Can you really feel someone

  • I have been reading in here but now I have a question. I have meet someone on the net, we have talked a lot and plan to actually meet in March. We both from the begining have said there was a deep connection, out of this world connection, well actually he said it first. We have said that we love each other, we both say we can feel each others feelings, he says its wonderful to know that we feel the same way and when we say feel we mean emotional and physical, this is where it gets strange to me, so I hope I explain this right and we have both said that we can feel the warmth of the other person and if either of us sits and just thinks about it you can really feel the other person, not like they put a hand actually on you, but like you are wrapped in their love or their hug, like they are there with you or almost like you can feel them touch you inside, down to the bones, it's a warmth of peacefulness, relaxing warmth... Now what I guess I want to know is... is the possible??? Or is it just imagination or wishful thinking??? I hope I explained this well enough for you to understand what I am talking about. Thanks for any help or advice...

    I am pisces 3/3 and he is aries3/21 if that makes any difference, I know it is said that pisces - aries isn't a good match but I am telling you I believe it is... I think over time we have learned how we compliment each other and how the other one works... so to say, we mesh very well.

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  • it's possible. I met my husband online also. he is Cap and I am Leo

    astrology said not much good about our compatibility, and yet I've been in a blissful marriage for almost 9 yrs I won't trade him for anything

    it's true that I've seen aries-pisces combo doesn't work, but then again they may not have the same connection you have. plus upbringing can influence personality. Detailed birth chart can help find out more about your compatibility, if you know his birth info like location and time. Someone here can do it, or you can find a website that will do it for free.

  • Thanks for the reply. I kind of thought I might be imagining the being able to feel someones warmth, closeness, etc. I know his birthdate and country but not the city or time, I will ask tho. Congratulations on your marriage! ! I do believe when you know you just know. And neither of us are kids we are in our 40's and I have never experienced feeling someone this way that wasn't physically present.

    Thanks again.

  • I have had this experience with someone who I feel very connected to. I do beleive we can "feel" each other.Especially in my sleep I have been accused of being a pillow hugger because I dream of us hugging and lying in each others arms often then wake up to a big fluffy pillow. lol. I also dont think that astrology has very much to do with someone that you have a soul connection with but is rathar a useful guide as to how they may like to be treated or to help explain certain behaviors that you might not otherwise understand.

  • yep semiblue

    you can have free birth chart at www dot 0800-horoscope dot com

    and then have his done at the same site

    someone on here can tell you compatibility once you have both birth charts done

    they do it by looking at the planets infomation on your charts

    good luck

  • lol @ waking you to a big fluffy pillow. Is there a place to find out more about soul connections??? I agree with the astrology not having much more to do with it other than a useful guide as to how they may lie to be treated etc. I don't know a lot about astrology, well next to nothing really, just a bit about pisces (me) aqua (ex) and now I am learning aries pretty well.

    Thanks for the post.

  • Thanks i will ask him tomorrow if he knows his birth time... I just looked at my birth certiricate because I had just ordered a copy and it doesn't have the time on it and all my mom can tell me is early morning maybe 7 or 8-ish.. but I will still check on his.. thanks for all the help, I will be back tomorrow.. my bed time now... Have a good day/night...

  • Yes, it is very possible to feel someone especially when you're in love. The love connection makes it easier to feel another but is not essencial to the opperation, per say. Several years ago, I was sitting in the back seat of a car with two friends (female) up front chatting. It was night and we were chatting about this and that. Out of the blue I decided to 'touch' her (C. G, one of my friends) intimately with my mental body. So I pictured myself reaching out with my mental hand and caressing her womanhood. She instantly and vocally recoiled at the unexpected 'touch' and strangely I decided to not tell her that it was me and that I was having fun at her expense. We're still friends to this day and maybe I will tell her about it one day.

  • I can relate to all of whats being said - especially about intmate touch from Leonadams777 - my internet friend gets very passionate (I must add in a very nice way !!). I know when hes thinking of me (and touching) when he is in his bed. I litterally got the shock of my life first time round.

