Leo in need of answers

  • for a long time i have been feeling different and never knowing why. when i was younger i could remeber being a place i have never seen before. when i was younger i use to see things and would be afraid of it to the point where i could never be alone in the dark. i still see things and can feel things. i can feel the emotions of people around me and i can tell a what type of person someone is just by being around them for a few seconds. i am afraid of the feelings that i do have because i was always told that having these types of abilities or wanting to know about this type of thing was bad. the more i am told to stay away from it the more i wqant to know about it. i have dreams of death and that also includes the end of the world. the last dream i had about the end of the world invovled a fireball that destroyed the earth but i could feel the firebal when it went through me. i was the only one left but i could see someone standing off to the distance and it started to come closer i became afraid and the person turned into a monster from a movie i once saw.....

    i also had a weird dream but i want to discuss that dream with someone privately...someone who can help me because that dream has me confused still

    i have known this guy for a llittle over a year and i once had a crush on him but quickly got over it...recently he has been coming to me in my dreams..... i dont know if he realizes it is me.......well he recently came over to a friends house and he touched my leg the touch on my leg made me feel something that i have been trying to let go of but cant....i see things in him that makes me want to get closer to him but i cant understand why i am feeling this way....

    i cant understand why i feel any of the things that i do....i run from the things that i see feel and hear because of not knowing i really need help and answers right about now noone around me understands me and they look at me like im crazy i tried talking to my pastor but right now i feel like this is beyond hm.....can someone please help me

  • Being different does not mean you are cursed. You are obviously intuitive. When I was a child I too had feelings of recognition for places and would be flooded with emotions I absorbed but couldn't process. There is nothing wrong with not being comfortable in the dark--I always sleep with a night light on so I'm not disturbed by "visitations" all night.. I too was raised in a church that did not support my gift. I believe your fire ball dream represents your fear of hell and damnation and the monster facing you is your fear of evil. It would be nice if I could promise you that you will never encounter evil but because of your gift you will be aware of it when it walks in the room. I can't blame you for feeling you don't want this gift but you are only feeling the fear side of your gift. Someone did come into my life--a spiritual medium--who helped validate my being different. I believe someone will come into your life as well. What I can tell you for sure is the energy you feel is real and how you channel your energy determines what you attract. Evil feeds on fear and the holy spirit flourishes when we feel safe and loved. Your gift gives you the power of visulization--you can heal a situation just by visulizing it. You should start by visulizing your guardian Angel standing tall behind you protecting you any time you feel threatened by the energy around you. You can even chant to yoursel, "I am safe" Give yourself alone time, try and obsorb the calming efects of nature after being in crowds. I often feel irritable and out of sorts after visiting the mall. Anytime you find yourself stuck near people whose energy makes you uncomfortable visualize yourself wrapped in a protective pale blue light and feel your angel guarding you. If you ever really feel threatened you can visualize Michael the arch Angel himself with his sword raised ready to do battle with any evil that would wish you harm. God would not give you this gift without also providing you with the help you need to use it --you are meant to be of service--you will find the right church and it will get better.

    You are in my prayers.

  • thank you that was encouraging and that gives me some hope....i had someone come into my life that at the time i thought would help me with my gift but she would beat around the bush witht things and it felt as if she was using my gift to help her out. i always had people tell me to watch her and always had my guardian to tell me to watch her but always mistaken that for an evil spirit. i feel different about her because now i feel that everything she has ever said to me was a lie and thats why i felt and feel alone. i dont know who to trust as far as my gift is concerned and letting people in. i just want to be steered in the right direction where i can flourish

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