NEW! Avatars are Fixed!

  • Good news! Our clever programmers have discovered the avatar bug and squashed it flat!

    Oh ... what's that? Ah, I see.

    I'm being asked to report that the bug was captured using a no-harm trap and released out into the wilds of its natural habitats. Good karma and all that.

    At any rate, you can now update your avatar! Click on the "Edit Avatar" link under your forum settings page (which can be reached by clicking the " + My Forum Settings" button at the top of this page). You can use one of our pre-programmed avatars for your sign, or you can create and upload your own.

    Have fun, everyone!

  • This was the only place I coud find to write my "Thanks" letter. I am always thankful for what my life has brought to me, even the troubling times, because all events belong to me and fit. There is always some one else in worse situations to be able to help when I can. But at my help level I have found and use it every day. I have been granted a free horoscope for about ten years now, it's always right on, helpful thoughtful guidence, I start my day with and I am thenkful for your service.

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