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  • Hi All ! I have been reading this forum for a few days now. I see you have your on problems to deal with and still have it in your harts to help others and seem to really care. I don't like putting my business out in the street. But feel hope full here with you all....After my sons death I kinda just shut down and been living in a fog for the last four years. Last week I had my wake up call, I found out my daughter has been cutting on her body. I did not wont what happen to my son happen to my daughter,So she is in the hospital.She is getting out this week but wont come home until Lynn is gone. He say hurt full things and don't seem to care about others feelings. I just tune him out and wait for him to get it out of his system But she cant,she takes it all to hart....I told him he has to move out.But he cant find a place and wonts to rent from me.I have a place that is not in good shape, he said that he would work on the place and pay rent.( What do you guys think I should do?).....I also need to start making money to support my daughter and granddaughter. The problem is that I have not been behind the wheel of a car for so lone I am afraid to get back out there.( Do you see me making money off the INTERNET and if so ,doing what and how to get started.I have .83 cents in the bank and need to start now.)....Jhon has offered to look at my car for me if Lynn moves on.But( what is he going to wont in reture?)....I really don't have a clue as to what,s around the corner And need your help.If you see anything els pleas let me know. I can handle any thing now.I am a Scorpio (11/08/68) and this is my month.

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