Reading request

  • This is my first time asking for a reading, I don't mind who does it I would just like some answers.

    My question is a pretty cliché.

    I've been best mates with this guy for over 3yrs, and for the past yr I've felt strongly about him. Recently I admitted my feelings and we started dating but he left me saying that he thinks we're better as friends. Usually that would be that, but I just can't seem to let it go. I've always had a very strong connection with him, and always wanted to be with him, even while dating other guys. Can anyone see if we have a future together, or his feelings towards me. I would just love to have some clearence.

  • Tikirose, you are being guided to sit in contemplation, which means purposeful observation or reflection. To not seek the answer, but to sit in the questions, not knowing.

    You are approaching a time of clarity, so let go of worry and know that sometimes the question is more important, more impactful, than the answer you receive.

    Your intuition will bring you clarity soon.



  • Thank you

  • I'm going to tell him that I still have feelings for him sometime this week, does anyone see anything for me?

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