I really wish to get a reading on financial circumstances

  • I really wish to get a reading on financial circumstances. My wife and i are having a nice hotel for nearly 25 years now. We had our ups and downs, but the latest seven years we came into one after another trouble, like some lesson had to be learned. Its just recently that i have a strong sense things are about to change in a more positive, more sudden way. I hope one of you would like to give me a reading advice!

    Thanks for helping me out!

  • Have you cleaned the energy field in the hotel. Use prayers incense, bring in lots of good strong love, do feng shui ( clean out all old brings in new) dont leave clutter.

    Happisness and love and cleanliness attracks others to your hotel.

    I feel you need to find a new way to market your hotel. Make it unique in someway, I dont know where you are but maybe a nice peaceful retreat maybe put up a blog about things, get involved in the community you are in I think it will get better but you have to believe and be happy and kind dont be sad and disappointed, Ask God for love and protection and financial help. Be sure you are keeping proper track of your money but be generous in charitable things and to others. Make people WANT to come BACK and to want to refer other so to come.

  • Thanks for the comment Silvermoongemini! Just a week ago i bought sage of good quality to do a cleansing of the hotel.))..so tomorrow i will give it a start, and then follow it up with a good incense spread. Its a beautifull old hotel (1863), and a lot of guests have stayed since the beginning. The first 14 years of our bussiness were perfect, but the last 7 years everything seems to end bad on strange terms (guests suddenly stay away because suddenly things go broke, or they only see a tiny dustspot,etc..)..its like at first guests just saw the positive of all and the last 7 years they only see the minor bad things. Long time we had no feeling how to turn it around, but you mentioned things like the cleansing we already thought about it ourselves. Thanks))....

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