Woman's Holistic Healing

  • Dear Libra,

    Hi,Hows it going? ready for x-mas?

    I did not realize that you were into stones,

    about 3weeks ago i walk into my first new age store ever and the owner (funny her name is patricia),she is wonderful and she asked me what are you looking for? I said sage to clean myself and my home,well she pointed me to the sage and a friend that was with me was looking at all of the stones so the store owner started talkling about them with passion in her eyes,and told us to one at a time stand in front of the disply looking into the corner repeat your question over and over in your head,then close your eyes and keep asking the question and when the time feels right then open your eyes and which ever one that your eyes are fixed on ,well then that is the right stone for you a.. I"m on my 2nd stone right now,the first one just did not feel as though it was woking for me anymore.i wear it in a little pouch around my neck everyday.and i feel as though the stones really do help me.

    I would love to hear more about this.

    I hope you and yours have happy holidays. πŸ™‚


    Peace, Blessings

    Love & Light

    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • This is the first time doing a forum, but when it comes to natural healing I feel that the indians has alot to offer in todays world. Natural healing is something I am learning about.

  • Patricia your new friend at this store will be very helpful. She can direct you to the books you will need if this becomes a passion for you like it did for me. But my suggestion at this time is The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall. Did she have that book or another one to find out more about the stone you were drawn to? Tell me what the stone is if you can remember and that is very important to remember what the stone is so you can find out the healing properties. I wasn't conscious at the time I first was introduced to the stones that I have a hope chest with several stones in it. So blonde. Books are even like stones you can be draw to the one you need at the moment.

  • lightfeather you will find several people on here that can guide you. I tell people too much sometimes when we are suppose to direct you so you can read more in order to learn much more than you do when we tell you. There is a woman who goes by luv2laf who is offering information on holistic healing. Your on a thread at the moment that you can get help from. And you will probably find out more if you go to her site which is posted at the beginning of her thread here. I will catch you or you can catch me around here some place. I posted a site on the thread about abilities running in families. It is southwest indian dot com. It's the catalog for them and they have a book on herbs that I have been looking to get for a while. Money is an issue most of the time. Check it out too. And welcome I haven't met you yet.

  • WWS or Scribe 1 ,one of you may be just who could give me some information. First of all I would like to let you in on who I am and my story because I don't think I will ever find help if I am embarrassed about it and keep it to myself. Plus I feel like I have a purpose in my lessons and it is to share with others.

    I didn't intend to butt in so to speak but I guess I did, I didn't even finish reading the last few posts after Scribe 1 posted. If you want me to start a new thread for it I don't mind at all. Ive got a couple of things related to what you were talking about. Let me know before I get started with it. I feel the same on the man/woman thing though. Ive got plenty to say and ask about holistic healing, depression, mental disorders, past abuse, motherhood, seeking spiritual guidance & my true self, disability..lol. Name your topic and I will have something I'd like to know or have already learned from past experience. I am not psychic, telepathic or anything. Maybe just descent intuition on occasion.

  • fairyjaye go to WWS site and send her an e-mail if you have a question on one one of these subjects. It may take her sometime to get back to this thread as she is a very busy woman. So check out her site she will probably find you there faster.

  • Thank you so much dear friend!

  • Your very welcome.

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  • The Koala isn't a bear technically.

  • Libra,

    Hi,yes i'm very drawn to stones,and i'll check and see if she has the book at her store.she said that she has studied stones for years.yes i was thinking i need to write it down,the names and meanings of all the stones i choose.I looked on my recipt and the names are on there so i'll do my best to read the writing,here it goes----First stone that i choose, was amber baltic (i think it was topez)??? Second stone that i choose and am wearing now is,rutlated quartz. so if you can make sense of this,i love to know what you think about these 2 stones that i was drawn to.


    love & light πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  • Patricia I find that interesting you chose amber. I am very drawn to amber myself. So do you have 3 stones? Amber, topaz and rutilated quartz? Amber isn't a stone it is sap that is petrified. Did you notice that it has no weight to it?Let me know if you have 3. The amber will be anywhere from a golden light yellow to a honey or orange color. If it's topaz it might be any shade of blue. Let me know what I need to tell you about.

  • Thank you Mary so much. Im not overly afraid of bears not beyond what is sensible. Ive never considered that I might have any kind of power to be seeking so I m not afraid of that. It would be really interesting if I found that I did though! Ive read up a bit on the Koala and this is what I found.

    Adorable Koala bear resembles the teddy bear, otherwise it is not at all bear-like. Koalas originate from Australia and are marsupial mammals. Marsupials in general as totems teach the importance of mother-child bonding in earliest stage of life. At first blind and deaf, the Koala is fully dependent on its mother for the first six to twelve months of its life. If Koala bear appears consider what your relationship is to your mother (or child). Is the bond a good one, or does it need work?

    Koalas are primarily nocturnal, slumbering most of the day. It is because of its extremely low metabolism that Koala sleep 16 to 18 hours each day. As a totem, Koalas are excellent teachers of lucid dreaming and also serve as telepathic messengers.

