Do you see colors when you meditate?

  • Wonderful, soapmaker! I can see how the meditation would open and balance each chakra as you go up the levels in the body.

    We all have such diverse and interesting experiences with the same process - thank you so much for sharing with me!

  • Hey Leo & Em.. Good morning!! Thank you for your kind words.

    I have being feeling a pull to get that balance back.....LOL. The spiritual side has been kicked into high gear for the last year. With Edgar Cayce coming to me to increase my spirituality, books I am reading and soul, pathways opening up into it is time to get back into learning more belly dancing, which is a fine art at controlling your abs and lovely movements. (the original dance for for high art entertainment, not so much sexual, like the hula, it tells a story)

    And yoga to get more flexibility and calm.

    Because I have stopped for a while in doing the physical, I use chakra healing and balancing to keep me grounded and in the "zone".

    I will be honest with is a heavy load to have these abilities. I am asked to remote view, contact victims spirits for answers, help others with what I see, cross lost souls over to the light and so on.. I really need to get back into the physical to help me energize to keep up. I am at the last stages of menopause and going through it naturally.

    I accept the abilities with all the love in my heart and soul. But with them come responsibilities as well. I live not far from the gettysburg battlefield, and when I walk on the beautiful paths, I have many soldiers come to me, some don't know they are dead, others want to talk, others have lost the way...Those soldiers need more energy and I pass some of mine to them to help them go on with the next journey

    When I am helping with a victim, I actually see and talk to them, and the amount of energy needed for that will put me to a deep sleep for a couple hours after.

    It is grey and looks like rain here...maybe that is why I am in this mood. Weather really plays a major roll.

    But it is all good. The joy I get in my heart when someone finds an answer or comfort from what I have seen, is unbelievably beautiful.

    being able to use the gifts in the best and most positive way I can, makes this journey here, incredible!

    As I am typing, one of the resident ghosts just came into the room and is watching. he is smiling!

  • soapmaker

    the gifts are given to you from the universe

    if you use them for good, you will not lose them, that's all the responsibility really

    keep doing what you are doing, you will be fine

    I am still learning from mentors, guide and power animals

    I will let them lead me to where I supposed to go and when the time comes I will be given the abilities I need

    as for now my physical life still demands attention so I have to take it all bit by bit

    we are planning to have a baby and we have 2 businesses to care for

    if we have a baby it will be my first, I want to make sure I give it all the attention it needs

    we may have to sell one business to keep another unless hubby can get help

    I really want to devote myself to spiritual path but I know it can't happen right away

    I'm really bored with the physical and material, aren't you too?

    but now I'll leave it to the universe I need to live my life the way I am instructed, that's about it

  • Hi Leo,

    Yes, I am tired and bored with the physical. I am trying to live my live more with my senses... The feel of the hot water in the shower, the scent of one of my soaps, the salty or sweet of food. The sound of music I love. Today it is Traffic and a song called Paper Sun.

    Yes the gifts are to me from the universe, but one of my guides have told me that crossing souls over and helping those in need are part of my life's journey. I love it and embrace it with all positivity. I am metamorphising again with my spirituality and taking it a notch higher, as Edgar has shown me is the next step.

    I hope you have a beautiful healthy baby soon. My only child, a son, will be 30 in a week. Our granddaughter will be 2 in February, and my daughter-in-love is expecting! Life is good!!!!

    Hugs sweetie!

  • Wow, leoscorpio and soapmaker,

    It's wonderful to hear how your connection with spirit is directing your lives in such positive ways. I also struggle with the physical/material plane at times and wonder just what it is I'm supposed to do with what I've got. There are moments of great clarity - then others of complete bafflement! But life is good and I'm patient (try to be!). : )

  • yeah Em

    it took me years to practice patience too

    I have my share of despair moments I'm really bored of mundane routines I feel like abandoning them sometimes but we can't afford helpers in the businesses yet so i have to keep going until the universe interferes


    yeah we hope so. grats on your new addition

  • Oh shucks, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!! I will take as many grandbabies as they are willing to give!!!!!

