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  • i dont even know where to start with this. I always come onto this site to read my horoscope just for fun but recently i have been feeling the things that the horoscope says sometimes before i even get on to read them. i have always felt different from others around but never really understanding why. when i was around 7 or 8 i was with my aunt and we rode past a hill and i could see lots of bodies laying everywhere so i told my aunt i have been here before and there was alot of death.....from that day i knew something strange was happening. i was always scared of it i always ran from what i was feeling or seeing.

    i feel the presence of people and sometimes see "things". i can feel when something is not right with people or situations. i have been the type of person that observes people and can get a feel of who they are despite who they pretend to be and that helps to determine if i want to deal with these people.

    i have been having dreams of death which also includes the end of the world. now i am afraid that im doing something wrong by being on here trying to figure out whats going on with me. i know that when i become friends wih somebody i tend to develop this passion for them to the point where i can feel what they do and i know when something is not right with them....this kind of scares me.

    lately i have been dreaming of this guy that i know and once had a crush on...for some odd reason i am starting to feel a connection to him and i keep trying to fight it but dont know how to let it go. i really just want answers to why i feel this way and i am looking for someone who can teach me because i feel alone with everything that i know and feel

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    You have a certain degree of sensitivity. Everyone was born into this world with physical and psychic ability, only the degree of sensitivity and manifestation differ from one to another. Physically e.g. some people have larger and heavier bone structure, some people can eat anything and do not gain weight as easy as others due to genetic reason. Psychic wise e.g. some people can see into the future, some people dream about the future, some people communicate with spirits, some people only feel presence and pick up emotions etc.

    There is nothing wrong with you. do not be afraid of the unknown. I have had my own share of premonitive dreams, seeing those who others can not see, connect with my spirit guide, psychic attack, you name it. There is nothing wrong with me either. These are all just lessons from the universe for us to understand, or keep note for now and keep looking for guidance.

    One way to find guidance is to nurture your psyche. I have been sent mentors, guide and more power animals by the universe. But before all these, I went just by yoga, and only lately I start meditation. I would suggest go with your belief. Are you open to other spiritual ways? if you are, then go by yoga and meditation. If you are not, then go with you religious leader and practice. or you can go with wicca or any mystic practice if it at all suits you. For yoga and meditation, many free online courses on youtube, you can start with. I go with www dot anmolmehta dot com. You can do the same or find your own.

    The psyche is your link to the universe, the source of guidance. Nurture this link and you will find your guidance. Nurturing requires time, patience and discipline. There is no speed and competition in the spirit world, only the physical. We are talking about the psyche, the spiritual, so there is no need to rush it or you will hurt yourself. Take your time and ask yourself which way is best to nurture your psyche. The universe knows us to the core. While nurturing your psyche daily, ask it for help. Be active, join any organization with spiritual cause that suits you. Read spiritual books and connect with the authors if you feel the writings have touched you somehow. The universe will see this as a sign you are ready to accept help and it will send you in time.

    Don't forget to send only positive energy, which means thoughts/ words/actions. Refrain from negativities: anger, fear, despair, worry, sadness, jealousy, intolerance etc. The universe returns us what we send out. If you fear what you see even because you don't understand it, what you fear will come back and may haunt you and then you will be even more afraid. When you start to feel negative, say This too shall pass. For it will pass, and you will resume living your life. Repeat as many times as you wish, until you feel calmer. Among the positiveness that the universe sends you, you may find exactly what you are looking for. Take care and hope for the best.

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