    We can really feel each others feelings emotionally and physically - I am in the UK, he is in LA - we have never met. But how we came together in its self was so strange - but its like we really are meant to be together for a reason. I can feel his touch, his moods - he says the same about me. One day I hope we do get to meet - the friendship is growing stronger by the day.

    I have had an astrolgy comparision done on me and my friend - our initial star signs dont exactly light up ones fire if you know what I mean....(Leo and Virgo) but the bigger pictures shows much more detail - we nearly are a perfect match (the differences are our lessons to get through by coming together) We also both have Scorpio rising - this is were the sex bit comes in - and also our exposing our deep desires and inner issues - so we really are a good match - even thousand of miles apart.

    I noticed that the birthdays for Semiblue and friend have numerolgy coincidence - that would be a good one to check out. I am a master number 33, my LA friend dosnt know this, but keeps making reference that I am teaching him (makes me smile - if only he knew)

    Love, Carole xxx

  • semiblue>>Now what I guess I want to know is... is the possible??? Or is it just imagination or wishful thinking???

    Sandran>>I guess it could be possible.I felt this same way.I met someone online years ago.And he acted more like this than I did.We were both a Cancer.But,it fades.especially if the calls stop coming.So I do not hold dear to this if the person on the receiving end is a long distance person.We talked for 4 years and now I don't hear a thing.I do believe in long distance relationships because my mom met my Dad 10 states away.But, if someone doesn't budge and move to each other's city then forget it.In my case my dad moved to where we were.In this day and age this is longshot scenerio and I do not have much faith in it.

  • "Now what I guess I want to know is... is the possible??? Or is it just imagination or wishful thinking??? "

    Oh man...and you haven't met him in person yet? whew...Now I don't feel so crazy....and NO! I don't think you are crazy, but imagine this:

    Didn't meet him online, he's actually someone I've known only as an aquaintance and haven't seen for many years. Spent one evening chatting at an occasion we were both invited to. That conversation lasted about 2 hours, it ended with a hug. A hug that I will never in this life forget..ever. I FELT something very intense. 3 months went by, saw him again at another low-key occasion, spoke briefly, small hug......intense. 5 months goes by, I get a call from him, lasts 4.5 hours...I believe we poured our insides out and blew each other's minds. Mind you, he knows I'm interested, I know he is. Some texting ONE DAY in September, 2 hours of texting in October. It's been a month on average between the two, so I'm going to assume another contact will be made, he's due. I've texted some pics of things to him (not of me...nature) with no words in between. All the while, I am CERTAIN 99.9% this man is THE ONE. I feel it, I feel him (we live 5 mins. away from each other never been inside each other's home), and it is the oddest thing I have ever experienced. Maybe that Scorp/Cancer thing..not to mention he's a triple Cancer, me...Scorp sun, pisces moon & ascendent, so there's a connection in that area for sure. Again, do I think you are crazy!.........NO!.........I believe in this stuff. In the mean time semi blue, we can both try and be entertained with our imaginations & wishful thinking. I truly feel I can sit and meditate and make him feel me. Now how damn crazy is that! LOL 🙂

  • leonadams and indigodance

    wow I never know that. I and hubby lived apart for 6 months after marriage cause he was sent abroad for work. but it almost like he wasn't that far. what usually happens to us, still happened. e.g. I fell and hurt my knee today, he would fall and hurt somewhere tomorrow, I got nasty headache for weeks but when it cleared up he would be in pain in the neck etc

    and yes I met him online, it only took me 8 months to be sure he is the one and I asked him to marry and he said yes within seconds.

    I was in another online relationship with a Scorp when we met, but the guy just disappeared so I ended up with hubby which is a Cap. Almost 9 yrs of marriage and I never regret it. the only time we were part after marriage was the 6 months he was abroad. it was unbearable I missed him so much so he never wants to work abroad anymore. But intimacy wise, I never experienced it the way you described it. we dreamt of kissing each other, that's it. and yes my rising is also Scorp.

