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  • So I am in a new relationship with a sag. I am a pisces. We met each other 22 years ago and were friends for about 2 years then lost contact. We met up again as friends about 3 years ago but for a short time. We have reconnected again a few months ago and have been dating. I would like to know if anyone has a suggestion or comment about our pairing? He is definitely a ton of fun and seems to be very honest. I am a scorned Pisces so I am taking a very different approach to this relationship and not getting too dreamy about this one (although I want to). I have mellowed in my life and am not placing any demand upon him and it feels good to not worry about what he is doing, who he is seeing, or where he is going. This is a first or me.

    Thanks in advance for you responses!! Love and Peace to all!!

  • yes Sag male is a ton of fun

    I'm not sure about commitment but if you two have a good start and you allow him some degree of freedom, he will be ok

    they are creative and courageous, will jump into things unplanned and stay at any cost, just for the sake of curiosity or trying new things

    they do have the resilience, I don't know if you do, but if you can keep up with him it will be very rewarding relationship

    good luck

  • Hi TwistedFish, if you can ask for his birthday, check his birth chart for reference. That's more accurate if you check his signs in other planets.. šŸ˜„

    I am a Sag girl. As for a little tip. If you want a relationship with a SAG, don't forget these words:

    Fun, Challenge, and we are a sucker for Surprises!

    Good luck! šŸ˜„

  • His DOB is 12/4/72 and he was born in MI. I have looked at his chart and see a lot of Scorpio in it (that is if I did it correctly) I have never experienced a Sag so it's a different realm for me all together. I usually attract Aries for some odd reason. lol Anyhow, if you have any additional insight now that you have his DOB let me know.

    Thanks for all the insight Leoscorpion and Oliveoyl!!

  • As a Pisces who keeps dating Sag men (much to my detriment) here's my advice:

    Give him a veeeeeeeeery long leash and let him set the pace as much as possible. Beware: he may get skittish about being 'tied down' or hold you at arm's length.

    But don't let me scare you-- Sag men are also tons of fun and very creative. Oliveoyl was right on the money with her keywords! : )

    Lots of luck!

  • Bree33,

    it's funny you say that they are skittish about being tied down. i am actually the skittish one with him. he is ready to settle down and has mentioned marriage several times. He has a lot of scorpio in his chart though so that may have a little to do with it.

    Thanks for the advise. I will keep it all in mind. one thing i can say is he is a ton of fun. šŸ˜‰

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  • similiar situation myself, i used to date a sag, then we reconnected 3 years later casually he rang me asking for adrink and catch up, the next day well he didnt even bother texting me back, totally stitched me up, no word no reply. rude ****head!!! so that sad and this pisces..well im not impressed and will now ignore him IFhe asks again!

  • @TwistedFish --- I am a pisces female with an experience of a 5 years romantic relationship with a Saggi man!! Lemme put my words worth nothing too šŸ˜‰ Hmmm for some reason we appeal to them a lot initially...could be our aloof, reclusive manner to this warm, extrovert, life of the party male!!! Or maybe the sheer excitement of solving a mystery of the fish!!! Getting back to the relationship department, yes do get prepared to have an adventurous, on the go kinda life with ur sag man...most of the things are NEVER planned with an archer!!! He'd surprise you, make you laugh and cry both at the same time coz of his lack of tact and bluntness !!! This fearless male will take you places, court you warmly and at times treat you like one of his boys šŸ˜„ You will have to work on the **** part a li'l though šŸ™‚ Fish are a bit cold blooded so it may take you hours before you're at 'it' while your guy will get ready in a jiffy...Most of the times, this combo invites/produces 'scandals' (mine did too:)). We two are initially fun together but as time goes by...either the fish starts disliking saggi blunt, too honest and unplanned ways or the saggi starts despising our indecisive, wishy-washy whimsical nature!!! The most important thing I learnt from my association with the sag was 'to be organized and to follow a routine' and must I say these two have been my constant enemies till date !!! šŸ˜„ All the best with ur archer šŸ™‚

  • Forgive me for imposing myself on your thread. Love and light to you all!

    This message is for everyone who has some love to spare.

    KAY in the Psychic Forum needs our assistance, so please give her your love and wisdom now at the Wondering about the holidays thread.

    Thank you!


  • astrodame,

    my sag is all those things you have described. I have been controlled by men in the past and have gotten all upset if they were not doing exactly what I needed them to when I needed it. could be just a woman thing or a fish thing. idk. anyhow, with my sag I just decided to turn over a new leaf in general. i don't ask him what he is doing and if the thought of jealousy comes to mind I kick it out really quick. he doesn't keep tabs on me either. i think i am at a point that if he wonders i will know and i will end it. until then i am having a lot of fun and the *** is fantastic!! best I have ever had in my life! i was frigid until this man came a long so i hope i never go back to my frigid ways. lol

    do you think that because he has a lot of scorpio in his chart that he might be a much better fit for me ratgher than a 100% sag? I too have some sag and scorpio in my chart. I would realy like to know our compatibilty more on the astro side.

    if anyone does charts let me know.

    my sag = 12/4/72 born in MI

    me = 2/25/74 born in AZ

    your help is appreciated. love and light to you all!

  • All I will say is don't take everything that the Sag says to heart or that it's meant to hurt your feelings. Because of the bluntness. They may not mean it the way you take it. Fish sometimes will wear their hearts on their sleeves. Sounds ok but let him know that you need your time to when you want to go off and be in your own little world. They are such adventurers that they don't think that your not in the mood for it too. Good luck I didn't think water and fire would do as well as you all have said. So I wish the best for you.

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