Insight when i will meet someone

  • I was just wondering if anybody could give me some insight to when im going to meet someone i will have a relationship with...

  • I feel you will soon meet the friend of a male relative (brother?) whom you will click with straight away.

  • PS. I feel that your personality is very unusual or different and that you suppress it in order to try and be like everyone else, to fit in. You feel you have to be normal in order to find success and a partner. But you should accept being different because it is an asset that will lead you to both personal and professional success. Be an individual and develop your own style and that way you will attract the right person for you. When you behave like someone you're not and give off 'I don't like what I am' vibes, you will always draw the wrong type of person who will just take advantage of the fact that you feel very insecure about yourself.

  • thank you TheCaptrain i dont think it would be my brother as hes in the army his mates are much older but i have a feeling it might be through a couson of mine, and for the personality i understand what your saying everyone has been saying how my personality changes within seconds and i am ver insecure so all the good people that would be good for me i scare away

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