Am I ready?

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  • Ok- what is your sign? And are you talking about a career change?

    Are worried about not passing the exams or not like the change?

    If you answer I can look into this for you.

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  • My first impression is that you have been working towards this goal and are ready. Opening new doors to new experiences is always uncertain and a bit scary. Don't deny the work you've put into this.

  • Hi;

    your question cannot be answered in one reading. There will be a reading about your exam and another about your career.

    The answer to your first question- about the exam is the following.

    The biggest problem I see here is the fact that even though you went so far - prepared yourself for this exam for the entire year.. you are still confused.. and have doubts. That does not make sense. Most people when they study for something are determined to get it.

    Ok, the good news is that you will pass the exam, even though it will not be easy for you. The key to the success on this exam is to be passionate about it. You need to tell yourself I really want to get this and I will.

    My advice is to solve your interior conflict on this issue and please be patient. If you are to succeed in this exam you will need to start over, rethink and regroup your ideas and motives.

    Good luck!

  • HPriestess,

    I really need your advice, have you got time for a reading for me? I don't know what to think.

    Thanks Wenchie 😞

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