Question for psychis please

  • My grandfather passed away today. I know that spirits like to ahng around a bit before going "home". I would like to know if anyone can see what kind of signs I can look for to know if his sprit is around me before he leaves us completely. Now he is a real social man so I know his visits will be short and sweet and I wanna know when hes around so I can give my love to him. Can anyone see what signs he will use to let me know hes around?

  • Still waiting.....( :

  • Ask him to come to you in your dreams. It's usually easier for them to communicate with you then.

    But to answer your question I get a tingly sensation and I actually hear them speaking to me. So if you feel any tingly sensation, or the air changing temperature with a breeze that seems to come from nowhere, lights flickering, scents in the air that remind you of them, hearing your name called and no one is there, then go ahead and say hi!

  • Relax! You try too hard and you will know exactly the moment Gramps says hello! There is no rule book on this because his hello will be as personal as was your relationship--that's what makes it so tingly! You will know. He will make you laugh--the same way as always and when it happens you won't have to ask anyone else if it was real. Be patient squirt, he says.

  • Condolences LovingMyLife. I'm so sorry for your loss. When a good friend of mine died, I had a dream about him the night he died. I didn't know he had passed yet and thought it was odd that I should dream about him and keep thinking about him.We hadn't spoken for quite some time so it was weird that he should keep popping up in my mind. I also kept hearing an old song every time I turned on the radio for about a week. the song was "only the good die young" and remember wondering why that song kept playing. My friend was in his early 30's and when I finally found out about his death it all made sense. I believe that the sign could be anything that reminds you of your grandfather. Maybe it will be an animal that you know your grandfather loved especially or a phrase that he used often popping up a lot on the tv, radio or from friends. It could be anything. Just be open and receptive. Take care. x

  • Thank you manifest, blmoon, stonyeye. Yes my grandfather had a great sense of humor I am sure if he wants to get my attention he will do something silly. I think he may have last night. I had out of town relatives and stayed at my mothers with them. I slept in the same room with my cousin and in the middle of the night my cousin sat strait up with his eyes open and was talking and it made me laugh. I think Grandpa was playing a trick. I know when my grandma died she visited me in my dreams so its very possible he will too. Well anyways, thanks again you guys. My Grandftaher was a warm genuine person. He was smart and so much fun. I know he already knows how much I love him but its still kinda hard to let go. I am happy for him that he can see my grandmother and my brother again and he isnt suffering anymore. Thanks again.

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