Do you see colors when you meditate?

  • Just wondering if anyone else sees colors when they meditate. I've been meditating for many years and sometimes see the most amazing things in my mind's eye - including colors. I know these experiences are typical in people who meditate consistently, but I've never talked to anyone else personally who has experienced this. I'd love to hear about your experience if you'd like to share. You can be as vague or specific as you wish, but don't feel the need to disclose that which you feel is for you only. Looking forward to any responses. 🙂

  • I don't do much meditation I do a lot of yoga. Let's say in a week I have 4 days of yoga and 2 for Zen. Sunday would be for going out and work around the house.

    When meditating I usually go to my favourite place in my past life, I mean not physically. I didn't mean it to go there, since all I want is to have conversation with my spirit. but she apparently loves this place so much she would go there as soon as I close my eyes. I knew it was a place in my past life, because I've never been there before and this place was shown to me some years ago when I had quite a few of my past lives read. So I didn't see just colors, but a place.

    When I do yoga, however, I always see people. Not like ghost, and not solid like people. They are nonetheless there and always stare at me, as if they are making introduction that way. The ones that make eye contact, I draw them in my diary, as soon as I finish yoga. It was also during yoga when I met my spirit guide again. She was my guide in one of my past lives, only I strayed off the path somehow and lost contact with her at the time. But I've been making every effort to walk in the spiritual path for many years in this life time, and so she agreed to be my guide again. She kind of pulled me to the place where we used to be together, so it was quite a bit of a journey. I continued doing yoga all through this, since I didn't expect more than just seeing people, never thought it was her at all. But then we returned together, to my home, and she stayed there until I finished yoga, which is about an hour or so. I knew then, that she was not one of these 'people' I saw. I was freaked out at first, but yeah this was around October so I'm getting used to her now.

    I guess different people would have different experience. It would be interesting to know what others experience are like.

  • Wonderful! Thank you for posting. I find this fascinating as well. It's great to know that there are others who have similar experiences to mine. I've never talked about any of this with my immediate family - except a little bit with my mother who has experienced psychic dreams, but she's now in her 80's and it seems to worry her when I bring things like this up, so I limit what I say. I tried talking to one of my cousins whom I'm close to a few months ago about some of this, and she got real quiet and told me '....well, you've always been...special'. I haven't heard from her since.

    It's such a relief to know that these experiences are normal for others too.

  • emereaux 🙂

    at least she calls you special. I was called a lot of things 🙂 and lost friends

    that's fine though, I leave it to the universe and only keep myself to positivity

  • I too leave those things to the universe and smile 🙂

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  • I don't see colors. I see a place. sometimes in nature, sometimes not earth I don't even know where. wherever my spirit likes to spend her time in. sometimes I go to where my spirit guide is, either her time or she will take my hand and show me around. my power animals, one of them, sometimes follow us. I really enjoy these experiences. Once I saw a transparent being, female I think, very friendly. She is one of my mentors, but not living in the physical world. I'm going to visit her again next time. but all these happened not only during yoga/meditation, sometimes I am just doing mundane things. I love it though, the physical world sure is nothing as amazing as these places. but well my body will be here only for a short period so it;s no biggie. I'll do what I have to do, that's about it.

  • When I meditate, usually I see purple light that moves around - almost like a strobe, but calmer - like it's slowly circling, and throwing off different shades of purple - some very bright, some more subdued shades. Sometimes there are other colors interspersed - like a dark gold, or bright white. Purple is usually the first color I see, and I see that within moments of closing my eyes when I start to meditate - sometimes, it goes away, sometimes not.

    I've seen many different colors, and when I do, I try and concentrate on the chakra the color correlates to. They seem to come unbidden, and they are beautiful! Sometimes I also see elaborate patterns that are also moving, evolving into something else - but I am usually pretty deep when that happens. Then there are other times that what I see is in black and white (shades of gray) - sometimes the images make sense, other times, it's very surreal.

    Thanks to you both, leoscorpion and soapmaker for sharing your experiences! I find it fascinating!

  • isn't purple color of crown chakra?

    I could be wrong

    and you are welcome

    so do you open your chakra and close it regularly? does it mean every day or you will open it today and close it tomorrow? I was told how to do it but not sure about the timing.

    how do you do it, emeraux? I do zen meditation, not sure if that helps with the procedure about opening./closing or should I do another type?

  • Crown chakra can also be white...May I ask if you have ever done Kundalini? It is wonderful and powerful

  • Did you see the post where I shared a meditation I learned in yoga to incorporate all the chakra colors in a beauitful bending trail up the mountain?

