How do you seduce a Virgo man?

  • hi Jen, nice 2 hear from u & glad u found a new ways of dealing with ur Virgo. u r 100% right - its a 100% game with Virgos, may be because they were too serious when they were young/children and didnt play enough when everybody did, so now, when they are in their 40s-50s - they need it 🙂

    I noticed 2, as soon as I feel I give much more than receive I lose my patience & start saying everything straight-forward and bold and if before it would make him crazy, now he reacts pretty cool & start showing some affection. I think what we all like abt Virgos is that their analytic mind put everything in place at the end and even if they lose their temper in the beginning and sometimes act as they are insane after a day or two they see everything clear,ask forgiveness if needed and open up.

    I think for us it was to the better to go through the extreme situations and see what we are capable of. Especially for my Virgo, he saw that I could put him in a big trouble for what he did but I didnt so I think this makes him more secure (not paranoiac abt me setting him up :)) and also very embarrassed for his actions. He promised never do it again & life ll show if its gonna be true. Right now we are in a pause, due to some circumstances we are in different countries and probably wont see each other for a few months, but I think Virgo or no Virgo, if something is meant to be no matter how far you go physically or emotionally from each other you will be together at the end and if it was just "obfuscation" - it will disappear with the time and everyone finds his/her real happiness.

  • ah yes, the main thing - the answer to your question: anything is worth if its developing and improving. I do see good developments in him, me and our relationship. The main thing that attracts us to each other that we often think in a similar way and would act or say just the same thing at the same time but also we have a lot of things to learn from each other so may be similar faults (like stubbornness) will develop into virtues (readiness to compromise & forgive). I wouldnt be able to live with someone who doesnt wanna hear my opinion or doesnt give me right to express myself and when I felt like this in the beginning that just made me wanna run! but with the time I understand him more and I know that if I really want my message to reach his ears and heart I should say it in the right moment and I dont need to wait for it more than a day or few hours now.

    I had lots of cultural and s.e.x.u.a.l problems with one of my Xs in the beginning but he turned out to be such a quick learner that he became the best in these things. We all need time to get used to each other to understand each other better. When the relationship is stuck on something and you try everything possible to move it from the dead point/end and its still doesnt work & turns out to be destructive for both (or one - is enough) then its time to leave it and move on.

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