Dream Interpretation...plz help.

  • Ok so all I remember is that I was inside a church. I was on the stage of the church. My parents were with me. I don’t remember if the “father” was there or not. I don’t remember what happened but something happened to my legs. They became very weak and crippled, sick. I had a feeling my father did it to me, I’m not sure. After that I left the church, my parents were trying to comfort me but I wouldn’t listen. So I think I saw my cousins in my way to my childhood home. We were ready to go “trick or treating”. It was Halloween. We went down the road towards a haunted house. They were giving out candy so we lined up to go inside the house. I didn’t notice I was the first one in line, for some reason I didn’t wanted to go first. The feeling in my legs and the way I walked in my dream made me feel ashamed and awful. I was wearing slippers. At the beginning when I first meet my cousins in my way I was wearing a costume I have in real life then when we got to the house I notice I was wearing a vampire costume. So this girl signaled me to go inside the house. I walked towards the entrance. I saw a friend in front of me, she warned me of the whole that was covered by a black plastic cover but it was too late. I fell down, not all the way because the whole had bars going across it and the plastic cover prevented me from falling. I got up and went through another way. I don’t remember how the house looked from the inside but the entrance looked dark. I just remember walking out along with my cousins and with lots of candy. In our way back home we encounter God or Jesus. He was giving out candy. He gave us some but we committed the horrible mistake of stealing from him. He was huge so every time he would turn we would steal chocolates from his pot. Then after stealing enough we left home (my childhood home). When I got home I hid some chocolates inside the refrigerator. For some reason I knew that we wouldn’t get away with stealing from God/Jesus. And so we didn’t. In my mind I saw an image of God concentrating, like looking for everything we stole. Then a strong wind or force took all the candy we stole from him. I felt bad for stealing and told him to take all the candy from me and he did. I even spit out a chocolate I was chewing so that he could take it as well. In my mind I saw how he restored the candy I was chewing to its original form. I then remember the chocolates I hid inside the refrigerator. I felt God/Jesus was leaving and so I wished that nobody would open the refrigerator because I knew he would notice the chocolates. Then I saw my cousin opening the refrigerator and a strong force took them away. The force was so strong it literally broke the door from the refrigerator and blasted all of the food inside it making a complete mess. From it I could smell an odor of spoiled food

    Can someone please provide me with an interpretation???

    Thank you very much!


  • That's a pretty heavy dream. It might take days to figure that one out totally. What sticks out to me most is possible deceit or hiding something from someone or from yourself even. ...or possibly that you feel lied to.

  • Hi SunCappyGirl,

    My knee-jerk, gut instinct is that it all boils down to not being able to run from what God wants for you. This could be a sign of you either already being on a path He doesn't want you on, or you are about to approach one, and panic, taking the road to run away from what you really need to face. In doing so, you will only make your life worse, by getting lost, scared and confused. I suspect a huge test is coming your way.

    I think you are also going to be dealing with guilt, because you know that you are not doing what you need to do, to face some fears of yours. To truly achieve and graduate in God's eyes, we all have to walk through the fire, not find a way to sneak around it. And God is simply reminding you that you cannot sneak around and get the easy way out; He is watching, and Him taking the candies is just his literal gesture that He sees all.

    This is actually a good thing, really, because He is pointing out you are worth the fight and strong test ahead of you. You can and will endure, but you might question yourself and if you are a strong enough person. I have been through a VERY similar dream, as well as life theme. In the end, the good people all go to God, so He is trying to culminate us to all take the path of MOST resistance, and to not be afraid, because He is watching--and helping.

    One more thing: it is not my business, but perhaps you had childhood trauma or something? Typically, dreams like this are reflective of such, and your huge trial to face the processing of it, is coming. The falling down the hole is you suffering for trying to run from your best friend, God. And what happened? He stopped you from further plummeting, to prove He is on your side. So far, this is my instinct on this dream of yours. Hope it helps.

  • Thanks bluewatermamma

    Well i am hiding something from the people i love. But i will trust in myself and destroy this fear within me.

    Thanks a lot


  • Thank you very much TheNightOwl13

    Your interpretation is very much accurate.

    I am not facing my fears like I should and I have been trying to avoid them. I always knew that God wanted me to deal with it. He has been telling me in many of my dreams but I have been ignoring him. I feel so bad because of this but I will overcome my fears for him. I will not fear rejection and criticism anymore. I am ready to face my fears and I will soon.

    Wish me luck because I will need it so very much.

    I believe in God and I know he will always be there for me in my times of need.

    Thank you and God bless you always.

  • From one Cap to another: you have the strength and the natural ability to leave alone what isn't working for you. You can turn around and change directions or your life, not without pain but you do have the strength. Caps have an amazing well of strength and bravery...and especially common sense.

  • yes bluewatermamma

    very true. good thing i already did what i had to do and i am so very happy in how everything came out.

    i am so very grateful to God for helping me. I feel so proud of myself. Now i can go on with my life and face any challenges without fear.

    Thank u! Blessing

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