  • yes i see colors when i mediation, i allso see them all round me awake or asleep day and nite i see mant stange things

  • hello my name anna i same as you i been stugy kundalini for 13 years

  • hey kund

    I have only done kundalini for a year or so

    I did hatha for over 8 years but switch to kundalini for spiritual reason

    hatha is good but I like kundalini more when combined with zen

  • soapmaker, leoscorpion and kund,

    will you describe what you see or have seen, I'm interested in your stories! And would like to compare them to some of my experiences (to try and make sense of them). Anything you share would be greatly appreciated!


  • I have described mine on page 1

    there is no change yet up to now I'm writing this

  • yes, leoscorpion, I loved reading about your mystical experience! Thank you.

  • Hi Em,

    It depends on what intentions I have when I meditate. When I meditate to just quiet the mind and stay in it to reach deeper inside, I see the green ethereal light and usually a pathway that a guide, sometimes Edgar Cayce, will lead me up. Sometimes it is the hall of Akasha Records, other times it is many rooms until the final room where I can see down at the earth.

    Other times when I meditate for psychic reasons, their are waves of light that come across and then faces start to form and then movie like images.

    When I remote view, I also do a quick meditation and concentrate on where the event was and then the movie begins to play and I learn from that.

    Brightest blessings to you

  • eerrr Kund, hello? what's your story?

    I'm curious little cat 🙂

  • Thank you soapmaker for sharing your process too.

    I've had psychic dreams all of my life - some of which have come true, and thankfully some have not (before Bush was elected in 2000, I dreamed that if he was, there would be a world-wide nuclear war - the first strike would be 'deep in the heart of Texas' - I'm in Dallas, so I was very worried over the last 8 years as my dream seemed to come nearer and nearer to fruition! Needless to say, not a Bush supporter and never was - I'm sure he did the best he could with what he had to work him the benefit of the doubt - not here to bash anyone.)

    Then from 2002 on, I have had a series of events that I can only call visions - some were dreams, some were like holograms that played out in front of me like a movie in 3-D - others were just like someone was speaking to me....and I've spent the last 7 years doing research about what the f***k I was seeing....wondering if I'd lost my mind or was having delusions or possibly a brain tumor.

    I can't tell you what a relief it is to talk with others who have had these unusual experiences as well. I thank you so much for sharing your own experiences with me.

  • After I posted my last comment, I'm shaking like a leaf - I've only tried to talk to one other person about all of this, and needless to say, I wasn't believed (eye-rolling and sarcasm was involved!)

    I never realized how vulnerable I felt about all of this, nor how important it was for me not to be laughed at.

    Blessings and thanks.

  • Emeraux

    I did have premonitic dreams and visions but they were not of that scale. just family or co workers or close friends. They were not clear so I only knew what they meant after they happened. the clearest visions came around my father's death. as if his death marked an opening pathway to the spirit world and that our close bond had made this possible. at this time I knew nothing about yoga or meditation.

    I was in my room, but the air somehow was sucked out (as if it can happen) and I was half suffocating. I tried to reach the door but halfway there I had to stop because I couldn't breath. The door was just 2 feet away. I turned around and felt the room was crowded by spirits. at the time I couldn't see them, but I was surrounded. the bond I had with my father had allowed me to be where he was at the time, the spirit world. I looked for my father, hoping that he could help me get some air. but the one spirit that I could see clearest and closest was a man. very tall 7 ft at least, short curly dark hair. his face wasn't clear but I fell at his feet, gasping for air. He was my father's spirit, only at the time I only knew my father physically I didn't know anything about spirit and that they can take any form they like in the physical world. And as soon as it started, it ended. The air returned to the room and I could breath again. There were other experiences, but this was the most interesting one.

