Will someone please do a reading on me?

  • My birth is 12/26/1968. My husband is 8/2/1974.

    I want to know what is in my near future and long term. I posted on here a couple days ago, is my husband cheating on me?. I've found out that he has been texting a woman off and on for the past 2 years. He had an affair with her 2 years ago. I want to know if, when and with who I'm going to find happiness. What is going to happen with us?

    Also, my job as an assembly worker for 9 years has caused me to have surgeries on my hands and elbows. Just now recovering from my second right elbow ulnar nerve surgery. I need to know how my future looks both physically and in my career. I graduated high school but as far as school goes that's all.

    Someone PLEASE help give me guidance.

  • Hi;

    I am very impressed with your posting.. I am very sorry for everything..

    One thing I can advise you is to take it easy. It seems to me you want everything at the same time.

    Just stop for a moment and think.. what is most important to you.

    Please prioritize for me the following:

    1. (most important)

    your relationship with your husband?

    2. your health?

    3. your career?

    With your husband being a Leo there may be good news.. because family is important to Leos.

    You being a Capricorn.. may be a bit too serious for a Leo. So try to relax a bit and enjoy life...

    I hope the best to you.

  • HPriestess

    Yes you are so right, I am very impatient when it comes to my own life. To prioritize would be exactly the way you have it.

    1. My relationship-I have put up with alot from my husband. The cheating and constant texts and calls to other women. One in particular he keeps trying to hook back up with. He says he loves me but his actions say different. I just want happiness and peace of mind. Will it be with him or someone else or maybe no one?

    2. My health-especially my arms. I am having so much trouble and the pain is unbearable most of the time.

    3. My career-my job is destroying my body. Both hands and elbows. My back and neck. I would like to have some insight on what the future holds.

  • I've been thinking about prioritizing all morning. The main area of my life I'm wanting guidance in is definately my marriage. I love this man even after everything he's done. I always feel like he will realize what a wonderful life we have together. I want to know if you see us together "happy" in the future. You can be honest with me if it's bad. Thank you so much for all you insight.

  • Hi;

    I did the reading for you regarding your marriage. Well, the news is GOOD- your marriage is Strong and your relationship is blessed. No worries there.

    Still I do see the problems that you encounter and things will not get better, before they get worse. One thing you should know is that his flirting habits will not change. This is who he is.. and unfortunately you will have to learn how to deal with it. As part of the advice- Tarot is suggesting to make yourself look younger.. Perhaps you can change your style a bit.. His love and attention after this change will make you flourish again.

    It will be a storm in your relationship in the near future and you will need to start all over again. You need to draw the line and start fresh. Make your changes and ask him to try to make his adjustments as well. Tell him this is necessary to save the marriage. He needs to know there is a problem.

    I am confident that in the end you will work out your problems.

    Good luck!

  • Namaste Van. Your health reflects what you think. Omit disease words from your vocabulary; choose to no longer speak of health in any way except for perfect health. The more we say, I have ___, the more we perpetuate the condition. Begin to notice how you speak of your self and your experience. I recommend limiting contact with chronic complainers and those who want to bit** about their conditions in the guise of sharing or being helpful.

    In about a year I was able to regenerate my health to a point where I am condition-free 90% of the time. I intend I am now 100% free. Give this a shot. Just notice for a while what you say about your strength, sleep, eating habits, water intake, well-being, drinking, how your feet feel at the end of a day, and the like. Remove those thoughts and ideas because perfect health lies behind them. You received the surgery you needed; it is behind you. Now you can let go of any lingering fear about what happened. What you are coping with now is okay. Intend that your health becomes, better and better.

    With health, the rest of your life can continue to shine in better and better ways, too. Your relationship will go where you guide it.


    in love and light,


  • Thank you both so very much. I truely am thankful for all my blessings. I have a wonderful, supportive family. I am definately going to take all the advice you both have given me and put it to good use. Thanks again for taking the time to answer me.

  • Hi HPriestess,

    Could you please give me a reading as well?

    I have a gut feeling that I may soon be involved in a legal dispute. Could you please tell what to expect regarding the persons involved,and what will be the outcome of this dispute?

    My D.OB. 04-21-73

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