Past lives, how do you know if you have them?

  • I have a lot of skills and knowlege that I didn't study for, an affinity with animals, shamanistic paganism, and am curious to find out if I ever had a past life, I thought about having a regression done but as I have a great interest in celtic, ancient egyptian and Native american culture, history, legends and art(especially Navaho and Apache),and have read very widely on this. Before I let my hair go back to natural grey I had dark red-brown hair, and was mistaken for part cherokee, although I felt that an honour, I am a mix of Irish and Welsh, mums dad was london irish, and her mum was london welsh, and dad is dublin irish, so by heritage I'm Celt, I apparently look pure irish, but I am very curious to know where my spirit was before the here and now

  • I had strange experiences at Stonehenge in England. i walked away from the circle of stones to a little rise in the land beyond the stones. Suddenly, i saw people in white robes moving in side the stones. I started to walk forward, but a "hand' held me back on my left shoulder and I heard in my mind the words,"You're a woman. You can't go in there." And when I went to Avebury,where you can touch the stones, I felt I had been there before. Any time I go to England, even when i was 5, i want to look at ancient ruins. And only in England. While i would like to see the Egyptian ruins, I don't feel I belong there. My real interest is for British ruins-and not the Roman ones but the more ancient ones. Gillian

  • I've done that too, at Belmont. near where I live in Sutton, I 'saw' a lake, where it is all heathland now, and I 'saw' a small lake in a park in Croydon, which I later found had had a boating lake, now filled in, and that I found out years after 'seeing' the lake, near me I have 'seen' water where none has been for years, old ponds, landfilled springs, one of which I actually lived in a block of flats that had been built over the top of it, and which people had actually been swimming in within living memory

  • I am curious about this too. At a psycic fair I saw people giving past life readings...i didnt get one however. I think I might have been an american revolutionary in a past life. I dont really affiliate with any particular political party but I have always, even in high school been literaly moved emotionaly by american history. I actually get a lump in my throat when talking about "america" lol old worn out school videos of george washington make me want to cry. ; - )

  • that's what I wondered about, if you have an interest in a past era, could that mean you were there, but, if you were regressed, and had previously read all you could find on a time period, wouldn't that invalidate the regression ?, I feel I might have been something in the temple of bubastis in ancient egypt because of my affinity with cats, but the celtic era might have something to do with my crowfriends, and the Native American with my jewellery making skills, but that's what I'd like to find out

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  • past lives can be described through hypnosis or reading

    the records are stored in a library called Akashic Records

    all you need is birth info and birth name

    no photo, nothing else is needed

    the library can be called by another name. I just call it that because that's what my spirit guide call it and at least 2 experts call it the same name

    I have my past lives read, not by hypnosis

    you can contact an expert in past life hypnosis, not all of experts do past life so you have to be specific when mentioning them. it's called regression method.

    regression has to be done face to face

    but past life reading can be done online

    google past life reader you will find a lot, go with who you feel can do it

  • I like the antique store, I don't bring a lot of them home, but I have wondered what draws me to certain things, and well, could it have ever been owned by me before?

  • I had a past life done many years ago, the people, and places it referred to does tend be on the side of accurate to this day for me.

  • Sometimes an attraction for pre-owned objects has to do with the energy of it's previous owners. I can sense an objected that was loved and cared for by someone--sometimes the owner has passed over and speaks to me as if they where hoping to find the right person to enjoy their favorite thing. My mom owned an Antique shop and she used to laugh at me when there would be a piece of furniture every once in a while that would creep me out and I would not go near it. Bad people own things too! And when they are done with them they go somewhere for sale. I love thrift shops and go alone so I can enjoy all the "stories" I often pick up (I'm a writer). It is interesting how every once in awhile I will see something attractive but when I pick it up I'll hear a voice in a repulsive tone say yuck and I have to put it back even though it looks good from a distance. Some objects may have the residue of suffering and tradgedy. I don't think most people feel this way and I tend to keep these thoughts to myself! Not that I'm ashamed of being who I am but what would be the point? Not everyone is energy conciouse. I only bring things into my home that I really really love. I think when you do this your home becomes a nurturing extension of youself. It's like getting a big hug everytime you come in the door. It is a constant reminder of who you are.

