• My Grandfather passed away yesterday. I would like to know how to tell if he is near me. I know some spirits use signs to let their loved ones know that they are near. i dont know what my grandfather would do to let me know he is around. Can any of you intuitive people see how he would let me know?

  • First of all, I am terribly sorry for ur loss and pray to Almighty to give u and urs the strength to go on with ur lives as best as possible...

    I went through some experiences (call me intutive/pyshic or whatever!) after my dad passed away years ago and learnt a few things about how spirits make themselves known!! Hope I am able to help you... The most common sign when they're around is the room getting colder all of a sudden...not freezing cold though but the temp. is likely to come down once a spirit enters the same room as you...another thing is a faint fragrance...sometimes like that of an incense or of a particular perfume/soap/lotion they liked when they were alive...Their fave objects/pics falling/moving is also a sign not to be missed esp. when there's no breeze flowing around you...

    Yet another sign is a barely audible sign of someone's breathing near-by or someone's low-key voice trying to say something in ur ears...a jolt sorta thing when you're asleep as if trying to wake u up is a common sign comes the feeling of a feather being brushed against ur cheeks...And the most usual one -- Their appearance in our dreams!!! You can try meditating and asking him to be at peace now that he's left for another world...Its important you tell them you don't want them around any longer and that they need to live within their own world now!!! I believe in one thing outta my own experience over last few years...Once they're gone, they belong to no one.

  • I believe in loved ones showing you signs after death. My grandfather died in 1974 and I was

    19 years old. He lived with us and he died suddenly and of course being a teenager, you

    don't want your family to know your whole life story and where you are going. My grandfather

    I thought was always too nosy. When he died suddenly, I couldn't say I am sorry for being

    so mean or insensitive but I was a dumb teenager. I would cry anytime I would think of him

    for many years because I felt so guilty about treating him the way I had. When I was around

    27-28, I was sleeping but I woke up. My grandfather was standing right by my bed. He was

    around 20 yrs old but I knew it was him. He was all in white and he glowed and the light

    was bright. He didn't verbally say anything to me but telepathy he was telling me that it was okay. I was a kid and he understood and not to fret over it anymore. He loved me and it

    was over. Live and let go of all my guilt. He was so beautiful I can never explain it but

    I will never forget this moment for the rest of my life. My grandmother who passed in

    1963 shows herself to me sometimes as I think she is prayer warrior in heaven.

    I have seen her face flash before me when I was scared in a bad marriage just to

    let me know she was there and I was not alone. I can sometimes just feel her

    presence all around me. Not all the time but sometimes I can. If your grandfather

    wants to show himself to you, he will but it may not be for awhile or it could be

    today. I am so sorry for your loss. Just be open just in case.

  • Thank you for your responses astrodame and dmiedz. Yeah the last thing I want to do is pull him back down here. But incase he decides to visit me because he wants to I want to know what to look for. Both him and my Grandmother gave so much of themselves while they were alive I am bitter sweet about his death bc I know he is in a better place but he will be so missed. I have no unfinished business with my Grandfather he knew how much I adore him while he was here. Thank you so much. ( :

  • Love in my life, I'm sorry for your loss, when my Aunt passed away I was devastated and still am, we were like sisters. I dream about her sometimes, and actually during a very dark period in my life, she came to visit me and my husband who can see spirits ran her away and told her that the dead and living cannot mix. My Grandfather came to see me also when he passed away and he did the same thing. He is a coward and is afraid of spirits, I wish I had the gift. I was actually pissed with him. If you cannot see spirits, then you will have dreams. Good Luck!

  • two different times I had the same thing happen. once was with my grandmother who passed and once with a friend who's dad had passed. I was talking about the one who passed in a focused way and after a few minutes I felt a light bubbly feeling over my shoulder. I knew both times that the spirit was present and I seemed to understand what they wanted to say. So you may feel a light, bubbly's a little hard to describe.

  • Wow, that's a rough thing to deal with in your life, so sorry for your loss. When my father passed away I had a dream of him. He appeared to me about 6 months after he passed away and we were in my living room having a conversation. He appeared much younger and healthier than he had when he passed away. The dream was so real, I thought I was awake, and I was cognizant of the fact that although I was asleep, he really was there and the conversation was going on! I awoke and was standing in the living room at the place we had been talking. I was fully aware of why I was in the living room and was not suprised or shocked to be there when I awoke. Also at times I have just felt a calming, warm, loving presence of my grandfather when I was in doubt of things or I needed a reassuring pat on the back. I am sure he is in a happy place keeping an eye out for you. When you need him, he will be around, promise . 😃

  • Honestly, if the spirits are going to come, literally there is nothing that you can do to prepare for it, even if you are "open" to it. When my mom passed, I was a basket case. I beat myself up for not being able to stop her illness, even though it wasn't my fault at all. One night, a couple of days after her funeral, I was awoken from a sound sleep. I felt something brush my face, and it startled me. When I woke up, it was my mom, she was smiling at me. I somehow knew she came to console me. I must have startled her, for she left quickly, but I know my mom would not have wanted to scare me. She got her message across to me, and it helped me immensely.

  • Please know how deeply sorry I am for the loss of your Grandfather. I have not replied to a message in the past...but felt I needed to when I read your question. My Grandfather was my dearest friend and closet relative up to the age of nine...when he passed. My heart ached for him. That was forty years ago. Others who have replied to your question are spot on with signs and how you might feel when your Grandfather visits you now. I am very blessed that I have several loved ones that remind me always they are with me and reassure me when I need it most. Remain open to experience your Grandfather and you will know in your heart and in your mind that he is with you. I find pennys everyday, when I least expect it and it the strangest of places. When I find that days penny, I remember to think of each of my loved ones who watch over me and my family. Blessings to you as you find your way to communicate with your Grandfather.

