• So- I'm dating a pisces.....kinda. Shes the MOST BEAUTIFUL woman I've ever known (inside and out)- a pastors daughter at that- I've never had a girl like this in my life- she is so very different. I'm wondering though- What can I expect from a pisces? the good and the bad? characteristics....? what are pisces really like? please fill me in......

  • Hi there, I am so glad to hear you are dating a Pisces Lady! I am one myself and have good female friend who is also a Pisces.

    Being different and "unique" is a typical pisces trait, they are thoughtful, loving, creative, mysterious, caring, kind, and good observers...they have good intuition. They love to be complemented but more on their personality then on their looks. Pisces women love affection and kind words, they are generous and like people who are also generous and kind to others. They are very compassionate and can be excellent carers and empathizers. If they have nothing left they will give it away to someone in need because they hate to see people unhappy and have great comfort in knowing they have helped someone.

    Things that may contribute or cause your pisces lady to lose interest or "swim away":

    • Lack of affection

    • Sarasm is not favoured remember its the lowest form of wit, pisces love funny guys more then any other!

    -Not giving her undivided attention when your on a date, she will most propeberly be able o tell if you are not listening and will be dissapointed and possibly annoyed if you don't listen to her and a rude, for example texing while on a date.

    PIsces people can be abit indecisive, they like the man to lead, but not control, they love their freedom and nothing would be worse for a pisces then a man telling her What to do.

    Money and material things are what pisces like to have, but in no way does this define them, they would rather be poor and happy then rich and miserble.

    I know I have a quick temper, but only argumentative contradictory people make me this way, and its rare, pisces people are placid most of the time. Pisces people tend to be very ambitious but like the help of others to help turn their sreams ito reality. They treat people how they like to be treated. They are not espcially good with money though, and are not the most organized people, they are more spontaneious, then one to plan and prepare. They would rather procrastinate, they like encouragement, it helps them achieve what they want knowing someone cares enough to spur them on!

    Obviously everyones an individual and people do differ but these are typical traits, likes and dislikes form a pisces perspective, I hope it helps.

    What star sign are you?

    Remember Pisces ladies can be sensitive so a sharp toungue or personal insult, she will ALWAYS remeber. The fish forgive, but they NEVER forget.

    If you wanna know anything else just ask!

  • We all do differ for sure Kezza, and it is a Pisces trait to be unique and multi-faceted. I too am a Pisces female and I think you did an excellent job above giving advice because while we do differ we sure are a lot alike too Pisces lol. Cheers to you taxdayramonfire because if we do say so ourselves a Pisces female is a heck of a catch (no pun intended) they are ultimately female and would treasure you to the end of time if you are kind to her and others and you are truthful caring and are truly interested in all the many things she has to share. I personally love the feeling of a big strong man to save me from the cruelty in life that us Pisces find so heartbreaking. As Kezza said lead not control. But if she is all that you described you can bet she is definitely more than just a pretty face.

    Blessed be to you all and good luck.

    Kezza, Still laughing at your beautiful accurate description above spot on. Cheers to you.

  • I am also curious about his sign Isn't that Aries up there??

  • Hi, supose it is quite funny isnt it. Excuse the typos I was getting carried away!!! I am not that clued up on Aries as most of my friends are scorps, leos or cancer, I have an aries brother and we got on well! Although when he tried to tell me what to do...as older brother do it annoys me a little!

    Still if you like someone enough and they like you in return it is more then possible to have a balanced happy relationship!

    Good luck everyone

  • Hmm.. I am a pisces female too and I have to say sometimes it is hard to know what to expect from a pisces! We are all 12 signs of the zodiac so we can adapt to any situation in a number of different ways. At the core, however, pisces are old-souls... expect her to have a spiritual connection with life. If you can connect with her in a metaphysical almost spiritual way then you should get along very well. Pisces are very interested in the occult so just the fact that you are on these boards seems like you probably have similar interests!

    pertaining to a relationship...

    "Good" traits- like to take care of people and pisces likes to feel needed.

    More negative traits would be melancholy, lazy & lethargic, head-in-the-clouds.

    pisces have many sides so i would say we are kind of hard to explain!

  • Another female fish here :):)

    @taxdayramonfire --- Be prepared to have a journey in mystical waters like never before! I agree with everyone on here as far as piscean traits are concerned BUT one thing everyone seems to have missed out on is : Fish like to have someone that's a mystery themselves !! Being fish ain't easy and we tend to fall in love at the drop of a hat BUT the day you become as besotted with us as we are with you, we lose interest! Not a very endearing quality I know but would be glad to be of help y'know... 😄 Be honest cos we hold this virtue dear within our hearts. Take the lead and guide us through this otherwise insane and complicated world. We're gentle, indecisive and irrational at times...BUT the mind's sharp and insightful enough to know what doesn't seem to be true about someone 🙂 And there are 12 of us...depending on how you are!!! We have patience (something you rams are not very good at I know), acceptance and understanding BUT we do twist facts as and when we feel the truth's not good for your ears 😄

    p.s.- My first love was an aries male...although he's no more now, I still think of him and his ways 🙂

  • astrodame-wisely spoken, you just hit the nail on the head!! it is so true of pisces and it is also something i feel guilty about with my love affairs. i don't know about you but i can even relate that with the music i listen to or movies i watch. a lot of songs i like i don't like as much once i know all the lyrics, movies are very hard to watch more than once. strange!

  • @scarlattina --- Honesty is the best policy babe so thought of coming clean!!! 😉

    sigh yes, I too sorta get trapped into the 'bored' frame most of the times be it music, books, eateries or even people!!! Its 'losing interest' and going off wandering most of the times with me when it comes to people I am not particularly 'that' close with...Infact, barring the times we pisceans are in love...clandestine affairs (a term most of the fish know) come easily to us w/o us even intentionally going in for them !! At the same time, a fish can be fiercely loyal to their partner (like me right now :)) when in love. Strange...yessss 🙂

  • Taxdayramonfire, you are a very lucky man. I was in love with a Ram and have a lot of Ram's in my life. Be sensitive to her FEELINGS but do not BABY her because she will think you are being condescending and arrogant. Ram's seem to want many things done all at once and very quickly. This can irritate your fish and make them want to swim away. I am not an astrologer or psychic just a fellow fish who has experienced what I am talking about. I fully agree with all the other fish in this discussion. Treasure your fish and treat her well and she will swim happily with you for life.

  • @astrodame, yeah I am always open/honest in my relationships but what I feel guilty about is that I get bored once my partner loses their mystery to me. Guilt comes in simply because I'm an idealist and romantic in thought but probably not in virtue...almost feels like self-sabotage sometimes. I'm direct in telling them and it usually doesn't go over too well haha, 😕

    I'm so glad you're in love, it's the best place to be!! 🙂

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