Aries...Will I ever get it right!

  • spairr6>>>I AGREE.....45 old Aries..Learning to slow down ...And CHEW

    Sandran>>Aries that was in my life never slowed down.He lived life in the Fast Lane.Surley made you lose your mind!

  • we have to learn to love ourselves, when we learn to do that, it is then that we dont get ourselves in such a tangle, i have learned the hard way, and am now just starting to relize that i must have love for myself first before i make any kind of commitment to anything, care about you in everything that you do, learn from the mistakes and dont make the same ones again, i wish you all the very best, we cannot truly love another unless we have love and respect for ourselves first

  • I feel that with any relationship its all about tolerance levels. For what ever reason I usually attract cancer men and I am attracted to them too. I think they like my enthusiasm and optimistic attitude. I am also very loyal and you never have to guess how I feel because I blurt it out. I think me and Cancer balance each other. I love how nurturing and patient they are and they have taught me alot about this. Could also be that I have gem moon so we understand each others moods and share similar sense of humor. I just wish I could be more relaxed I can be too domineering and it is a turn off to men.

  • lovinmylife>>I can be too domineering and it is a turn off to men.

    Sandran>>I bet I am more domineering than you are...LOL..I think the way a man thinks so,I got them figured out before they have a chance to take advantage.I hate being like this.But,I've seen it all.LOL

  • Sandran your funny. I didnt start out domineering it was something learned because being a nice submissive girl got me no where so I became a crazy woman that kicks butt. hahaha

  • I am a 47 year old Aries/Taurus (born on the cusp). I am very achingly single. I watch horrible women have relationships while I am alone. Wishing I had some insight also. blessed be, Graaci.

  • love like all things takes work... while i work well with others, I can't seem to find the person who will work with my idiosyncrasies. I do craft work for hours at a time, I love my son with all my heart (he's 18), I try to keep the house in some kind of order. With all this I still lose men. It seems that everything must be perfection for them. I'm lost, I'm alone and I hurt inside. I am a 47 year old Aries/Taurus born on the cusp...I feel torn apart most days the rest just torn. I am dealing with seeing my son leaving home. Then where will I be....even more alone. I am on the heavy side...but wear good clothing and am clean. What do they want?

  • I have been trying to figure who I am? What it is I am suppose to do and how I am going to survive. Crazy for an Aries, right?

  • Have been dealing with a male Aries for awhile now..oh boy!! from my experience not only they are domineering, bossy at times they can behave like tyrants not letting the ones around them being themselves, like we, the rest of the world are supposed to be their shadow lol.. they have no patience whatsoever, extremely self centered.. being independent thats fine, just remember the needs of the rest of us mortals now and then ...they are hard working people ..but sometimes i noticed and even some of my Aries friends admit that it is hard for them to separate things so the tendency en vogue happens to be venting out their frustrations in a big way with the closest target, some Aries make or at least try to make us feel like they are the only ones who work really hard, whatever the rest of us do is nothing compared to their efforts..why everything has to be measured or evaluated as some kind of competition? I'm a very competitive human being myself, but i never take for granted the efforts of others, i learned to exercise patience, trust me it works..speaking of trust ..please my dear Aries try to have a little bit of faith in human nature as we are not all mean and dishonest out there trying to hurt you or take advantage of you in any way..I am an extremely mistrusting person so I know this is extremely hard, but in this game of life we can protect our feelings a point, we need as human beings to give us a chance and the only way is by learning who we can actually trust ..examine peoples actions and consider that nobody is absolutely perfect, if we're expecting perfection we are definitely in the wrong place! lets try to be more understanding and lets not rush rush all the time, Please my dear Aries you are some of the most amazing creatures, most of you are smarter than the average Joe, thats why some of you always tend to say "I know the end result" but that can also stem from painful past experiences ..learn to move on, do not live in the past..we miss you here in the present.. when you are confronted with a tough responsibility, learn to take it as SERVICE we all have to do something for someone else one fine day..and do it with a smile on your face, you beautiful Aries with that million dollar smile, witty and funny ..when you people are in a good mood you are truly the my fellow Aries exercise those facial muscles and smile more often and don't take life too seriously.. we all go through tough times, please stop making excuses for your saying the typical line that Ive heard from some of my dear Aries friends ..Well I am this way because people make me be this in my rational mind I think if I am going to become what people want me to become hmmm ..I would be a monster LOL please get out of your confort zone and don't expect whoever you have in your life to pick up after you ALL THE TIME thats really unkind and somewhat abusive..what in the beggining is an act of kindness turns into an obligation..NO NO ... lets be a little more HUMBLE please, lets be LOYAL remember at all times who really loves and cares about you, and let them know in whatever creative way you want how much you love, care and value them...lets not forget HONESTY..yes you my dear Aries are so very honest like me we tend to be blunt at times..well..lets try to be a little more honest with ourselves and realize who is there for us in times of NEED and give them the credit they truly deserve, lets try to be less of a critic and more of a guidance, just about any fool can in fact criticize, but only very few can lead and guide, as we all know Aries are Natural Born Leaders.. Aries were not brought into this world to behave like sheep.. This is not by any means intended to offend in any way my dear Aries, just to point out what sometimes seems to cloud your precious vision due to your impatience, lack of tolerance and unfortunately sometimes your lack of sensitivity towards your dear ones.. aside of the wonderful physical beings that you are there is more to life.. well if you are an Aries male or female and you are currently in a relationship something as simple as kissing your wife, husband, girl or boy in your life, forget about the argument or whatever took place earlier, before you leave always kiss your partner you never know if its going to be the last time...We never know so this one goes for everybody, lets avoid a guilt trip later on.. lets share as much as we can and show as much as we can while we are still here to share ourselves and make it happen, follow your bliss and be happy with what you have to be happy with..the less we complain the happier we'll be.. last but not least my lovely Aries try to love less but love longer..LOL remember pure love is unconditional, and no, that doesn't mean you have to let people walk all over you and take advantage of you, that means becoming the person that YOU really want to be, but fear is not letting up a bit more, free yourself ..let go of the past and from now on be happy knowing you can shine like the sun, the way a real Aries should really be. I truly admire and love my Aries mates .. I am ruled by the same planet ..LOL

    Blessings and Love

  • Wow that post was the best thanks so much for the love I smiled many times from the things you said. You know Aries well ..................I need that thanks again!

  • You are very welcome my dear Aries .. now how you ever wondered why some people just can't take astrology seriously? funny even forensic psychologists use astrology when doing profiling, it actually helps's helped me lol

    Happy Holidays!!!

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