Woman's Holistic Healing

  • I didn't read any threads after scribe 1 and I didn't notice the date of the posts either until a few minutes ago. sorry ladies that I didn't see this wasnt a newer thread at first. It seems now after I read and noticed that I was rude and thoughless.

    You two have me interested in the stones now though! Im gonna keep on eavesdropping but I wont interrupt you!:)


    Im on the upside of down now so no worries. Ive been in therapy & on meds since a year or two before Farrah was born except when I was pregnant I left off the meds. I guess I am over invoved in all this after I learned there is more to life than coping very recently Im a little too enthusiastic! lol! Goodnight/morning Friends!


    Thank you for you help. I wish you all the happiest of holidays!!

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  • Patricia on the Native American Medicine Wheel our mineral totem is Azurite. It is usually found in malachite because it is so very soft. There are some stones you can not cleanse with salt and water. Plus you don't use tap water either. Because of the chemicals that are added to it. You may smudge them if you like with the sage you just went and bought. The may be recharged by putting them in the soil at the time of the full moon too. But I would do it in a pot of soil so you can find them easily. The book I told you about will also tell you how to cleanse in several ways. Love is in the Earth by Melody I full of information but has no pictures. Plus it will give you some additional information not found in The Crystal Bible.

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  • Dear Libra,

    Thank-You, I will e-mail you,i'm very excited to hear about my stones 🙂 thank-you for the info. on my Amethyst. I hope you have aBlessed Merry Christmas and stay warm 🙂

    peace, blessings

    love & light 🙂

  • Your welcome.

  • Sorry I haven't been on this thread in a few days. I'll email you right now and thank you so much!


  • To WWS:

    I emailed you so let me know if you didn't get it. Again many thanks and blessings and blessed be.


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