  • yes I have been doing kundalini

    but meditation wise i choose Zen, it is ok but not sure about chakra opening wise

    so i haven't done much about chakra

    and yes I remember it can be purple/white for crown

    what is the name of the discussion?

  • I think I have to start a different meditation

    something that goes well with chakra opening/closing

    if anyone has a suggestion let me know

    yoga wise I am good. I met my spirit guide while doing yoga so I take it I am doing the right one

  • Yes, purple is the color for the crown chakra, but it can also show as white (silver) or gold.

    My experience with this may be different than others. I never set out to do a specific kind of meditation or open or close a chakra. These were just things I always saw when I closed my eyes and relaxed. I only became aware of what I was seeing - and what the possible meaning was in recent years - with the advent of websites like this, where you can educate yourself and understand.

    I now understand more about chakras and balancing them as a way to higher wisdom (Kundalini), and realized I was doing this all along. So I trust that my higher wisdom is charting my course, rather than try to get a certain result (or vision) by trying to control any of it by force or by repeating a mantra I'm not familiar with. And whatever needs to be opened will be, whatever needs to be closed will be as well. Just like my heart beats and my lungs breathe according to the needs of my body - so this force operates as well.

    That being said, my method of meditation is simple. I surround myself with white light, then I think of my mind as a ball going through a hoop (think Saturn). When it's balanced (i.e., no thoughts), it sits in the middle. Thoughts are when it bounces against the hoop causing it to rickoshay all over the place. Allow your mind to sit in the middle - don't engage in the thoughts as they come to mind, let them go around or through you. Just sit with your eyes closed and exist in the nothingness. You'll know when you're supposed to pay attention to what comes up, and there will be no doubt in your mind about the colors you see - they are bright and intense.

    Yes soapmaker, I have seen posts about the rainbow trail before, sorry, I don't remember if it was your post or another! Will you share that meditation again?

  • Hi Em,

    Here you go:

    There is a meditation I learned in a yoga class that I love. When you quiet your mind, imagine standing at the foothills of a mountaion with a smooth pathway that winds up the mountain. The air is warm and the breezes feel good on your skin. As you go around the first bend, you see a garden of all red flowers and fruit. Visualize that and taste the apples and cherries, see the red roses and smell them. When ready begin walking upwards to the next bend. This garden is full of orange flowers and fruit. You can smell and taste the oranges, see orange zinnias swaying in the breeze. When ready move again forward and the next garden around the bend has all yellow flowers and fruit. You can smell and taste the lemons, the sunflowers are tall and gracefull, the marigolds are in full bloom. When ready, continue your journey and the next bend you see a garden with all cool green plants. There is a lime tree and you can smell and taste it. There is mint and the scent fills the air. There are lush green ferns. When ready, continue upwards, the next garden around the bend is all sky blue. There are sky blue morning glories filling the yard and as you visualize each color, breath them in. Continue upwards around the next bend is an indigo garden, with blueberries and blue irises and blue pansies. Visualize all colors going in the order I am giving. Continue, around the next bend and getting close to the top of the mountain, you feel the gentle breezes and see a garden all in purple. There are concord grapes that you can smell and taste, purple pansies line the fence, purple morning glories are climbing up the fence. When ready you go a little farther and you see a lovely round stone gazebo. Go inside. There is a white soft light that is coming from the opening at the top in the center. Fell the white light coming into the top of your head and let it flow through your body. Leave the mountain when you are ready.

    What this does is help to realign the chakras in a beauiful way and increases there

  • emeraux

    this makes sense. to let it go naturally.

    I will try that. I haven't done much meditation for it is with yoga that I feel more result.

    but I might have been too concerned about opening chakra all this time

    I just found out that among the kundalini poses I actually already have poses for chakra

    so in a way I don't have to add more

    and when I do meditation I will just go with Zen that as you just said, nothingness

    this is very true, yoga itself will balance the chakra so I really don't need to do a special meditation for it

  • Thanks for sharing ladies. I also do chakra aligning different. It is that this meditation is so beautiful and peaceful and full of color!

    Hugs and blessings

  • This post is deleted!

  • Em & Leo you ladies are very advanced at yoga!!!I am sorry to say, have fallen by the wayside and will start again! Youhave inspired me!

    Light & Blessings

  • soapmaker

    what's to be sorry for? LOL you have your share of gifts you have been using to help people

    spiritual exercise is something we can always return to when we have time

    I am not expert in anything. the knowledge comes from the universe

    take care now and thanks for sharing your gifts

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