Please read me.

  • I feel like I am at a crossroads in my life and that there is a big change for me in the future. I usually have very good intuition but I feel blocked right now and sometimes I feel like I am in danger. My relationship with my children’s father is very shaky. Do you see this improving? Do you see this relationship continuing? Also financially, I am constantly struggling to make end meets. Do any changes in the future for my financial situation? My other question involves a dead loved one. I sometimes feel like someone is with me. Can you tell me anything about this? Myy birthday is 06/01/1971 and my initials are MLC.

  • I see two people each at the end of a rope, pulling a tug of war. Your relationship is like this and will continue--sometimes he gains some sometimes you do--sometimes you call a truce and rest and be nice and then it starts all over again. He is insecure and hides it by coming off macho. Just when you seem to be making a positive leap he plays cat and mouse--when you gain personal power it scares the hell out of him. He knows anger and fear drains your energy. You know this yet you still struggle staying centered until the storm passes. In reality he is no match for you when you are "yourself". Right now you feel blocked because the well has run dry. You are physicaly, mentaly and spiritualy drained. This causes you to feel very isolated and when you feel isolated it invites anxieties and fearfulness. You have had these ups and downs all your life. Receintly you had a break through regarding finding more balance in your life. Someone or maybe a book had you questioning your everyday habits including diet excercise and meditation. You felt energized for awhile then got stressed out. Remember, this is not failure--it's a journey.You are watched over by many spirits and have always heard inner voices and generaly seem to have good intuition.. I see a young man in particular around you right now--he is the influance that trys to make you lighten up when you need too. There is a vey nurturing older woman who holds you close when you are crying. I feel you are very guided--intuitive and capable of seeing clearly what you need to do when you are your strongest self and the well has been filled. You need rest and nurture right now. Whatever gives you joy you need to take time for it soon as possible. Smell the roses. Listen to your favorite music. Take a walk in nature. This is a crossroad in a sense that once again you are challanged to change the script--how you react to stress coming from all directions--you have the knowlledge to change the patterns that in the past kept you from reaching full potential--stay strong. Don't be afraid of your own energy--it is safe to feel good. When you are empowered everything else falls into place.

  • Thank you Blmoon. The analogy with the tug of war is exactly how I see our relationship. It gives me confort to know that there is an older woman who holds me close. I think this is my grandmother and I miss her so much. Thank you for the insight. You are very gifted.

  • I'm happy your message hit home and you are blessed to have the guidance that was so ready to speak up for you--I usually don't add anything more once I've tapped in and finished but I have an imagine that begs to be heard. The tug of war thing, the image that will help you most this leg of your journey is not the pull and tug but what happens when despite your strength to hold your own, picture what happens when outside voices that echo your own insecurities cause you to weaken and crumble to your knees where your mate then ties you up with that rope--then you are trapped! This trapped feeling has haunted you all your life. The moment you feel trapped by people or events including financial it is a warning light that means you are losing personal power. You have issues with helplessness. You question yourself. The nurturing female who you miss represents the energy you so need--she was unconditionaly loving and now that she passed it is time for you to manifest that energy in yourself for yourself. She was very forgiving and guides you to be kinder to yourself. She says sometimes it's the little things we do for ourselves that sends the message to the univese that we deserve all the love and prosperity out there to claim as ours. You tend to be afraid of being "selfish". The young man guides you to lighten up--not to let yourself spiral into a dark doom of doubt. Most of all don't take the everyday bumps and storms so much to heart--repeat to yourself--THIS TOO WILL PASS--and move on.

  • Thank you again Blmoon for the added insight. You have been very accurate with you reading for me. Now that you mention it, my mate does use my insecurities against me especially when we are in a power struggle. I have been wanting to break free of this relationship with him for several months but we have two small children (plus another one on the way) and he uses them to keep me involved. Presently, not having my children with me is my biggest insecurity. I have felt the need to give him “another chance” because of our family. You have helped me more than you know with your wisdom and I am very appreciative of your kindness. Just last night, I thought of your words "this too shall pass" and I felt a sense of empowerment and peace.