    I just ask Hanswolfgang the other day why I wasn't a nurturer naturally... My daughter Farrah is1yr10months old born on Feb 29 leap year. Up untill she started walking last year I had a hard time connecting with her. I hate even typing these words but they are the truth so however terrible you all may think I am I guess I am. I was dissapointed in myself terribly too. Im getting better by now. Please dont get me wrong I love her more than life but I just didn't feel like she was mine which I think was due to having to give birth to her via csection. I was so excited about going into labor and rushing to the hospital and the whole birthing experience and after she was born and we left to come home I just felt as though I just went to the hospital had surgery and they sent me home with a child. Gosh this sounds horrible as I read it but its how it was. Could this be the reason for the koala? I have plenty of areas for improvement but this one seems most relevant. Now what do I do? Will Koala help me find better mothering instincts or is it just a sign that s the area I need to fix at this time? or is it my own insecurities? hmmmm. HELP!!

    Oh and when I say a pic or a flash came to me it wasn't a still pic although it was just a second or two as i recall it was more like a live video because i sensed it eating or moving slightly and it was looking at me too. Not as though it would hurt me or scare me just kind of thoughtful and aware of me.

  • That sounds like post pardom depression I think. But I think its a message of motherhood from the koala. How does that feel to you fairyjaye?

  • Patricia Baltic amber is one thing, and there is an amber color topaz and is suppose to be more rare.

  • You are right Ive always dealt with depression but motherhood is a first for me. Maybe I just need to be a better mother altogether. Thanks LibrasLair.

    I read you and Patricia talking about the stones. i have a book , The Secret Language of Birthdays, I love it. I has 2 pages for every day of the year. For Libra in general it notes the Libra Stones & Uses:

    Opal: frees up energy, enhances judgement

    Jade: helps kidney functions, bolsters courage to make compassionate decisions

    You may already know this though I thought it might interest you two.


  • Thank you fairyjaye I appreciate your information. But I have more books on stones than I have good sense. lol And you can't help post pardom depression you have to get some help. Don't lay that guilt on yourself. See someone for counseling so you don't feel the guilt. Mental illness can be treated. You don't have to feel this way. You need some peace. Light and Love

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Libra,

    Hi, i have just 2 stones,the first one is amber baltic,(this is all it says on the paper) but it's funny cause that day the owner of the store did call it Topaz, here i'll tell you what it looks like---- light as a feather,small,and the color of light honey...the other one is the rutelated quartz and it is heavy,fat and rounded in shape and is clear for the most part but if you hold it up to a light and look through it well it apears to have some littlle gold like hairs running through it in some spots in the stone.She told me that the amber one was for balance and thats what i wanted it for.and that the quartz was to block out negativity and have more clarity with the spirit world.and i was going for the block out negativity and more clarity. I think she is an empath too. i cant wait til i hear more about these two i picked,this is so much fun! stones are great! if i could i would carry one around in my hands all day,lol.but instead they are around my neck. Oh i almost forgot to tell you i also have a very beautiful amyathist,that i have had ever since i was 12 yrs.old,given to me by an uncle that served in vietnum war and was stationed at one point in hawaii and him and some others in his troop got a couple of days off and decided to go exsploring in some valcano caves and came across this purple stone,they were not sure at the time what it was but wanted some of it because it was so pretty.well years later my uncle had his piece cut into a teardrop about 3 inches long.and when i was 12 he said i want you to have this because it was ment for you,i di not know how or why but it has to be yours,always keep it close and take care of it.now i have been through a whole lot since i was 12 and some how i always managed to never loss it. i do say that right now i'm 2nd guessing something that i did a few months back, one day i sat staring at the stone and i thought that it would be nice to beable to wear it around my neck so i took it to a older gentleman in the mall that has a little store full of stones and jewelry made out of stones and i asked him if he could put a clasp of some kind on the top of it so as i could put it on a chain? well he was mezerized for a few min.'s staring at it then he said well no it is to heavy,but i could make a cage type thing around it and put a clasp on that,and i will make it out of pure silver for this one.so i agreed,and left the stone with him,well i could not stop thinking about it while i was apart from it,and the guy said that he was busy and that it could take him a week to finish.well i got a call 2 days later from a tired but very happy gentleman telling me that it was the strangest thing,he said that once i left well he could not put it down and knew that he had to work on it right away a finish it soon.when i went in to pick it up i was so happy to see it,and he said that i have something truely beautiful with this stone,i smiled.he did a wonderful job,it so nice looking,like it belongs,but now i'm wondering if it was wrong to cage it in,now not all of the stone is inclosed,its more like this pretty little thin silver thing that it sits in.i just hope that it did not hinder it in anyway.when i showed it to the lady at the new age store,she said may i hold it? i said,sure.her eyes got big and she said wow what a very powerful,beautiful stone you have and it like you? once again i smiled and said thank-you.could you please inlighten me on this too?

    o.k. i wrote a book again,lol.so i will go for now so you can read this post.


    love & light πŸ™‚

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