends younger brother had died who had been very sick and in the hospital for years and that his friend was not doing well at all, had recently had a heart attack the month before and he (my guy) had been at the funeral that day and that it was a very sad autumn day and he was sure what I was feeling was that something was not right with him. I have to say the feeling I had that day and into the next was pretty bad. Most of the time I feel a calmness and secure as you say... that is a good word you used... I know he loves me and I have no reason to doubt it, but at times I have a little and just push it away, I have been told it's a pisces thing to doubt a lot. Thank you for sharing with me... it's a great help.

  • @ dotthorey... I don't know a thing about astrotrave, have heard the word tho. What we feel is very strong for a while I was thinking it isn't as strong as it was in the beginning but have since come to think it's more we have accepted it and know that is how it is, not that the same connection isn't there but we don't discuss it all the time anymore. It does still get said that I feel you with me all the time, or at night he'll tell me to feel him holding me while I go to sleep and I have to say if I let my mind go instead of thinking of a thousand other things, I feel a warmness around me. That is very cool about the healers and the experience you had, I bet it had quite an impact on your life. Thanks for saying this... " what you are experiencing is very real so dont disreguard any of it, just accept this beautiful experience and closeness, and allow it to be, " I will keep that in mind a lot, I think it will help ease my doubts. Thanks much for the help.

  • @ bluecat123... I would have never thought such a thing either, but I am seeing or reading more and more about relationships starting online and some lasting for years before the people meet and end up married. I'm not looking to get married but the connection can't be denied. I can't say that it may not be as exciting as it was to start with but it's comfortable and safe feeling, yet the strong emotional and physical feelings are the same. I do think when we meet the chemistry will be there, I do believe that if the chemistry can be felt thru the universe and almost 4000 miles away they will be better in person... I am glad that when you met it was all still there. You are right that you do get to know a person on a different level, I think it is a deeper level. Thanks alot for your thoughts and input.. it too helps a lot... I'm not feeling as crazy as I did before.

  • Being in your 40's means NOTHING!!! slimey is still slimey and be careful of on the net relationships! Just sayin....Been there done that and not even a frigging Tshirt out of the deal!!

  • Vixen>>slimey is still slimey and be careful of on the net relationships!

    Sandran>>I do not understand anyone in this day and age hooking up on the net.I can't believe life has been so desperate to have to look to the net.I have talked to alot of guys on the net.But, it was only because of a grieving period.Which I have lost 4 years over myself.I did go to grief counseling.But, you do stupid stuff when you grieve.

  • lol Sandran are you serious?

    I met hubby online. 8 months and we got married, almost 9 years now

    never regret it, but we do fight about spending and earning because he hoards and I am thrifty

    people are people, no matter how and where you meet them

    therefore we shouldn't expect more than people we meet in real life , that's all

    I don't know about the 'intimacy' thing though, I never did experience connection that deep before we got married

  • To Sandran; Grieving is a process to come to terms with a loss. It can take many forms and can take many years. The first consideration is you, your beliefs and how your heart feels in dealing with a loss. Its is a heart wrenching experience - there is no other way to say it. Whether death is expected or comes as a total shock - our heart and soul searches for answers and eventual peace (or at least come to terms with what happened).

    The main thing one has to come to terms with, the loved one is no longer with us in the physical. BUT !!! they will never leave us in the spiritual - especially if we hold them in our hearts surrounded with love.

    One way of looking at this (and it does take a shift of consciousness) is to accept that our bodies are no more that a tool (house, home ??) for our spirit/soul to take us through our journey. Our bodies are part of our journey.

    I have always wondered what a dead body (excuse the harshness of the term) looked like. My mum recently died, also my dad. I didn’t see my dad - it was not possible and I didn’t want to, but I did see my mum in the nursing home, she had passed only a few minutes before me and my brother arrived to say goodbye.

    But even through the pain and sadness of it all - looking at her resting peacefully at last - the overwhelming bit was, yes it was mum (her body) - but mum wasn’t in there ??? her spirit, the essence of mum had moved on.

    Cremation makes no difference to the fact - the spirit has moved on - all that is left is the empty shell that took our loved one through their journey. They are now at peace. To come back with unfinished business or to say hello to us is a gift - they are telling us we are not alone. Counselling has it purpose but will give you more questions, you will only find answers to your questions when you are ready (by that I mean spiritually) They say time is a great healer, but it also a great revealer.

    Internet friends are very much the same as our departed loved ones. This is not about desperation - its all about connecting energy - pure loving energy. If it’s meant to be a connection will be made. If they move on, there job is done. All we can do is give thanks for that part of the journey - a wonderful gift that we experienced. (even bad experiences are full of gifts - they teach us lessons and make us strong - yes they can break us as well - but they still change us - we are not the same as before).

