I am having a real difficlut time, Please help if you can. =(

  • Approximately 8 months ago my fiance and split do to to fact we argue too much. We both let our past relationships effect the current one to much and ended up hurting each other tremendously. Up until this past August, we had still been seeing each other on and off, as he couldn't figure out what he wanted, he rarely ever goes back to a relationship after it has ended. He couldn't figure out if he was in love with me or not, analyzing every single detail, every negative detail I might add, and couldn't see us being together for the long haul again. I was willing to make tremendous changes for him (I am to blame for a lot of our problems), as I am scarred very deeply from my past, and let those wounds resurface with him, when I should have. I am a capricorn and he is a virgo.

    I felt such an overwhelming connection with this man when we first met, all throughout our relationship, end during the good and bad. I cannot shake the feeling that we are still meant to be together, although reality says we're not....as you see, two months ago he started seeing someone else. A young taurus. This breaks my heart to pieces, even though it was my choice to cut off all contact because his indecision was tearing me apart. I have not spoken with this man for well over two months, and I still can't seem to move on. Something deep inside is telling me that they won't be together long...and him and I belong together. I have to shake this.

    Can anyone give me any insight on this? On their relationship...and what is in store for me? I can't seem to get motivated and nothing seems to be healing...no matter how hard I try. I need to completely give up on this "meant to be together" feeling, but I don't know how, as I feel this so deep inside. Any advice or reading would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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  • There are other aspects in your horoscope you do not know about that influence both of your behaviours to each other. In order to find out you need to go to an astrology website, enter yours and his birthdays, times of birth (if you know) and the other info you will be asked. One good website is astrology.com or astronet.com. If you google FREE astrology you will be given a list and you can decide which ones you want to try. I hopes this helps!

  • Thank you very much for responding, Casper. I have done all that, too much I think..... and a lot of the time, one site contradicts another. It leaves me very confused. And there is quite a bit I don't understand.

    I don't know the time of day he was born, so I can't really get an accurate analysis. I was looking for a little insight from someone who does readings, or psychic...Someone to let me know that I am not insane..haha

    . Junemoon was kind enough to tell me a little of whats going on in which I am very great full. I just wish that I could turn off my brain sometimes. LOL

    Thank you so much for your response, your kindness it greatly appreciated!


  • Hi, Blondie,

    Honey, you need to quit trying and just relax. It sounds like he got away because when he came forward you moved back and when he moved back you move forward. Sounds like a good dance but no one gets too close. If it is a relationship that is meant to be, relaxing into who you are and taking care of yourself will do the trick. Let go!

    Another way to use this experience positively is to see what attracted you and what strengths he demonstrates that you don't use. Usually we are magnetized by some lesson we need to learn. Find out what that is and you will feel closer to him and eventually integrate it within. Then you can let him go and move on or bring him closer without smothering or distancing him.

    Good luck! Love yourself first!

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