Two Angels Need Peace.

  • On June 8,2008, two young girls were murdered on a backroad in Weleetka,OK. No killer or killers have been found. Taylor Paschal-Placker, age 13 and Skyla Jade Whitaker, age 11 need to be able to rest in peace.

    I did not know these girls, but my heart has been in to finding who killed them. I have spent every day looking through MySpace web pages for the person who might have done this. Law enforcement is looking for a Native American male, who might have information in regards to their deaths.

    I am asking anyone here, who might have some "insight" into the girls death's, please let me know.

    I am just at a loss where to look anymore. Law enforcement has not released much information. Please...if you can help, I would very much appreciate it.

    Thank you,


  • Ask the question--What were the circumstances of why they were on the backroad. What was their mindframe. Then ask who would cross this path. Can you supply any info as to where they were going or if they were just taking a walk. I get a sense that they were happy which might have left them open or vulnerable. Any extra info which may seem unimportant would help.

  • Thank you, Dalia.

    Am I allowed to post a link to this story? It would be much easier than trying to write everything out.

  • I think you can, but if not, please write.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Two very happy girls that left the world and didn't even realize it. The article said that they are waiting on DNA results. I sense that this is a hunter. Is it partridge or grouse season there. I don't know if they can check small game licenses in the area. I'll continue to think about this. In the meantime, pray for an answer.

  • Thank you, Dalia.

    I think the DNA results are back, but OSBI isn't releasing the results. Law enforcement did release the girls autopsies. Taylor had been shot in the face and chest. Skyla was shot the same way, but had been shot at more times.

    I belong to another website where we have been digging into the families of the girls. There are some really "bad apples" in Taylor's family( drugs, abuse, prison). And Skyla just had her older brother sentenced to prison for being involved in a murder.

    Daila, I do pray several times a day for these girls. It's also the last thing I talk to God about before going to bed. I feel there is a reason why God hasn't revealed the killers yet.

    Thank you for taking the time to answer my posts.

  • Hi, I was thinking it happened recently, but looking over the story it was back in June. I was thinking it was partridge season there. Sorry. I can't get into the killer's mind, nor do I want to. I did picture something when first reading over this and it was the Native American. I am hesitant to mention nationalities because I don't want to sound racial and I see night time around him. I don't know if he was even involved. But when I read your first post, I saw him. This is the only thing I get. Sounds crazy. I don't claim to be psychic but I pick-up things when I first read them. And I picked up these girl's laughter--There is no doubt in my mind that they are in a much better place.

  • I understand about sounding racial. Law enforcement said there were 3 witnesses who saw the NA standing behind an older model white pickup truck. Many of us have questioned if there really was a person of interest. Law enforcement only wants to talk with him. He might have some answers.

    I think just about everyone in Oklahoma owns some type of gun. They do know one of the guns was a Glock .40. They won't say what the other one is.

    Dalia, did you happen to see any wolves around the NA?

    Yes, I know the girls are in a better place. I just feel so unsettling about this sensless killing. There is nothing on this earth that those two young girls could have done or seen to deserve this.

    Thanks again, Dalia. If anything else comes to mind, please let me know.

    Take care.

  • When I first read your post it seemed the story was about the girls and the NA. I didn't see his face just pictured him because he was part of the story. I don't know anymore. Sometimes before something like this comes to me something else precedes it as to sort of point me in the right direction. The other day when I was flipping thru TV channels, there was a show on serial killers. I watched about 10 minutes of it, then had to turn the channel because they showed the BTK killer in court and he was so matter-of-fact and graphic about his testimony. But, he killed children also. I'm not really clear on how long the distance was from one house to the next (how long of a walk they had.) What caught my attention in reading over all of this was that they were only 1/4 mile from their destination, or was it from where they left. This is pretty close to home. Three witnesses are a lot also.

    I can tell you that St. Nicholas (Bishop of Myra), is the Patron Saint of Children. He has come to assist my son before in a time of need. I am asking for his intercession in this. I'm Catholic and this month is designated as the month of Mary, also the month of Life, which is pretty fitting. Just want to say that we have a family in Heaven that Loves us more than we can comprehend. Also, Mary weeps, and weeps and weeps over the death of one child. So, you can imagine. This was revealed to me from an experience I had w/the Holy Spirit. I am seeking the help of Mary, also.

  • First, I'm a bit irked with their American-Indian thing.

    Native American =/= American-Indian. An American-Indian would be someone from India, not a Native American. In fact, using the term "Indian" to describe a Native American these days is considered derogatory. Bleh.

    Secondly, either the person they're looking for didn't do it and just saw it, or helped but maybe didn't actually do it. I think more than one person was involved, definitely. I think one of the people was drunk, or somehow mentally impaired. I would also start looking closer to home. I don't like to point the finger at family members or friends of the family, but it seems TOO random to actually BE random... if that makes sense.

    I'd say they're looking for an older, scruffier individual. Plaid-wearing, chain smoking, big dog in the back of the truck sort of person. Might have had a beef with the family. -shrugs-

    Either way, they ARE safe and happy, wherever they are. I hope this gets figured out soon, but they're looking in the wrong place so I think it's, sadly, going to go cold.


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