Need regulate psychic input

  • I am psychic/intutive and recently find myself at a new level...I feel boundaryless and

    where everything and everyone is speaking directly to me...

    It is not a medical/psychological is more along the lines of simply not knowing

    how to establish boundaries when I need is not scarey or anything, it is just that

    I a watching all this happen and not sure how to contain the energy or even if I should. I am sure someone here knows what I am talking about better than I can put it into words..any input would be great, expecially if you can tell me your own experience and how your worked with this very thing.

  • Hi there inwonder,

    Your gifts sound amazing and I can imagine how you need to set boundaries and learn to control it in a sense.

    Can I suggest that you go to the "Circle of Gold" thread, this is a prayer group collectively shining light out to the world, perhaps you would like to join. Ahliyah facilitates this, she is a very gifted and spiritual woman. You can read about her on the thread, ask her your questions and I believe her email contact details are also there, you can email as well.

    Good luck with it all, you have so much to offer.


    Wenchie :-))

  • Namaste Inwonder. Do you feel a kind of deep vulnerability? Is this what you are trying to describe, a newborn kind of feeling? Where you don't feel raw, per se, but incredibly open or exposed in a way you haven't experienced before?

    Let me know if this is what you are describing. I'm glad to help.



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