Please Read Me.

  • I've long awaited to find answers that I've been searching for.

    I need a psychic to help.

    My mother passed away three years ago and I need to know why she did.

    It was sudden, and I need answers to help me close the wound.

    Please help.

    Attached will be a picture of her, and a picture of myself.

  • I am not a psychic but I do get accurate impressions sometimes. Do you know if she was being harassed by a man? When I look at the photo of her that's the first thing that popped into my head.

  • No, she was actually in a relationship with a woman (3 years). She was only 36 when she died. I just can't seem to find any sort of closure without knowing something about what happend.

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  • Okay, have some impressions but I am a bit hesitant about putting them out there. Before I do, I would like to stress that these impressions are simply that: IMPRESSIONS. I may not be right, but ... well, here goes:

    And by the way, you have LibrasLair to thank for me butting in here as she let me know you had a very important question that she thought I could help you with. I sure hope I can be of help.

    From the photo of your mother I noticed a slight turn in her left eye and that eye appears to be darker than the right. Could be lighting, but I don't think so.

    Following on from that, this is what I received about her death:

    It was accidental.

    She was driving home late at night which I don't feel she liked doing, and did it only when it couldn't be avoided.

    She blacked out and hit her head on the steering wheel. This was a momentary thing and she was able to come to and get herself home without any further incidents. She was a bit shaky on arriving home and went straight to bed. She did not wake up. I get that she suffered some sort of hemorrhage or aneurism which resulted from the blow she received from the steering wheel, but also, whatever caused the turn in the the left eye had some further contribution to this, in other words, there was some sort of added sensitivity to blunt force trauma, like something wasn't connected right within her head leading from the eye. Things are a bit mixed and as you might gather from this, I am not 100% sure enough of what I'm seeing here to say for absolute certainty this is what took her life.

    I don't get that she actually lived with this woman she was involved with, but if she did or didn't, they spent little time together due to work shifts. One of them was a nurse I think, but I don't get that it was your mother. Her partner is the one who found her, is that right? But not until the afternoon or late morning of the next day. I also don't get that there was much evidence to show what had happened to her, ie, there was no bruising on her head and no other indication which would make it obvious what caused her death. The Coroner's report was reasonably inconclusive, is that also correct? But I do see the word "accidental", whether that was on the report, though I get the feeling that the report stated "natural causes". The cause would've been very hard to spot I feel, and this could be why there was no real ruling as to what caused her death apart from natural causes. Also there was no obvious reason or motive for her death to be ruled as foul play.

    I can only hope that this of some help to you, but to be honest, I'd feel better in myself if you took this to another psychic or medium, and see if you can either get validation for what I've said, or not. A medium may be the best choice as I feel you're ready to know what the cause was now, though in the past you may not have been able to accept hearing it. A medium may be able to make contact with your mother and you will be able to hear from her what took her from you.

    Psychics, mediums, clairvoyants, etc, don't always get it right either my friend. But I feel that a medium would be your best choice here. I simply do not want to say that I am correct to a fault as I may not be and validation from a connection between a reputable medium and your mother would be the next best thing to actually asking her face to face.

    If anything I have said here has upset you further, may I extend my apologies? I would also like to extend my sympathies also for such a tragic and unexpected loss. At such a young age, both of you, to be separated from each other. She was a beautiful woman and so are you. She is around you always and I feel you know this as you can smell a floral sort of scent that is a signature of a particular perfume she always wore. She is pouring her strength into you, and wants you to go on in life and be as happy as you can be. I see her tapping her foot with impatience though: is that because you are "dragging the chain" in respect to having children? She sees you as a wonderful mother and is of the view that you are better to become one sooner rather than later. Unless of course, you've heard this and done something about it, in which case ignore this bit of ranting!!

    I feel you have been having dreams, particularly this year, which may be of help in identifying the cause of your mother's demise, however you are a bit new at this and haven't trusted what you've seen in these dreams. I hope you've written them down, but if not, please jot any down that you have from hereonin. She talks to you in these dreams too, but not always in a way you can clearly understand. All will become clear quite soon though, so be patient. She will sometimes give you ideas about other aspects of your life, just like she did when she was alive. Listen to what she says, again, like you did when she was alive. She will always be a great influence on you and you will never lose her presence.

    I hope this has been of some comfort and help to you. I would appreciate your feedback, but cannot stress enough the importance of you gaining some sort of validation from a medium rather than relying on what I have said here.

    It's not that I don't trust what I get, it's just that this is a highly sensitive matter and I don't want to glibly say that I'm right about something this major. I hope you can understand that!

    BLESSINGS TO YOU. And keep strong and happy. This is what your mother wants for you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

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  • cris 1962 , good job. i felt aneurysm when i saw it but i didnt know if thats life experience talking or vibes. im new to all this.

  • Thanks Karma and earthwindandfire. It's good to hear you received the same impression as me. This worried me greatly for the reasons I gave above, and I would truly hate it if what I've said here upsets bdunn too much. Just hope we've all managed to bring her some comfort with both our bumps 'n' comments ... 🙂

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  • Wow.... Cris1962.

    It made me tear up.. In a good way. Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this for me.. The coronors report acutally did say something about aneursym. She did have blunt force trama to her head. Her partner and her actually were 'on break', I guess you would say. And was not living with her at the time. The only dream I

  • Wow.... Cris1962.

    It made me tear up.. In a good way. Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this for me.. The coronors report acutally did say something about aneursym. She did have blunt force trama to her head. Her partner and her actually were 'on break', I guess you would say. And was not living with her at the time. She was found in her bathroom at around 1pm. And had been there for a couple of hours. They said it was everything, First suicide, then foul play... In the end they decided on natural causes. The only dream I can recall or remember was about two years ago. She looked very healthy in the dream. She was glowing and smiling. She didn't speak. But I gathered that she was happy. Which gave me some sort of relief. I didn't live with her, she was a couple hours away from where I lived. So I didn't see her as often as I could. I came home one day and my father told me she had died.. It was all the sudden. Shock.

    For you (Cris) to say this makes me feel alot better.

    Dont worry, You didn't upset me! If anything you made me happy!

    Thank you so much.

    And Libraslair, Thank you.

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