New saggi

  • Wow, nice to see i'm not the only person on the planet who seems to be affected by the moon!

    I honestly have moods for each week of the month and a total flipside when it's full moon!

    I recon i'm a pretty typical saggi - love travelling (even if it's only in my mind!) love to party, love to eat, philosifies, stand my ground. Hate dishonesty and 2 faced people. Can get real angry, real quick. I'm also impatient. But, at the same time, i've got a good sense of humour and have a wide topic of interests.

    I have bad habits, apart from my temper, I over indulge, so yeah, i'm somewhat overweight!

    I'm married to a Capricorn, but i think my husband as some zodiac mix-up, beacause he is so far removed from his star sign, it's not funny! He is NOT business-minded and wise with money - the total opposite! He is very uncommunicative, which is frustrating - cause i want to know what u are thinking and i want your oppinion and i want to just chat, but sadly, no go there!

    Never the less, i do love him in my own weired way!

    Being new at this FORUM stuff - how does it actually work? how do i use it? Any help out there?

  • Hi, Witestar, you are indeed a true Saggi...I'm supprised that you didn't say distant when needed. You can be very tempermental and aggressive...not to mention aggrumentative. But on the other hand you are loving, giving and full of knowledge and will cut an aquiaintance just a quick as them became one. I'm a little supprised to heard that your Cap is not oppionionated. That is the sole reason that the Cap exist to tell others the way of life. Have your Cap ever had a reading, he may have some very mild manored houses in his makeup.

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