Knights Templar

  • What do you know about the Knights Templar, especially vis s vis The Tarot???

    Someone has just shown up at your website claiming to be: Simon Templar . . .

    What do you think about that?

    what do you think of his claim to have the most powerful Waite book in existence today --

    One that he has not used in 21 years . . .

  • well.....Im thinking its a the one thing about the Knights Templar......was they never revealed themselves EXCEPT within the order. As far as having the most powerful Waite book....hmmmm why wouldnt you use it? I certainly have my doubts about this one!

  • Exceptionally Good answer -- Always be sceptical . . . (sic)

    But, you failed to give History . . .

    The Knights Templar were formed? . . . in what year? For what purpose?

    As far as my book . . . I have lived in slavery for thirty years . . .

    What use does a slave have for a book?

    My deck tells no lies -- that i can assure you.

  • Fascinating conversation. But tell us Simon, do you have anything useful or relevant to add?

    Given your history, you must have some incredibly fascinating stories and insights. Why don't you tell us more about your Waite book? What exactly makes it the most "powerful" Waite book in existence? What do you mean by "powerful" for that matter? Is there a Tarot deck that goes along with this, or is it just a book?

  • after 30 years you must be a little out of pratice so give me a quick reading to brush up on your skills lol

    knight formed in 1100

    to protect pilgrims on their travels to holy places.

    hop your not that old lol

  • I find this going nowhere and very tedious!!! You may have a valid claim....but you certainly have NOT convinced me!

  • Hmmm, I tend to agree. What is the relevance, Simon? And why did it get sooo quiet in here all of a sudden?

  • SImon, Impress me please. Or at least indulge me... what is a four letter word for a radio from the 1975-ish time frame? I hope you can help because I just can't get it.

  • I would suggest you go to the History channel and look up Knights Templar I saw a show dealing with this topic and they were said to Guard the Holy Grail which is the 10 commandments some believe so I would do the historical research if you are interested I am sure they have the show on line that yiu can watch or order a copy for yourself the local library may have a copy of the show, Beyond the DiVinci code was on the history channel and reviewed the templar knights. It was a two hour show. Just a Idea, "Good luck with Your Quest!!'' try this link here:

    Frank Duffey

  • You might also want to look up the name Simon Templar - aka The Saint... are you trying to draw parallels with that literary character too?

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