Confusing signs, dreams and thoughts

  • Hello,

    My Name is Terri. Let me start off by saying I have always had very good intuition even as a young child but this year it feels like my spiritual side has been awakened! I met someone in my life around March who seemed to make me "remember" things. (Maybe from a past life) The problem is we became very close friends and almost inseperable for a period of 3 months. We have even shared the same dream. Out of the blue he started dating someone and our friendship ended fairly quickly. (The girlfriend didnt like him having a best friend that was female) Since then the more I try to go on with my life, the more I dream about him. I get alot of signs during the day that will not let me get him off my mind. I have even woken up from a sound sleep and could feel and smell him laying next to me. What the heck is happening?? I feel like I am missing the big message here. I asked my spirit guides to please give me a sign as to either let him go or be patient because he will be back. The next morning a friend of mine called me to say that they had a dream they were at his and my wedding.

    Can anyone please give me some input here?


  • I think you have met your match virgo journey. Problem is he chose to be with someone else. I have had this experience who I believe is my twin soul. I felt like when I wasnt with him that my heart was being shredded into a million peices. I dream about him alot and we pick up on each others thoughts and so on. I wont go into the whole list of how I know. I just hope you will take what I say at face value. I am willing to bet he thinks of you all the time and so on. He will have to get out of the relationship he is in to be with you. Read the post about ARE SOULMATES REAL. the last 2 pages a couple of members posted some things about soulmates. I believe it was CSTAR and AQUA I forget the last part of her name. See if what they said rings true for you. Soul mates, twim flames is probably one of the most challening yet satisfying relationships you will ever experience. Best of luck to you.

  • Thank you lovinmylife!! He and this girl are not together any longer. I think he tried to tell me once he was scared to let himself fall in love with me because he had such deep feelings for me it scared him and he wasn't sure if he could handle it. ( We still are not speaking and yes I know what he is feeling even when he isn't around me. You are right.. this is a huge challenge even tho I am getting alot of signs in my dreams that it will all work out but you know when your heart hurts its difficult to wait it

    Thank you again!!

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