  • Thanks to all who responded. I know exactly the feeling you are talking about. Funny thing is I feel a tingly sensation all over even before his passing but now more than ever. I always thought that was a loving spirit healing my hurts. I dont think spirits stay around for too long they have their loved ones on the other side to visit. My Grandfather already gave so much of himself to us. Such a loving person. He had a way about him thats hard to describe. He had what I call charisma and charm. I love him dearly as the rest of the family. I remember grieving the loss of my grandmother his wife 7 years ago and it was much worse than what I feel now. I felt that she was taken from us too quickly and I dreamed about her and felt her around me all the time. I was so depressed over her that I had to go on medication. I feel more at peace about my grandfather as I feel he missed my Grandmother the most and ached to be with her. Now he doesnt have to suffer any more. Bless his heart. Thanks again everyone I am touched. ( :

  • when my mother was about to pass over, about three hours before she went i felt my bedroom light up with brightness, that was around 11pm, mum passed at 3.20 am the next day, in about a weeks time i had a dream, my mum was in a wheelchair at a window, smiling and waving, she looked so much better, it hit me in my third eye this vesion or dream as it woke me up, my mother passed away 3years ago in march this year and every time i go for a reading or a healing she is their, the last reading i had she was not their, her work was finished with me and she had moved onto her place of appointment, i am sorry for your loss and greif, and i do hope that this has been of some value to your question, i feel that your grandfather will come back to visit you thruout your life again, next time ask him to give you a sign so that you will know that it is him, our loved ones will come to us in ways that wont frighten us, be sure you will see him again, and it will be when you are not even thinking about it,

  • I want to say I am saddened for you and your loss. My mom passed away in Feburary and my experience has been this. When she passed I could not get in touch with my memories of her. I felt so sad for this so I asked my spiritual advisor why and she told me that we were so close that I could not yet feel the seperation however she was present thru my dad and aunt who had both passed yeasr ago. But I knew by the things being said that she was the one sharing. And, oddly enough just last night while I was dreaming about something unrelated to her she became the focus of the dream and it was the first time I could really hear her voice again speaking to me. I awoke in tears with such an overwhelming feeling. I am so grateful that I can finally see, hear and feel her again.

    The others are right it can come in so many different and subtle ways that you just need to be aware and you will get the connection. I've had connection to others in the past but my relationship with my mom is in such a different level it has taken time.

    As far as them "leaving" I personally don't feel we "go" anywhere. We are spiritual beings inhabiting bodies and at the time that the life ceases to exist in that body we remain an energy here, just in a different form. So keep looking, he will come.

  • I am sorry too for your loss. But they do remain. I live in the house my folks lived in for over 48 years. The passed 9 months apart in 2002. My mom was the stronger energy in life but I don't feel her as often. There have been times pictures fall, a piece of paper will flutter away w/ no help, glass breaks and I know she's here. My dad is gentler, dreams and flower smells. I've had dreams tho that helped me know someone was gone and a familiar visceral emptiness in the solar plexis. I learned later they had indeed passed. It's a comfort to think I have a troop now of guardian angels. My daughter dreams of her grandparents a lot also. They surely watch out for her.



  • My Heart Goes Out To You! ... Grieve at your own pace, for as long as it takes... Ok, my experiences are like a majority of the responses you have received... Those who I have loved and cared for most deeply appear to me in my dreams. Someone I was with off and on for 15 years passed away 4 years ago, without warning. He has appeared in my dreams - OMG - I'd say 6-8 times, and I have felt his presence, one time after having a dream about him, waking up suddenly and I could feel him...I knew he had been here with me while I was dreaming of him. Acutally really INTERACTING with me, we talk - he was the type that the "L-Word" scared the crapola outta him and so he never said it the entire time, not directly (you know) and in one of my most recent dreams (6-8 wks ago) he says all 3 words in a way that if he had been on this plain, he would have said, acted, done what he did exactly. For me he's the guy you hear about people say "that man literally made me weak in the knees, heart pounding, nervous, and cant talk no matter how many times I see him," even up to the day he died - and still, BUT not in my dreams...?? I know some people have stated here you should tell them to go...move on, let them go, or whatever because they need to move on to the next plain - but he's calm, happy content, and where he takes me is so peaceful. He always shows at times I need him the most. I have felt his touch, heard his voice. I am not going to tell him to go away...nuh-uh! Another really good friend since 7th grade who died in 1990 that comes to me every now and then the first time he was in pain, I knew he was asking for forgiveness for a crazy-cop involved incident (hahaha) when we were 18, at other times he has come for either prayers or just to play hide-n-seek in a crowded room. Anyway, I have had so many experiences like these that I could go on and on, but I wont, I'll spare you LoL!! - my point being, if and when they contact you - You Will Definitely Know It, without a doubt. If they dont appear to you or make contact, however, dont take it to heart...just means they passed over and they are happy, be happy for them - they dont want you to be sad. If for some reason you can't let go because of this, go to their grave and sit with them for awhile. Hope this helps...and take care of "you"

  • I'm sure the loved one's spirit will send you signals somehow

    sometimes through numbers or images that represent him/her when they are still alive

    when my dad died I still smelled his favorite ointment around me days after the funeral

    nobody in the family likes that ointment since it smells like eucalyptus

    I don't mind eucalyptus but only if I have cold

    if your loved one identified himself to certain animal, you will see this animal or dream about it, when your loved one is around after he dies

    my dad is now working under an angel, he only visits me now and then

    when he does, I would pretty much see him, like I see other spirits in the house

    btw sorry for your loss lovin

  • you will just feel them there and know trust me

    blessings to you and loving light

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