Thoroughly confused by recent readings / blockages

  • I have been having occasional readings (and have done readings for myself and others) on an off for around ten years. I've generally found when reading for myself and others that the cards have given me clear messages. However, recently I've been getting unclear or contradictory messages.

    I've been consulting on three things:

    1. Work - I have a job I love but am having to reapply for, and have applied for another one as well. The cards have been very vague about the way to approach this situation and its outcome.

    2. Family - I am very keen to have another baby. Another reader who did a reading for me has said this won't happen in my current relationship but I can't discern anything very clear myself. One of my readings on this turned up the tower, death and three tens, which my tarot instructor taught me was the combination of things which could point to actual death in a reading. I'm very frightened that I will become pregnant and lose the baby or that the child I already have may come to harm.

    3. Relationships - after having the other reader use the word 'current' in connection with my relationship, I have tried reading on that as well, as to me it implied there may be an end date to it (which was news to me - we have our ups and downs but are generally happy). Again I am experiencing unclear messages.

    I suspect that I just have too much going on in my head and so have lost my focus, which is why I can't seem to pick clear messages at the moment, but I'd appreciate any advice anyone has either on the blockages or on my situation.

  • Your last paragraph says everything! Listen to that inner voice. You are too much in your head. Intuitive people can sometimes get caught up in the isolation that comes from "feeling for everything". You burden yourself with too much responsibility---when things get out of control around you you have a tendency to beat yourself up for not being on top of things. You are afraid you will slip up and bad things will happen on your watch. Somewhere growing up you carried a heavy burdon of responsability and you gather guilt as well--like a bad habit. Since you have been spiritualy involved for many years you know that life moves in phases and seasons. You have a hard time with the lull that comes with the down time of a phase--down time makes you nervouse. You know all this so step back do something that gives you joy and let your inner voice sound from a place of love and let go of the fear.

  • Very wise words. Thank you. It's always reaffirming to have others confirm what I think may be true, as sometimes it's hard to see things in my own life as clearly as I do that of others.

  • Well, number one issue has now resolved itself, and differently to the predictions from the person who read for me, so hopefully he has misinterpreted the baby too.

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