Help with interpreting reading - horsehoe spread

  • I know everyone gets tired of reading requests, but I would like someone else's opinion before I get my hopes up. As background info, I met someone, K (08/22/1972) in April. There was an instant camaderie, a rightness about the relationship, which was starting off as friendship, only to find out later he was involved with someone else, so I shied away. Since then two things continue to occur that make me stay up late at night wondering.

    One, since we met K has continued to help me very discretely with my career, we are in the same profession, working at different institutions, but involved in the same professional organizations. Two, I pine away for him as though i lost my soulmate, which I sometimes find hard to believe considering we have only had brief contact with each other.

    Also what is strange is that I can perceive his thoughts and emotions from afar. At first I thought it was my imagination, only to find that what I was feeling, uncannily mirrored what was going on in his life.

    I did a horseshoe spread, asking for some insight into our future, the cards were the following:

    1. past influence - two of wands

    2. present - six of wands

    3. hopes and fears - strength

    4. obstacles - king of cups

    5. other's attitudes- queen of pentacles

    6. influence around you - eight of pentacles

    7. outcome - two of swords

    Can anyone give me their interpretation please?

    Thanks in advance for everyone's time and kindness.

  • Ok so he is your soulmate and he knows it but denies it, he know s he is with wrong woman but wont admit it. I had very same thing happen and we were so connected it scared him away 6 years now he left me deserted me for a very young girl then lives with a very mean spritied woman that constantly tells him how awful I am.

    I see that at some point he will fianlly do what he knows is right and come around to a relationship with you. For some reason the strong soulmate connection scares many men, it is easier to drift through life with the wrong woman is she by chance wealthy or well connected. I see that maybe he stays with her for money and the easy life.

    That is my reading on it.

  • Thank you, silvermoongemini for your interpretation.

    Yes, she is well connected, and earns a very decent salary. However,despite my not being as high up in the healthcare corporate ladder as she is (she is a director of nursing, I am a clinical pharmacist) I make significantly more than she does and have the potential to go even further, whereas she has already reached her pinnacle. He knows this, although I don't believe that he knows that my family is well-off (comfortable but not wealthy) and I hope he doesn't find out, bc I wouldn't want someone who is just looking for money or the easy life.

    Do you see anything else?

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