  • I must reply to you because I feel very strongly that you can indeed feel the other person within yourself...I have had numerous relationships in my life and truthfully felt connection with only two of them. My very fist boyfriend was one of the. I feel that the connection , whether it was spiritual or not was of most of my own doing. I felt so deeply in love with this person, gave 101% of myself to him and even though he didnt feel the same, I could feel his every thought and feeling. I would sit at home and somehow see him in other places with other was very strange indeed. I felt his lack of emotion and connection which only made me pursue him in the most unhealthy way....Im glad that ended. And I am not connected to him anymore. After a few relationships , one long term (14 years) and married, (felt no spiritual connection to this person at all). When that ended I met someone and knew the first night that I would be connected. Man was I... He was a good man and I could feel everything within him. He was loving and loyal and honest to a fault....I could feel pain in him over the loss of his mother and father, I could feel his sadness over the lack of his childrens attention. I could feel his love for me so strongly. I felt so secure and like nothing in the world could ever harm me as long as he was in my life. I felt content and complete with this person and I truly believe it was because I could feel him within me....I could feel all his feelings and thoughts....weird but nice. He since died and I felt him strongly for the first 4 years and now I feel him around once in a while. Im sure he tries to be around the other people he loved in life too...I must admit, he stayed by my side in death for a long time, I know , because I could feel his thoughts and feelins still.

  • i think that what you maybe experiencing is some for of astrotravel, between the two of you i maybe wrong, but the vibration between the both of you must be very strong whilst communicating, its not something that i know a great deal about, but a lady once told me that she astro travelled to a friends room and sat on his bed whilst he was asleep, he told her that he felt a presence in the room that night on his bed, but went of to sleep, she told him what she had done, some people can do this, others do it without realizing it, telepathy is anothr way of receiving others messages and i have been told you can also feel their vibration around you towhen iwas experiencing a bad time in my life, i was in touch with powerful healers, i felt the presence of a female and male person enter my home in peace and not scarey, they worked on my heart charkara, i could feel their presence in front of me and it was those two healers, what you are experiencing is very real so dont disreguard any of it, just accept this beautiful experience and closeness, and allow it to be,

  • I bieleve it. It is different not connecting face to face, but in this age I think its normal for people who are dating, or in love. I met my boyfriend online, I never thought of such a thing, but I had an impression of him somehow, and warm feelings toward him before we met, I didn't get my hopes up that I would actually like him in person though, that we would have the physical chemistry, but it was all there, in fact we may have never noticed one another otherwise, we might have gave way to physical, stereotypical type hype instead of seeing beneath the surface and building on it the same way you described the feelings you got, I think they are real.

  • dotthoery, wow, that is really cool. I had a dream or something like that when I was kid, that I got up from sleep, was walking around the room, could see myself, but out of myself, I think it freaked me out a bit because it never happend twice.

  • bluecat123, a friend of mine woke up one night having to find herself out of her body, standing beside her bed looking at herself, she heard a knock on the door and went to answer it but when she arrived at the door their was a light, so she did get scared and ran back to bed and jumped into her body again, its interesting and frightenening if you do not know what the heck is going on, we just have to remember that we are human, but spirit also spirit, i used to wake up and see spirit beside my bed, for quit some time, i was scared by this, then one night spirit came to me via a distance from me, they looked like they were on a tv screen standing at the window with their back to me, hands in their pocket, i felt i knew who they were but could not put my fingure on who it was, 2 weeeks later, an aquantance of my husband stopped us to tell us that a friend of my husbands had died 3 months ago it was at the time that this spirit had been trying to contact me, but he had frightenend me, so he had to show me in a way that it did not scare me, amazing

  • dotthorey~a friend of mine woke up one night having to find herself out of her body, standing beside her bed looking at herself

    Sandran>>I experienced this too.But, not at the point of jumping back into bed and morphing myself together.But, at the time I did I was grieving.I mentioned on here that my son's father passed away.But, what I didn't say was he took an overdose.He called me and died on the phone.It took me 4 years to come out of it.I did off the wall stuff.Felt like I was in a daze.People wrote me condolence cards not remembering that I received them.He was cremated... so for years I was thinking that his family was trying to keep me from seeing him.I had dreams about him not being dead that he was still alive.There was no closure.So, I do not believe in cremation.

  • First I want to apologized to all for taking so long to get back here, work got busy before the weekend... my son just joined the Marines so life has been a little hectic. But I am going to got thru and reread and respond now. Thanks for the rreplys and help.

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