  • Hi Chelly -

    I feel as if I can help you, too. I've recently broken free from a relationship in which his insecurities drained my energy as well. It's funny, Blmoon's reading could have easily been for me on a few levels. We have a small child together and he uses the child to keep us connected, even though I am fighting for my life to be free from his emotional entanglements. We have not lived together for a year and he always finds a "reason" to call me when I am traveling for business or pleasure. I have come a long way from separating myself from him and know where you are in your journey - afterall, I was there several months ago!

    Not having my son with me used to be my biggest insecurity, but I have used that time to work on loving myself and building up my strength. While we can't always see the ways people manipulate us, we can try to keep our eyes open. I struggle with my financial resources as well, but I recently decided that it is the little things we do for ourselves that sends the message to the universe we deserve love and prosperity. You don't have to spend a lot of money on this, either. Start with something easy and inexpensive - like fixing a fancy meal for yourself one night when your children aren't home (I love food so that worked for me!). If you enjoy your home or garden, buy yourself a plant you've always wanted or something similar. Once you do this for yourself a few times, you really start to feel the love you have given yourself, and it's nurturing!

    It's wonderful your grandmother is there to guide you through this. My father was there for me in the same way. And when you make decisions that are followed by a sense of peace, you are making those decisions based on what is truly best for you. Don't let fear be your anchor because that weight is just as unbearable.

    I love that you have a younger gentleman to help lighten the mood. I am surrounded by Sagittarean energy at the moment and I'm hoping it's for the same energy. One is a younger man as well, but not much is going on there. ... LOL

    This IS a process and everyday should be a reminder to you of all the gifts you have to give and receive. Be open to the possibilities and keep your heart open, but protect your spiritual self at the same time (I know this is MUCH easier said than done) and protect your children. Keep telling yourself you are protected and you will eventually feel it.


  • Your guiding spirits are a pesistant bunch--another message! Staying with your mate is the right choice as until you rise above the issues he is bringing to light--you WILL only repeat the same tug of war with a new man--no matter how different a better man will seem. You must heal yourself within this relationship and if he loves you enough he will follow and heal as well. Lastly, the young man watching over you now has yet to be born and when he comes into your life he will continue to help you through this life time as you have been together in many lifetimes. Not sure if he comes as a child--grandchild or other but you too will have a special bond in that he will be a constant reminder of your soul's purpose.



  • Blmoom could you do a reading for Bd 12-03049 his 7-26-46. we mess well together, what do you see for us in future. He ended the relationship saying that he love me with all his heart, but feel he is unable to satisfy me, not sure in what way he mean he seem to hold on to his feelings and so do I, I'm more open in expressing than he is. I ask for his attention and it seem to have made him angry, I don't think he was completly honest with me. I love him dearly. I want to call him but he seems so angry and I don't want to argue with him and get drawn in to his anger being that I''m a Sag that will be explosive. your insight is greatly appreciated.

  • Valerie,

    Thank you for reminding me to keep a positive attitude through all this. I tend to be pretty optimistic but in the past 2 years my optimism has faded. I especially like that you mentioned that you use the time away from your child to focus on yourself. I need to remember to look for the bright side. I know that negative only brings negative but I need to put that into practice.


  • Blmoon,

    I guess my guides are persistent ! Since your first posting I had been racking my brain trying to figure out who the young boy was that was guiding me. I couldn’t place anyone that it could be. You directly answered my question without me even asking. I see now that it is someone who I haven’t met yet in this lifetime. I guess he thought it was important for me to know this and I am thankful to you for passing along the information. As well, you answered another question that has been bothering me…if I should stay in this relationship. I sometimes feel like this struggle is not worth the frustration and pain. Many thanks for all you have offered me.

  • Blmoon,

    I wanted to take a few minutes to thank you again for all your insight. The words you told me to resite have helped tremendously when my Fiancé and I argue. I just repeat “this too shall pass” and think that the situation is temporary. This helps me not to respond to him. Now I see more clearly that he uses my anger against me and any response from me just gives him more power over me. You have been a tremendous help and already I feel a little better about this situation.


  • Blmoon,

    I don't know if you are still particpating in the forums. I feel a special connection to my newborn daughter unlike any bonding that I have with either my oldest child or my middle daughter. I'm not sure why this is so. Do you have any insights about our relationship? I am still trying to stay strong.


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