    I first learned yoga because I don't like other sports in general. I took Hatha class, mostly for breathing and energizing. I practiced it for probably 7+ years, not routine I was lazy. I was still looking for answers to the dreams which by then was mostly night mares or weird or still about family and co workers. Not many visions, just dreams. 3 years ago I was sent a mentor. She referred me to someone who can read my past life, and so I got my readings and got a chance to speak to my father's spirit. If anything, the readings and the communication brought clarity. The reader relayed me a message, not from my father, but from the spirits. I am told that in this life time I am given tools to serve my purpose. I had no idea what my purpose is and I was told I will know. Hence I waited and kept communication with my mentor.

    This year the universe sent me the answers of my questions and more. first I was sent more mentors that showed me the path I have to take, what exercise to do. but in order to take this path, I have to be free from past influences and lingering blockages. So I was sent to a healer that freed me of all these. The universe then gave me more gifts. more power animals and a spirit guide. During this time I stopped doing hatha, I started Kundalini yoga and zen. and it was during yoga that I met my guide. she pulled me to her time, her home. I continued doing yoga physically since I thought this was just visions. but when she returned with me to my life time and was at my home sitting beside me, I knew she was meant to be with me. I was afraid and avoided her. but my mentor said to talk to her and so I did. It's been a few months now and my understanding of the universe has developed rapidly. But more than that, I am born again and ready to go where I should go. the path I am taking has something to do with my past life, one of them. therefore the guide I am sent was the same one that guided me in the past, but I had strayed in that life time so this time I am not to stray off again. For once, I only see clarity, no more questions, no more unexplainable dreams. when my power animals or guide speak to me, it is as clear as the words typed. sometimes I wake up with it. they only share me things I need to know, necessary to share with others or important for my own growth. any silly questions I ask, they will not answer.

    I spend as much time as I can with my guide. sometimes when I do yoga, she will take my spirit for a walk in nature with my power animal. my spirit has her own favorite places, sometimes she goes there and they will be watching. one of my mentors, is a transparent being I have yet to make her tell me her name 🙂 but her world is like a void. nothing but transparent beings like her. one day I will know more about this world. Lately I have been seeing a very beautiful snake. so beautiful, if you are afraid of snake, you won't be afraid of this one and you will be awed by its beauty. her skin is like velvet/ silk. sparkles of diamond and gold. a Cobra, standing 5 ft tall so she must 8ft long at least. I saw her a couple of times now, both meditating and yoga. one Cobra's quality is as soul guide, a bit different from other snakes. I'm humbled by all these gifts and guidance from the universe. I am nothing but a servant to the universe. I am not the brightest student of anything and yet the universe has supported me in many areas of my life including financially while I have no income for 3 years now. I left my original religion in order to prepare myself to take the spiritual path.

    Nobody is unusual, smaller, lower, weaker than anybody else. We are all equal in the universe eyes. Many of us have to learn to treat others equally. All we are is from and for the universe. The time will come that we will see the world beyond and understand. The universe is vast and abundant. We come from it and will return to it. What we have to do, is serve our purpose in each life time. Share what we need to share for it will bring others to the same level of awareness. I am not ashamed being a servant to the universe, no mere name calling will take me away from my purpose.

    It's nice to know gifted people in this forum. I hope you nurture your gifts and use it for the good of all, since it is the reason you have them in the beginning. We all have psyche and physical abilities, only they don't manifest the same way. Some are empaths, some paranormal, some sees things though dreams, etc. I am still trying to develop mine. It's hard to do this and live the material world at the same time, but it has to be done after all living life in balance is a lesson on its own. bye now and take care. I type too much tonight. hope it's not a bore for you.

  • still curious about kund's experience lol

  • I see colors quite often, they sometimes correspond to chakra but not always. I find the colors tend to calm me in some way. I generally don't focus on them as any kind of goal or experience, they come and go.

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