  • actually I think you are right there blmoon, I bought a ring against my better judgement, a princess ring, it was, and every time I wore it something bad happened to me, I've also got an imitation Navaho naga necklace, which seems to kill off my financial sense, I buy silly things and spend far too much money when I wear it, unfortunately I love it, I had to sell my original one because of it, and this is the second one, both are the same, not real Navaho ones, but I wonder about them

  • bluecat, when it comes to items or belongings you can be attracted to anything

    in fact some people can make things look more attractive so people buy them

    and I'm not taking about wraps or decor, some thing they do to the item itself like a spell or mantra

    but if you feel certain connection with places you've never been or certain race and ritual

    that could be an indication that you had been there before

    sometimes it's not even a connection, it's a feeling you keep having or mark on the skin your family or you don't know why or how it gets there

    e.g if in the past your tongue were cut off, you might find it hard to use your tongue in this current life time. it might or might not be past life, but past life reader will be able to tell you if you ask specifically for they will look for this certain event and explain to you


    I didn't mean to leave out my input on Past life regression--I tend to follow one voice at a time. I have had past life advice in many forms. I've been told things during readings and listened to tapes that regress you but the most revealing and helpfull past life expierience I've had was expensive and done by a Reverend who was the head of a church and spiritual camp. I must tell you I was broke as ever that day and when he said $90 (12 years ago) at the time might as well been a thousand I was so broke. But a voice said do this! I was not convinced and actually said let me take a walk and think about this. I walked the camp--sat by a lake stuck on nothing but the money--ninety dollars! Are you crazy? This was the jest of my talk with myself. Fortunetly the voice that insisted I shut up and get back in there was bigger than mine and turned out to be money well invested. He told me up front that not everyone is a candidate for regression and if it turns out to be the case we should stop no charge. It works best with people who are already familiar with deep states of meditation and spiritual suggestion. It's very much like the hypnosis process--you have to be able to follow suggestion and become detached from your soroundings. I was very receptive and it was one of the most awesome life altering expieriences I've ever had. So much so, I could not talk about it for six months! I think the power of it came from the fact I was the one seeing it and not him telling me it. My eyes closed he did a guided meditation--taking me deeper and deeper into an altered state. He told me to pick five life times that would most help me to get past any karma unresolved this lifetime. He suggested that anything I saw would not be felt but like a movie--but I would be aware of my state of mind at that time. So it began--I followed his voice to the first life and he asked the questions--what did I see around me? Where was I? It was so vivid! I knew my curcumstance and expierienced it without pain--just wisdom as he asked me to go to the moment of my death and ask myself what had I learned that lifetime? It was so clear to me. This went on through four more lives and after each he suggested as I left that I would not bring anything back with me but wisdom. Each life was very different yet had a comman challange and the most amazing part was how the same people but in different bodies themselves shared other lives with me! Also, our genders changed in some life times. One of the suggestions he made was to see the most unhappy life and to end with my happiest life. It was very enlightening and I think it really did keep me from repeating past mistakes. It also helped me understand why I couldn't understand certain betrayals this lifetime that had me stuck in victim mode--I could see the Karma seed I had planted! That one session did indeed show me all I needed to know to get past my biggest obsticles this time around. I've never felt the need to have another one done.

  • aaah,so thats how it works does anyone feel that someone could do it alone with a deep meditation if one used affirmations for protection ?

  • if you have the ability you sure can do it yourself

    everyone is born with psychic ability but it manifests in different areas for each person

    I had someone read at least 4 of my past lives then I started seeing more myself

    so she kind of opened the door for me and with routine yoga/meditation my communication with my guide and power animals are becoming clearer I have no need for past life reader anymore

    then again not all past lives are important to know anyway only the ones that I need closure of or related to my current in terms of lessons. the rest, I'd say better leave them in the past for they do belong to the past

  • I did that last night, before sleep, and saw a person with very long,waist length, dark hair in a red dress with a light colour waistcoat, being helped onto a horse by someone who I did not see clearly,as I was behind them but I got the impressionof heavy weight clothes, certainly in dark colours, possibly leather in part, the longhaired one had on some sort of helmet/head dress, shaped like a bald wig but a goldy colour, when she? got on that horse she rode like a bat out of hell out of the courtyard, clothes and hair flying out behind her, got a feeling that she? was escaping something, but the other had to stay face consequences, unsure as that was all I saw, then another view, the other in a woodland, laying face down, in an area darker than the rest of the leaves around him? then try as I might nothing else came

  • did you get a name? an event? if not those are just visions, glimpses from the past

    I got that a lot before past life reading thinking I was crazy or some sort...

    but after the reading I learned to expand the visions, followed them until I got the names and places and events that relate to my current life because then I know what to learn from those life times and why those periods affected me now

    keep trying. or get someone who can open the door

  • no, I didn't unfortunately, tried last night to follow up, but got a voice saying they'd have to get the other 14, nothing else, no visuals this time, and I don't recognise the time-period, or place yet, I am working on it though

  • the impression I had of the area was that it was a lit courtyard, surrounded on three sides by arches, which the rest of the building was above, hence the dark areas, there was a gate in a wall which the female left by

  • it will come to you chrissi

    I was read my past lives and then everything else opens up

    so if soapmaker has read you a bit, you can concentrate on what she described

    it will lead you from one to another, as if you are reading your own book at the akashic records

    (at least that's what my guide and sylvia browne called it)

    anyway take care now I'm off for laundry

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