Help with Keltic Spread !!!

  • Yesterday my wife asked herself when her (our) financial difficulties are over. I was surprised to see this spread 1. The world 2. Judgement (across 1). 3. The Fool (under 3 and the unconscious) 4. Pentacles eight (past) 5. swords two (top/north/conscious) 6. 5 of wands (near future) 7. Page of cups 8. nine of cups 9. ten of pentacles 10. the magician.

    I was very surprised, because it seems to that soon our wishes to be free of debt will come true. It is such a nice spread that i want to ask you if i'm wrong or not.

    By the way: not using reversed cards.

  • Read my other post to you, I believe the cards are right but you must do what I suggested things will turn around like a new beginning

  • Thanks for the advice)..its just that the cards mentioned are very positive: its like a speedway to fortune. Just the 5 of wands and the 2 of swords were a bit in the way. So to me it says: good fortune is on its way, but don't let yourself get of the positive direction by small, but nasty events.

    I will let you know how things develope

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