    I did not really get on that well with my parents - extremely hard life with lots of tears, not much love - so when they passed at the beginning of the year, I asked my self for the positive of my life with them. And then to make peace with them and me - I asked them and I asked myself to give thanks for the journey we took. It gave me valuable lessons and experiences to take me on to my next steps.

    When you come to terms with the grief - your experience will help others - that will be your gift to them 🙂

    Love, Carole

  • Indigodance>>>Cremation makes no difference to the fact - the spirit has moved on - all that is left is the empty shell that took our loved one through their journey

    Sandran>>We talked about this in church.And I told them I see cremation as burning in hell.They have to incinerate a body.So,I associate fire with hell.And, I sometimes have dreams of my house is on fire.

  • Sandran: I don’t align myself to any particular religion - purely because no one religion has the answers I am looking for. I believe to get the best out of life, we need to be supportive, keep and open mind - and yes always question till we find what gives us our peace - I listen to all religions and respect that others take more comfort in theirs than I can find.

    So bearing that in mind, I align my life to nature, the cosmos and why are we here ??? Life, this planet, the cosmos is far too complex just to have happened. To me, there is a purpose.

    Nature in its purest form is a giver of life, a healer and a taker of life. Cycle of regeneration, birth and death. Fire in it purest form is a purifier, it cleanses. It kills diseases, it sterilizes and it will even give back to the earth what it leaves in its path (nutrients).

    If you think of Volcanoes for example, the most fertile soil is around the surrounding mouth of the volcano. A volcano produces lava which is molten by fire. If you think of forest fires - they clear the land (yes quite devastating at times) but the land is clear and filled with nutrients - new life begins to grow - fresh beginnings...

    Fire can be our friend as well as our foe – our association on how we perceive fire will also be reflected in our views on our cultures and religions. But in its purest form, fire is a very real substance. It will give us life as well as death.

    To burn in hell… where is that …. We don’t really know … words in a book ??

    I took this out of a dream directory for you; It seemed quite relevant to your previous conversations – I hope this was ok to do (do not want to cause offence – this in on the internet).

    “To dream that a house is on fire, indicates that you need to undergo some transformation. If you have recurring dreams of your family house on fire, then it suggests that you are still not ready for the change or that you are fighting against the change. Alternatively, it highlights passion and the love of those around you.”

    To dream of a house – usually represents ourselves and our emotions. Fire is the transformation.

    We have to remember that our perception of death and ritual is driven by our lifestyle, culture and what we actually believe in as opposed to what we are being told to believe in. Yes, it makes us ask more questions. If you read about how fire is used in burial rituals in other cultures they have very beautiful perceptions – it’s certainly not seen as a place of purgatory. As I said, always keep an open mind and let the journey unfold. The world is a very big place – explore it… your answers may need to come to you from further afield. Your dreams and your unanswered questions seem to be stating its now time to explore further afield.

    Love, Carole 🙂

  • Thank you for this thread - it is so interesting ! I've personally experienced very deeply (and spiritually) being emotionally in contact with another person, even though I've never met him yet and we live quite a distance apart on opposite sides of the globe. I'm a Cancerian and last October I was told by a psychic (with a track record of 100% accuracy), who my new partner will be. In the near future, I will be linked to him through our work, however I'm told that later down the track we will also become lovers for the long haul. I know a lot about him already as he is very much in the public view, however until we start working together, he doesn't know me. We already have a lot in common with each other, including cultural heritage, interests, background (although we are from different countries) and other links.

    Since I began writing the book in January last year which will trigger our business link and bring us into real contact with each other, I have been receiving signs, signals, messages all on a daily basis, visits from angels, and all of my horoscope readings (and now his also) are indicating that our partnership is indeed going to happen.

    What really blew my mind happened a few nights ago. I was meditating, thinking about him - then his spirit (or soul) started talking to me and I back to him - yes I can feel his arms wrapped around me - there is an envelope of protection, safety, peace, calm, warmth, good humour and very much the loving feeling surrounding me which is absolutely wonderful and so re-assuring to me, as I have been without a partner for the best part of a decade. This feeling is so overwhelming to me it's almost like a drug. I have never experienced anything like this before or anything as powerful. He is always here with me. The other night though, it was taken to a new level. Without being too embarrassing, it became much more physical than ever before, and I had no control over it. Afterwards he told me it was my Valentine's Day gift from him because I will be alone this year and he knew I was upset !!

    I might also add that the psychic who did my reading also told me that our souls are already together, (his and mine), so that would explain a lot. Yes I very much believe in love manifesting itself through spiritual, emotional, psychic, cognitive, (and even physical) ties even when you aren't able to be with the person you are attracted to !

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