Best Tarot reading for new relationship?

  • Hi there, I hope everyone's ok! I was wondering if anyone can please suggest a tarot reading spread for me to do on myself and this new guy im seeing.

    I know people say It's hard to read for yourself but my past readings have been exrteamly reflective and accurate.

    I know Pisces and Aquarius relationships are somewhat controversial but this is a guy (Aquarius) I have known from school, he left during and moved away for ten years, upon his recent returning and us now both single and in our twentys we decided to meet up, and had a great chemistry and got on so well he suggested we start "seeing eachother".

    During our date he did ask to look at my phone, and was a little odd looking when he saw I was texting a man, he wanted to know who it was, he said it in a jokey way but continued to read what I was typing. I do not mind as one man i have been with before never cared enough about me to interested in what I was doing, Or we were both very trusting so much to the point sometimes I thought he didn't care ( he was virgo) Anyway me and this aquarius man got on very well and I thought to myself; I can see myself being with him. I am aibt unsure of his motives however, he has only recently come out of a 3 year reltionship with a woman from the country he was living in, but they are broken up for good,

    He knows I have been hurt in the past and looked at me and said "im not going to hurt you" However, I can't help thinking perhaps he only wants to start seeing eachother ( the stage before officially together) so I can sleep with him? He has asked me if i want to stay over his one night this week. I said I didn't know. ( but I wouldn;t sleep with him so soon So I won't) He says he's a relationship man but I do like him and don't want to be used..

    Also Before he came back and we got back in contact with eachother I went on a dtae with a scorpio guy but didn;t have much chemistry with, he wants to see me again and I said I would, but now i have agreed to start seeing this aquarius man I do not know how to go about it????

    SO I was going to do a reading on it, but unsure of what spread to do so I would very much appreciate any suggestions on a spread, or anythign concerning this..


  • The best I know is: 1. the relationship, 2. you, 3. he, 4. your relationship to him, 5. his relationship to you. 6. Advice of the Tarot.

  • Thanks I had quite a complicated-card reading, If the cards are not great does that mean its doomed, How can I change them? I really like this guy?

  • It does not mean it´s doomed. Changing them means much stress. It could mean hating your own intentions. You really like this guy? I think it is hormone-induced.

  • I like him yes, what do you mean by hormone induced" Please let me know thankyou so much

  • Because of your hormones you are blind, you do not hear. You think you would missing everything.

  • Ok then whats wrong with my hormones??? This is a tad confusing lol

  • Nothing is wrong with your hormones, in the contrary. You are drawn to this guy because of your hormones. You just want sex, is this really so difficult to understand?

  • You are kinda scare cause you don't want to be used and you want to secure and REAL relationship. What I can say is: What do you really feel about the Aquarious guy? What about the Scorpio Guy? Its good to just let it out and express of what you really feel other than stepping back. Why can't you just go with the flow?

  • Yeah Hans But hormones isnt really to do with lust, its not that at all. I am going with the flow just wanted some insight. cheers

  • If you are really going with the flow, you do not need any insight, If you are driven by your hormones you are not ready for any insight.

    Good luck!

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