Help Please Need Past Life Regression Therapy

  • Hi my name is Rikku.

    I received a Reading from Cris1962 which was spot on. In this reading she advised me to find a regression therapist for past lives. I have had occurrences in past lives with the common thread of my persecution. I have just gotten over being ill for 6 months to the point it almost killed me. I would like some further advice on this, desperately. I am feeling that I need a major cleansing form the past, so that I can move forward. I am even having issues from this current life's past coming back to give me problems. The time has come and I need help.

    I would like to find a person locally of course (NE TN VA Border) and I have had one regression done years ago, so I am a bit familiar with the process. But could this be done like a psychic reading, over computer or phone?? I was also advised to speak with Ahliyah on this sight so if she stops by here please reply. I saw you had a vacation notice so I did not want to send out a message to you directly until I was sure you were back.

    Again any help, advice would be greatly appreciated if you need more info from me feel free to ask, I need to heal myself of the past. My situation is urgent as I have no doubt my illness was due to manifestations of negative energy, both being sent to me and created by me. My anger and feelings of betrayal and of being attacked allowed more negative energy to manifest. I almost died. I have been since meditating mirroring and also cleansing as much as possible. But this is not enough. I am following the advice of Cris1962 because I know she is a wise person and she is right about this.

    Blessed be to all and thank you in advance.


  • past life doesn't have to be done through hypnosis

    you can find online past life reader

    all it takes is your birth info and birth name

    because our records are stored in a library called Akashic Records

    might be named something else but I found at least two experts named it that

    like in a library, you will need a code to find certain book

    the code is your birth info and birth name

    nothing else is needed, not even a photo

    if you can't find anyone that suits you online, let me know I will suggest one that is not scam

  • LS to my rescue again!! Thank you for replying, my heart sank when I saw only 2 postings(including mine lol) until I saw the other one was you :). I think I remember that reference a book called many lives many masters referenced the hall of records of all of our lives. Thank you so much LS for giving me hope and a smile as you always seem to do for me. You rock!! Blessed be to you. You always make my day. I may be taking you up on that offer LS if I don't get any responses to my plea.

    Well if any regression experts read this my Birth information is 02/26/1970 @ 9:56am in Newburgh, NY my birth name I would rather give on a one on one basis. I am after all a pain in the butt secretive Pisces lol.

    PS I am not looking for a freebie here I am looking for a reputable regression therapist that can help me with something I take extremely serious. So please if anyone has this ability, I would be so thankful if you would contact me. Blessed be to all.


  • ok if you don't find anyone just let me know.

  • Good luck to you Rikku.

  • Namaste Rikku. I did respond to you by email.

    Love and light,


  • WOW leoscorpion that is really cool. I liked the explanation about our birthdays being a code. I have always been intrested in past life stuff too. I went to Egypt once when I was @ 9 yrs old and I felt like I had been there before. I also thought I was not supposed to be there as I became more and more ill during our trip but as soon as I was back on the place I was okay. Intresting...

  • lovin, it is. sylvia browne is one expert that mentioned akashic records

    I forgot the other expert, but one of my mentors call it that too

    whatever name we call it, it's a place where data is kept

    if you go by hypnosis you may actually get the chance to go to this place and read your own record. I've heard that done but I didn't want to do hypnosis

  • Great topic and very interesting information, Rikku226 thank you and LeoScorpion, you are a great contributor of information to all of us. IRikki if you find someone to do your reading maybe you can let us know about them, good luck. I would love to get one too. My birthday is also 2/26 but in 61. I wondered if anyone had any ideas on what to do if you do not have a birth time. I was born in OH and they did not put the birth time on the birth certificate and so I do not know what time I was born and when I try to do some readings it really creates a problem including past life readings.

  • yes mysto

    yeah I remember now it's Edgar Cayce

    in your other thread someone said she can do it for free,

    give it a try, if you don't see accuracy, let me know here I will post the person's name that is not scam. she only charges for the reading, but all advices and questions you ask her after the reading are all free. I dealt with her for a year LOL some years back and found so much clarity and wisdom

    she is not my mentor, but certainly someone whose wisdom and knowledge will amaze you

  • olive, past life reading only needs birth date and birth location and name at birth

    it can be done online

    if you want regression, then it has to be done in person, not sure what the expert would need

    birth time is usually needed for birth chart, which is astrology, not past life reading

    I'm glad to have shared and hope you find it helpful'

    try soapmaker

    she said she can do it, if you feel no connection then let me know I will post the person's name that did mine. her wisdom and knowledge will amaze you. she charges for the reading, but you can ask her anything, advice or question for free. I dealt with her for a year, and even though she is not my mentor, I have to admit she is as good and genuine as they are

  • What about the people who never felt like their birth name was their true name, and changed it to something they felt was what they were supposed to be named?

  • thewhitewolf

    in this case you will need to present both names, the one given at birth and the new one

    the reader does not go it alone, she is guided by spirits and angels

    those in the spirit world will know which record to open

    I once contacted a healer online just trying to see if she is for real

    all I give her is my nick name, nothing else, no photo, no birth info, no location and my email address doesn't contain any real name for I want to see if she is for real

    and yes she saw what kind of problem I am in and what she can do

    when I met her in person the spirits were already waiting for me

    those who truly walk in the spiritual path, not scammer, are blessed by the universe with guidance and protection. some spirits are sent for this purpose.

    this is what separates those non scammers from scammer

    if you want to get a reading, and can not find someone who is not scam,

    let me know I will post the one that did mine

    good luck!

  • Yes Edgar Cayce is the one to call it Hall of Akasha Records. He is a mentor for me and when he shows me something from my life book, very very big book, he takes me down a hallway, and on each side there are shelves so very high up filled with books. He will pull a book down so easily and uses his long thin fingers to point out what I am being shown to help me.

    Blessings ladies!!!

  • This post is deleted!


    Abundant, bountiful, prosperous, health blessings


    loving silver wings

  • Leo, could you post the name please? I'd love to find out more about my past life from someone genuine. Thanks!

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